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How to write an argumentative essay correctly

The primary purpose of writing an argumentative paper is an attempt to convince the readership that the author’s opinion is the only true one. Moreover, as part of the work, the writer should consider a topic or question from several points of view.

Thus, the work should have both an argument that an author supports and a counterargument that contradicts this opinion. Moreover, the writer uses the following tools to demonstrate the position:

  • Statistical data;
  • Evidence from public sources;
  • Logical wording, and so on.

How to choose the right topic and point of view

In order for the issue of a reasoned essay to be suitable for writing this type of task, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Have enough materials for in-depth analysis;
  • Contain at least two conflicting points of view;
  • Stay familiar with the content (preferably).

Make sure that the topic sounds familiar well enough. The better you know the subject in question, the better arguments and evidence will be.

When formulating an argument, make sure to have a full set of evidence in advance to support your position. Make sure to take margin notes as part of the study. Later, when writing a draft of the work, gradually use the key points that you indicated earlier to form the body of the work.

Analysis and collection of evidence

The primary goal of an essay will be to gather information and confirm your position. However, do not forget that for the counterargument, and collect an equal amount of evidence. This way you can prove your opinion exclusively with the help of facts and illustrative examples, not with the help of subjective opinion.

There is no place for emotions and feelings in a reasoned essay. Talk exclusively about facts and nothing more.

Do not forget that one of the best types of evidence today still stays statistics or examples that contain quantitative indicators. Based on specific numerical data, you can handle arguments in defense of a thesis much easier.

The process of writing an argumentative essay

Once you have gathered evidence to support your thesis, start writing a draft version of the paper. In this case, writing a reasoned essay is no different from writing other types of academic assignments. The article will consist of three main parts:

  • Introductory part;
  • Body;
  • Final words.

Remember that the size of your essay depends directly on the topic you have chosen. The first thing an argumentative essay begins with is an introduction. In the first paragraph try to write your clear thesis indicating what point of view you accept in this matter.

In some cases, students place a thesis statement in the last sentence of the introductory part. This will help to maximize the attention of the readership on the issue under consideration.

Features of writing the main part of an essay

In the central part of your article, you will need to present various points of view and also prove which one is correct. If you initially chose some position, then changing it to the process of writing the work itself is quite acceptable. When you conduct an in-depth study, you can find additional arguments that will help you to take a specific side.

Also, try using evidence found in your favor to discredit the counterargument completely. Thus, the reader should have the impression that your opinion is the only correct one. If the readership still has doubts as to the consequences of your thesis statement, then the level of such an essay is quite low.

Writing the final part

Many students quite correctly use the last piece in order to generalize their point of view. They remind the reader of their position and that it is the only correct one. In the final part, you don’t have to indicate additional statistics or discover any new data. Try to use your last opportunity to convey your opinion to the minds of readers.