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Personal Theory Paper Essay

Abstract This conventional paper is the progress my personal theory on Christian Counseling. I personally use many scriptural references to aid my values and tension the importance of gaining intelligence and knowledge from the holy bible.

It contains all of the presentations, readings, and critiques I did at Liberty University’s Theology and Spirituality in counseling course. My spouse and i talk about the way i integrate Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in to my Christian counseling and believe that they all have a great deal to offer the Christian counselor. The role of integration and multitasking is important to be an effective Christian counselor under the guidelines of the American Association of Christian Consultants.

The methods and skills of any beneficial Christian counselor is to recognize all their limits and boundaries, continue education, fellowship, and present themselves in a Christ-like manner. Intro This newspaper takes a check out numerous Christian authors and just how their theories of guidance have influenced and helped me develop my very own theory of counseling. Through multitasking any kind of counselor can view a predicament through a number of perspectives. Not necessarily one method that brings about curing in a person, but an the use of numerous strategies and hypotheses.

A close look at understanding human personality, exactly where problems are developed, how to supply problems and structure effective intervention, and looking at how my worldview influences my theory, outlines in detail the construction of my comprehensive counseling theory. What is Essential for Understanding Human being Personality? Individuality Motivation The theories of Adam’s (1986) are based on two Timothy several: 16-17 which usually says, “All Scripture can be God-breathed and is useful for educating, rebuking, correcting and learning righteousness, in order that the man of God may be thoroughly outfitted for every great work. ” Adam’s therapies relies on the Holy Nature to convict the person to want to change following hearing the fact of the Word of Our god.

He discredits psychology and believes that God is the only one needed to motivate a person to modify. This is significant extreme hypotheses and is correct in that God needs to be the key source one taps in to. God, throughout the bible, applied many different methods to motivate His people to change.

One way was through a dope that chatted to Balaam after this individual struck him three times because of not moving (Numbers 22). “The angel from the LORD asked him, “Why have you crushed your dope these three times? I have come here to go against sb/sth? disobey you your own path can be described as reckless 1 before me personally. (Numbers twenty-two: 32 Fresh International Version). There are many methods God uses to encourage change. Dr . Wilson (2001), Backus, and Chapian (2000) take a different approach with one’s previous hurts fantastic or her interpretation of which being what motivates them.

When is hurt by others they can be more likely to continue the cycle of injure. Romans 12: 17 says, “Do certainly not repay any individual evil for evil. Make sure do what is right in the eyes of everyone (NIV). ” Wilson would not want anyone to minimize an unacceptable that has been done to them, but give it over to God and let God to heal their wounds. Backus and Chapian feel that if perhaps one can modify his or her thinking then they can change his or her future behaviors.

All of them agree that one’s past can either hinder them or perhaps push all of them forward to staying motivated to improve. Crabb (1986) believes expansion and change is surely an ever changing method for both the counselor and the counselee. He feels that one is suffering from “unreachable goals, external circumstances and fear of failure” (p.  76). He takes the way that the cathedral can develop programs that can help those who want to modify.

The three general levels of guidance that Crabb presents are “Level I-Counseling By Reassurance, Level II- Counseling By simply Exhortation and Level III-Counseling By Enlightenment” (p. 190). The person operating as the counselor should build a marriage with the person for any degree of his strategies to really be effective. The relationship helps one to become motivated to open up and want to change.

The task and approaches to counsel are always changing. Knowing different ideas, how to use all of them, and when to work with them is why an effective counselor. Human Creation Human creation is a continuing process of not simply, Hawkins concentric circle known as, the body, nevertheless the soul. His Temporal Devices circle which includes family, close friends, church, contemporary society, government, overall economy, and education are what help shape and develop these aspects of one’s your life.

During this process of human development painful points happen and if not dealt with can cause destroying results later on. The title of Wilson’s publication, Hurt People Hurt Persons, is a perfect description of what can happen. Pat, knowing alter is not easy, said it greatest when the girl said, “We must enter the change method with wide open eyes.

When we do, we’ll see that the mandatory truth needs tears, time and even some terror” (p. 96). God reminds us in Philippians 4: 13 we “can perform everything through Him whom gives me durability. ” The human development is not an easy or perhaps painless one, but in the conclusion we are more like Christ, which is the ultimate goal. Specific Development The counseling process is not about one strategy working for everybody, but everyone being an specific with particular plans pertaining to change. Because of this , it is important to learn the consumers culture, philosophy, and way of living experiences that contain shaped these to this point.

American culture emphasizes individuality and coming into one’s own person, but not most cultures encourage this. This is why it is important to allow the client as the educator through the assessment method. When developing a specific method for transformation consultants integrate her or his education and the knowledge they gained from the individual customer, which then produces a program for discipline. One of those disciplines is learning boundaries, according to Cloud and Townsend (1999). Hebrews doze: 11 says, “No willpower seems pleasurable at the time, nevertheless painful.

