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The service we provide is one of the best you can find in the field of academic writing. We hire the best top-rated and experienced academic writers to ensure a constant level of high-quality work and excellence. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for you to read. If you still have doubts after having read this section, don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

What Are Your Guarantees?

Our main objective is to ensure all of the essays and assignments we deliver to our final customers are in line with the highest academic standards and are characterized by the highest level of quality. We guarantee all texts to be unique and 100% free from plagiarism. We have trained writers that will not only provide you with truly customized content, but that will also ensure that any formatting or editing issues are spotted before delivery. Additionally, we pass all of our papers through our latest and efficient plagiarism detector software. Our writers will do everything in their power to deliver your assignment within the deadline you specified. Indeed, we have a rate of on-time deliveries that is higher than 99%.

You also have the guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with our service, to receive a refund on your order.


Who Are Your Writers?

We have a numerous network consisting of more than 7500 of the best-skilled ghostwriters, specialized on a variety of different topics, all to provide you with the most suited writer for your needs and requests. They are all well educated (they all have at least a bachelor's degree, but might also hold PhDs in various subjects) and experts in writing professional and academic papers. We only work with native English speakers to ensure to deliver to the best of the quality.


How Long Does It Take To Receive An Order?

When you place an order for a paper, you will have to specify the deadline you want your paper to be delivered. When setting the deadline, you should take into account some time to allow the writer to make appropriate and accurate research on the topic. Also, keep in mind that the deadline refers to the first draft and does not include any possible revisions that you might request.


Can You Write Papers in SPSS?

Yes, of course, we can! We have writers on our team that are specialists in statistics and data analysis and they will be able to provide you with excellent papers!


How Do You Select The Specific Writers That Will Work on My Paper?

We allow our writers to choose the order they want to work on and for which they meet the specific qualifications requirements. The interested writers will select your order and they will need to be approved before starting to work on it.


Do You Guarantee a 2:1 Result?

We do guarantee you to deliver a 2:1 level of writing, however, we cannot surely guarantee you the grade you will get. All universities and colleges work on different standards and sometimes high-quality papers are not enough to get the best grade. If you have any additional information or requirements for the writing of your essay, make sure you include that in the order form.

Do You Resell Papers?

We work on a strict policy that values privacy and aims at building long-lasting relationships based on trust with the clients, That is why we never sell the papers we deliver.


Are Your Texts Written By Real People?

Yes, indeed! All our papers are written by our wonderful writers all over the world. We highly value your feedback and will never delete negative comments, which we take as constructive critiques to improve our service.


Is Your Service Reliable?

We set customer satisfaction as our top priority. We have reached a level of 100% customer satisfaction, so you don't need to worry about our reliability!


Can Your Rewrite A Paper I Worked On?

Yes. We also offer editing and rewriting services. You can see the list of all our other services under the "Academic Level" section.

Would You Be Able To Deliver Very Specific Papers?

We have a great team of writers who will be able to deliver any kind of paper, no matter the complexity of the level.

Are There Any Special Discounts?

We follow a cumulative discount policy that applies to customers that choose to use our service more than once. The discount starts at 3% and can increase by up to 15% with every new order.


What Happens When I Receive My Paper?

We don't resell or republish completed orders, nor we display them somewhere else. We guarantee that only you will have access to the paper once it is delivered.


How Can I Track My Paper?

You can track your order through the personal control panel. Also, you can contact writers directly and ask any questions you might have.


What Subjects Do You Cover?

We have no limits on the number of subjects we can offer papers on.


Can You Proofread My Paper?

We offer proofreading services as well. You will only need to select it in the "Academic Level" section.


What Is the University Level Equivalent to 2:1 Level?

When referring to University Level, we consider Bachelor as the academic level. You can select this option if you are an undergraduate student. 98% of our papers receive a 2:1.


What Formats Do The Papers Cone In?

You can choose the specific format of your paper. We provide the following file formats:


  • Word Documents
  • Excel Files
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • PowerPoints (PPT)
  • Archive (ZiP)

Will You Send Me An Email When the Assignment Is Ready?

We always notify our customers as soon as their order is ready. You can also track your paper from the control panel.


Do You Guarantee Plagiarism Free Papers?

We customize every content we provide our customers with and we always double-check with our anti-plagiarism software.


Do You Deliver Research Proposals?

Yes, we can provide you with such service. All you have to do is to state the topic for your research on your Order Form.


Do You Guarantee Privacy Protection?

We take care of all our customers and ensure full respect for your privacy. None will know you have used our service and we do not disclose any of your personal information.


How Can I Contact You In The Quickest Possible Way?

We have a 24/7 customer support service which you can contact at any time.


Can I Pay In Installments?

You can decide to divide your order into smaller order, you should only ensure that your "smaller orders" are all assigned to the same writer.


What Happens When I Receive the Order?

As soon as you receive your paper and you confirm it, it becomes yours. We won't distribute or sell the papers.

Our customers say:

Why do people choose our service?


If you are not happy, feel free to take advantage of our money-Back Guarantee! We do not ask you to make any payments up front, you pay when you are happy with the work.


The website is extremely secure, and we value your confidentiality


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