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A Critical Review of Erikson’sTheory Essay

The Psychological Stages of Development is Erik Erikson’s major contribution to character formation. Relating to his theory, an individual passes through eight phases of advancement.

Each level has its own exceptional characteristics. This kind of paper will focus on the strongest and weakest points of Erikson’s Theory and its app to adult learning and in real life. Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development contains a significant place as far as learning and understanding human advancement is concerned. His place in psychology cannot be discounted because of the contribution he gave to the discipline. Although Erikson’s theory is similar in some elements with other persona development hypotheses, there are some unique distinctions because well(Marshall, and. d).

His theory can be compared with Freud’s theory in a sense that they are all believed that the development of an individual passes through various levels. The difference involving the two ideas is that while Freud’s advancement stages give attention to the sex drive or sexual drives, Erikson’s psychosocial levels focuses on the evolution of social traits(Marshall, n. d). According to Erikson’s theory, an individual goes by through eight critical levels throughout his life. All these stages get their own one of a kind attributes and time period. Since the individual goes thru each advancement stage, all their ultimate goal is to effectively complete each stage prior to they can proceed to the next.

Failure to result in a stage may possibly have bad outcomes for the individual(Chapman, d. d). As an example, in Erikson’s sixth stage of creation which is Intimacy vs . Seclusion, the failing of the kid to develop socialization skills and also the ability to kind relationships may cause him to turn into a loner, individualistic, uncomfortable to people, and others(Chapman, and. d). Erikson’s theory indicates that through the life of your individual, they are going to experience a particular crisis.

In the development level mentioned above, the conflict they experience is definitely their failure to develop interpersonal skills(Chapman, d. d). The psychosocial levels of Erik Erikson can be an inference that the development of individual personality does not stop in childhood nevertheless is a lifelong process. The negative consequences of imperfect stages may well manifest themselves during the afterwards stages of life this is why it is important up to possible succeed in each stage(Chapman, n. d). For individuals who successfully completed every single stage, they are going to have an concept of what to do if they are faced with the same situation.

Usually, these individuals tend to be stronger amidst the adversities of life(Chapman, d. d). Another implication of Erikson’s Psychosocial stages of development would be that the person may have a better knowledge of themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, their skills, abilities, and others(Chapman, in. d). A great in-depth criticism of Erikson’s theory is presented by simply Professor George Boree of Shippensburg College or university in Philadelphia.

He brought up the following details concerning the psychological stages of Erikson(Boeree, and. d): Things happen in a certain pattern and not because of biological coding. For example , a single cannot have the ability to love unless they have developed sexual maturity. The time for each level may vary in one culture to a new. For instance, an infant can start chatting earlier or much later than what is mentioned.

Nowadays, persons get married could reaching 18 or 21 years old. Erikson’s theory can be applied and useful to various cultures and in any period. It truly is applicable to current and future ages.  Understanding with the self is known as a life-long method. It does not take a look at Stage Eight of Erikson’s Psychosocial Creation.

Likewise, id crisis can take place at any point of lifestyle. The most important issue is that father and mother play a significant influence in the successful formation of their child’s personality. Recommendations           � erik_erikson_psychosocial_theory. htm#freud’s_psychosexual_stages           � EriksonsPsychosocialDevelopmentTheory. code

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