Down the road, however , it produces a collect of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained because of it. ” This is why Cloud and Townsend go on to say, “The painful self-control of restrictions will sooner or later bear great results in our lives” (p. 203). One will not change and turn a whole individual overnight, but with hard work, self-control, and determination to go through the method it can at some point happen. Exactly where Problems are Designed Conceptualizing Health and Wellness A person needs to appear past the “why” and concentrate on the healing.

God realizes that unpleasant issues happen, but does not 1 to place the nasty, because it can easily create actually additional sickness. In creating complete physical and religious wholeness scripture, positive fellowship, and plea are essential. Anderson (2006) recognizes the way the different Eventual Systems, Hawkins presented, may negatively effects a person’s behavior. This kind of then can manifest destructively into our physical bodies. One once again overcomes this by joining it in the supernatural and allowing Our god to treat them throughout.

God says, “He mends the brokenhearted and binds up their very own wounds” (Psalms 147: 3). The person has to surround themselves with confident people who is going to uplift and encourage all of them. The different Provisional, provisory Systems can either affect one negatively or positively and several of that responsibility is around the person. Hart (2001) covers some functional things that can be done to gain physical and religious wholeness.

This stuff included, yet were not limited to, sleep, healthier eating, physical exercise, and sometimes medication. Sleep and rest are one of the least complicated and cheapest of the strategies and also the the one that is always put aside as insignificant. There are some ethnicities that reserve specific instances in the day to rest, for different reasons.

Christians need to learn coming from these civilizations and also consider heed to God when he said in Exodus twenty three: 12, “Six days carry out your work, nevertheless on the 7th day tend not to work. ” This scripture is certainly not meant to be delivered to the extreme, but for be recognized that “The Sabbath was performed for gentleman, not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2: 27). God desires us to comprehend the importance and power of snooze in marriage to well being. Psychological and Spiritual Health issues There are times in life when a single will experience spiritual brokenness and have to seek Goodness and counsel for wholeness. The stories in the bible are not just for historical causes, but to give us examples means live existence.

David was a man who also endured many hardships and attacks, although he relied on God to be his protector and restorer. David at one point in his life disappeared to the Give of Adullam, which means sanctuary. Sometimes the counseling setting is the host to refuge to get the client as well as the counselor needs to allow The almighty to guide and direct them inside the healing process.

David said a prayer to God, whilst in the cave, which in turn began with vocalizing his anguish, nevertheless ends with: I cry to you, Head of the family; I say, “You are my personal refuge, my personal portion in the land in the living. ” Listen to my cry, for I i am in anxious need; rescue me coming from those who follow me, because are too strong for me. Collection me clear of my penitentiary, that I may well praise a message. Then the righteous will gather about me personally because of your goodness to me (Psalms 142: 5-7). Advisors need to guide the counselee into a place of frustration and recognition that there is liberty in Christ. There are many causes of a client to get psychologically bad and a counselor has to do a detailed evaluation to measure the seriousness of it.

This will benefit not only the client, nevertheless the counselor when deciding a treatment plan. There are several psychological and mental health issues that a counselor is not really equipped to take care of and a referral into a psychiatrist might be needed. Anderson feels that a majority of mental disorders are from your enemy and not due to chemical substance changes or perhaps neurological disorders.

This way of thinking can be very dangerous for the client as well as the counselor. It does not matter where the emotional anguish originates from, but the right way to treat it. A counselor usually wants to always be competent in the treatment of internal and psychic illnesses or refer right now there client to a different. Hart thinks that anxiousness is one of the leading psychological health problems facing Us citizens today and counselors should try to learn the different options for treating it. He presents many different methods that could improve not only Christian believers, but for any individual struggling with stress.

His tips, for how to maintain a healthier human body and heart, is practical and very relevant. The counselor must take the time to determine what each client is dealing with spiritually and psychologically. They need to have knowledge of numerous theories and treatment methods for both and how to implement all of them.

The client must determine if they want to incorporate Our god in their healing process. Once this can be established the counselor are able to work with the consumer on a treatment plan for healing. Function of Integration and Multi tasking As a Christian counselor you need to learn the skill of integrating internal, theological and spiritual counseling methods into the counseling process. Crabb presents four techniques Christian advisors integrate mindset, theology, and the bible in to the counseling procedure.

Separate nevertheless Equal (keeping them entirely separate), Tossed Salad (blending of them all without having sifting of Psychology and theology), and Nothing Buttery (disregarding Psychology altogether), and a Spoiling the Egyptians approach (integrating all of them into one’s counseling) would be the four strategies he shows. A Christian counselor is accountable to God and wishes to count on Him showing them how you can integrate several methods of mindset and theology to the counselling process. The scriptures claim it best lawn mowers of Titus 2: 7-8, “In everything arranged them an illustration by doing what is good.

