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What is UChicago essay prompts and how they can be ...

Wondering how to write UChicago essay prompts in 2019? Find out the most effective rules to follow to get a killer paper right now!

What is UChicago essay prompts and how they can be managed?

The UChicago has long been famous for its non-standard prompts for writing such type of work as an essay. It is often used so that a student can show all of the creative and non-standard skills in creating this type of essay when entering college or university. However, it is not so simple with that task.

That is why before you start creating a UChicago essay for application, you need to know the basic rules and recommendations for each topic. Besides, you will need to write one or two essays for college application. To date, the UChicago college essay corresponds to 2 main posts, which are designated as ‘Question 1’ and ‘Question 2’.

Features of writing Question 1: Why UChicago?

Issue 1 prompt is the part of the college or university application policy assignment that has been used at the UChicago® (rights reserved) and has remained unchanged for many years. When entering a higher educational institution, each student must answer this issue without fail, unlike Issue 2 (there may be several options for choice depending on the specialty).

UC essay prompts

To fully answer Issue 1 for applications, you will need to write an essay option that should logically explain your reasons why you chose the University of Chicago community and what do you want to study there. Also, you should indicate why you think that the education received at this institution of higher education will help you to achieve all your goals in future work.

As for the requirements for compelling the college essays, most often applicants have some certain restrictions on the number of words. However, usually, the answer should be written in the amount of 250-500 words.

! Try to tell in detail about your lifetime aspirations about how they are related to getting an education at the UChicago.

Features of writing Question 2: Extended Essay for admissions

To write an essay for Issue 2 most effectively, you will be offered a choice of one of 6 prompts for an essay. However, keep in mind that each year, the prompts for Issue 2 will be different. However, one thing that remains unchanged is that there will be either five or six prompts. Needless to say, these were former students of the University of Chicago as well as students’ team who are currently studying usually create the topics. As for recommending upon the volume for compelling this type of essay, most often it is about 650 words.

Besides the fact that everything should be written on a specific topic, there is also a piece of advice about what exactly does the commission team want to see in your essay. In other words, you must understand what is accurately assessed when compelling an essay. You can also find out which topic is preferable to choose and which prompts are better to avoid. Understanding of such simple things will help you make your essay to become as efficient as possible and get the highest score you need for college admissions.

Top tips on how to write: Question 1: ‘Why UChicago?’

It would seem that the reply to this issue can be quite simple, and all that is needed is to answer essentially. However, let’s try to specify what is hidden explicitly in this matter. Upon receipt, the commission wants to hear answers to the following issues:

  • Why do you want to study at college or university?
  • What results do you plan to achieve from higher education at this college?
  • How will education help you to achieve your lifetime and career goals?

To summarize all these college questions, in the end, you must provide a piece of reply to why this school will be more suitable for you than other schools located in the US or abroad. Now we will try to reply to each of the above questions to make it easier for you to write your reasons for entering the UChicago correctly.

Why do you want to study at the University of Chicago?

Perhaps today, this school program approach is used by almost all US universities. Why do colleges need to know this common information? The fact is that the board of each college or university wants to see the academic motivation of the student and the reasons for choosing a particular institution.

Thus, any college wants to initially understand how strong your will to apply to this top institution is. They are also interested to know how many students that were motivated initially to study at a particular college or university after receiving confirmation of admission will study at this unique college.

What results do you plan to achieve from higher education at this college?

In response to this common issue, the college management board and the admissions committee wants to understand how thoroughly you have analyzed the college and what opportunities you wish to use. In turn, you can explain what type of specific services, college training programs, or a top common app that attract you to apply to UChicago. In other words, you should describe that you admire the achievements of various school professors and are interested in gaining knowledge from them.

higher education

How will education help you to achieve your lifetime and career goals?

Well, perhaps, finally, the UChicago commission also wants to analyze your candidacy accurately for studying at this institution. You will need to convey to the board how you plan to use all the unique features of the UChicago and how your strengths will help you with your studies. In turn, this demonstrates how the opportunities and knowledge gained at this college will help you to achieve your future life or top career goals. We are talking about the importance of gaining school experience and using it to build your future paths in a lifetime.

Peculiarities and tips of Question 2: Extended Essay

When writing Issue 2 for admissions, you can show your creativity to the maximum. The reply to this issue suggests that you should get out of your comfort zone; that is, you did not write college or university essays on standard topics. In turn, the board committee can understand more deeply who you are and what your values are. Thus, you must demonstrate your personality with the best possible side and the presence of really worthwhile goals in a lifetime.