In the teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of talk that may not be condemned, in order that those who oppose you may be embarrassed because they have nothing bad to say about us. ” Multitasking is the main component in discriminating and realizing the real demands of the consumer and is to be taken seriously. How you can Source Challenges and Composition Effective Treatment Key Elements of my Complete Theory As being a Christian counselor it is my personal job to educate myself on the numerous hypotheses being used today and what I want to include in my own therapies practice. I really do not go along with any one theory presented by numerous writers, but learned from every one.

I think, like Crabb and Hawkins, that the issue at the surface is not really the main issue that needs coping with. I want to arrive at the root of issues and lead your customer to total wholeness and freedom. Galatians 5: you says, “It is for liberty that Christ offers set us free. Stand firm, then, and don’t let her be mired again with a yoke of slavery. ” Anderson covers how one particular allows the enemy power in their lives and does not recognize what little power he has.

We recognize that teaching Christians within the power of Christ and the power they have over the enemy is going to empower these people in the process of recovery. Adams methods are based on a couple of Timothy several: 16-17 which will says, “all scripture is God-breathed and is useful for educating, rebuking, fixing and training in righteousness, so that the man of God can be thoroughly prepared for every great work. ” I agree with him which scripture verse, but I do not inwardly smile at psychology completely like he does. Scriptures, like Isaiah 58: 6-11, have been a great inspiration inside my own personal recovery.

Isaiah fifty eight: 11 says, “The Head of the family will show you always; he will probably satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and definitely will strengthen your frame. You will be such as a well-watered yard, like a spring whose waters never fail. ” I know the power of knowing the scripture and implementing that in my life. Because of this , as a Christian counselor the application of scripture would be necessary in a healing process I choose for the customer. I as being a counselor desire to be guided by the Lord and use whatever method he reveals to me to bring others healing in their lives. It is vital to me, like a Christian counselor, to find a balance in the usage of scripture, many theories, and psychology.

Method and Approaches The therapies process is guided by many codes of ethics primarily set up by American Counselling Association (ACA, 2012) and American Affiliation of Christian Counselors (AACC, 2012). I personally am guided by the bible verses, “brothers and sisters, what ever is true, no matter what is noble, whatever is correct, whatever is definitely pure, whatsoever is lovely, whatever can be admirable—if whatever is excellent or perhaps praiseworthy—think about such things” (Philippians 4: 8). Just how one counsels will not be powerful if the counselor is not really acting within a moral and ethical method. Cloud and Townsend talk about the use of restrictions in all aspect of life.

This is simply not just for your customer to learn, however the counselor regarding the counseling process. As being a Christian counselor I do not want to turn any person away and therefore need to know how to integrate numerous techniques. Bible verses is not just pertaining to the believer, but has its own moral concepts that can be used for any person seeking help. Jesus taught in parables, in order that anyone may understand Him.

I want apply techniques certain to each client in a way they will understand. Exhibition of Success I am a firm who trust that to be an effective counselor I need to possess allowed God to operate my life initial. Mathew six: 3 says, “Why will you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye pay no attention to the plank in your own vision? ” This scripture is definitely talking about not really judging other folks, but the theory can be used to get the counselor as well. How can one counsel in healing and freedom, if they themselves are not really free?

The counselor also needs to educate him or very little on various methods of treatment in order to create specific and effective treatment strategies for the consumer. It is important being flexible along the way and allow room for the Holy Nature to guide the sessions. Just about every client is exclusive and not one method will work for each situation. Hawkins’s concentric circles theory enables the counselor to listen to the customer and learn from them. Counselor requires more time to listen to the client and find out what influences the person in each circle and what is important.

This approach of therapies allows for the counselor to get educated and for a more specific treatment plan to get developed. Personally, i feel that psychology, theology, and spirituality every have a place in the therapies process. The almighty is my own guide plus the one to whom I filtration everything through.

I will not practice individuals theories that discredit the bible or perhaps go against biblical principles. Christian counselors have to study the scriptures and still have a solid basis to filtration different ideas through. Mathew 6: thirty-three says, “Seek first His kingdom fantastic righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. ” When I seek out God He may in turn give me wisdom as I learn about distinct methods and theories. Way of Integration Your head obtains knowledge, but the heart and soul produce knowledge. An effective counselor does not merely seek knowledge, but intelligence.

Counseling can be described as calling that in turn requires great responsibility, “We include wronged nobody, we have corrupted no one, we now have exploited zero one” (2 Corinthians 7: 2). I’ve an honest and meaningful responsibility to my consumers and can only preserve this by making use of Christ. Summary Through the diverse readings in this course as well as the knowledge attained thus far, I had been able to create a foundation pertaining to my theories about the counseling procedure. I acknowledge the importance of knowing the scriptures and in search of God for wisdom in filtering different theories which have been presented to my opinion. There are many types of sicknesses spiritual, physical, and mental and I surely have more effective ways to handle every single one.

I will continue to develop this theory as I gain more expertise and perception in this counselling program in Liberty College or university and during my own many years of as counselor.

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