How exactly to reply Question 2 for admissions

If in the case of Issue 1, you need to share what exactly you liked about the UChicago and how you wanted to manage the opportunities that will be provided to you. On the other hand, in Issue 2, they want to understand what type of person you are, that is, to learn more directly about you. Thus, you will need to explain three main points that will help to reveal this option, namely:

  • Your story;
  • Features of your personality;
  • How strong your desire to get knowledge at university is.

Talking about the history of your lifetime, try to explain the most important events that have affected your formation as a person.

Additionally, you can diversify by answering the issue like ‘What subjects do you like to study, and what results do you want to achieve in your lifetime?’ Besides, the high school, in particular, wants to understand whether you are among university students who are really interested in learning, and what your interests in various scientific fields are.

! If thanks to the knowledge you want to create your own business, this is a great reason to write about in an essay. However, do not forget to connect this with your love of knowledge in specific subjects.

Current prompts for the 2018/2019 college admissions

The most fantastic idea is that while writing a college essay in high school, you have the fullness of freedom to share a maximum of your creative approaches. The fact is that the variety of university topics that are offered for writing is very different from each other, and thus, the students are able to show the lifetime vision. The most important thing is not to forget that the primary goal of this university essay is a demonstration of what type of person you are and what is most important to you in life.

Topic No. 1: ‘In 2015, the city of Melbourne, Australia, created a ‘tree-mail’ service …’

Writing material on this topic can be incredibly diverse and exciting. The most important thing is to try to connect the object to which you are addressing your current or future interests and goals. Thus, for example, you can make a private letter act addressed to some objects with which you want to talk about your feelings and experiences sincerely.

For example, this may be a fun appeal to your tie, which you thank for the fact that it was made in a beautiful design and this attracted the attention of your future employers who provided you with the job.

Topic No. 2: ‘You’re on a voyage in the thirteenth century, sailing across the tempestuous seas. What if, suddenly, you fell off the edge of the Earth?’

For many students, this university topic seems to be one of the most exciting and easy to write. The fact is that here you need to maximize your imagination and perhaps come up with a completely new world in which you could find yourself in a similar situation. Also, in your new world, you can check your worldview and values regarding the new knowledge that you have gained there.

! Do not forget that the sensations received should demonstrate how they were able to influence you from the best side.

Prompt No. 3: ‘The word floccinaucinihilipilification is the act or habit of describing or regarding something as unimportant or of having no meaning …’

The topic is probably the most creative option when writing an essay for admission to the UChicago. This is one of the most effective ways to conduct brainstorming and think about those situations, objects, or experiences that you had to face. However, you did not know what word could explain it. For example, think about the sensation when you have completed a considerable amount of homework, and finally, you can relax and watch your favorite movie. How can you name this situation?

Topic No. 4: ‘Lost your keys? Alohomora. Noisy roommate? Quietus …’

One of the most original options for describing this topic is an invented spell that can solve the problem that affects you the most. It goes without saying that the problem that will be discussed should affect you directly. Maybe you have a younger brother, sister, or parents who distract you from various tasks in everyday life or does not let you sleep at night. Think about what spells can be that will help them to be calmer and, for example, try some kind of personal hobby so as not to distract you.

Topic No. 5: ‘Imagine you’ve struck a deal with the Dean of Admissions himself …’

This university topic is most suitable for those students who have a well-developed imagination and who, with the help of these skills, can better reveal their thoughts. In this assignment, you will need to reveal the most important aspects of your personality or tell a free story about what excites you explicitly.

For example, visualize that you are incredibly addicted to mathematics, but most people do not understand your attraction and consider it merely inconsequential. Thus, you can come up with something like a FAQ section where you can give a reply to and regarding the most common misconceptions concerning your hobby.

Prompt No. 6: ‘In the spirit of adventurous inquiry, pose your own prompt or choose one of our past prompts …’

You know, there are times when none of those mentioned above learning prompts suits you. But this is not a great problem at all. The fact is that university topic # 6 is just an option where you can come up with your own essay prompt, the meaning of which is to demonstrate what type of person you are or to describe your feelings.

Just imagine any situation or period of a lifetime that you spent and where you were able to show your best qualities. Perhaps it was a free children’s summer camp in which you learned to climb mountains, provide first aid, or make fire using improvised means. In any case, this should demonstrate your strengths.

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