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The richest choice of argumentative essay topics

It’s quite typical for human nature to argue. However, when a need to argue in the written form arises, many people find it difficult. If you are eager to practice arguing, it’s high time to write an argumentative essay.

Perhaps, you’ve been already assigned this paper. A perfectly written essay of this kind can provoke strong emotions. The reader can even become furious if he or she doesn’t support the author’s point of view.

No matter what you choose as your argument, don’t forget to underpin your claims with true facts and substantial research. Of course, you can have your own point of view in this paper but you shouldn’t deviate from an argument backed with facts. Needless to say, facts greatly outperform emotions in terms of strength. In this type of essay, no one needs your emotions, just facts.

Distinctive features of a good essay topic

Perhaps, you’ve already chosen a style, format and other crucial elements for your paper, the process of choosing a topic can really puzzle you. Indeed, choosing a theme for an argumentative essay is more difficult than writing on a free topic, such as your favorite pop star.

When picking up a topic for this specific type of essay, you should find something capable of expanding human minds enabling them to look at this thing from a different angle. Folks like to argue on any topic. They seem ready to quarrel about education, politics, social or cultural influences and so on. Argumentative essays teach people to debate properly with mutual respect.

Education essay topics to choose from

Education seems interesting nearly to anybody. Scholars keep evolving all the time and people naturally have different points of view now how folks need to be educated. If you are also interested in this theme, feel free choose something from these topics:

  1. The poverty of a kid’s parents impacts his or her education, doesn’t it?
  2. Vending machines should be forbidden in schools, shouldn’t they?
  3. Chapter schools require replacing the public school system. Prove why it should happen.
  4. Gender affects education, doesn’t it?
  5. Conventional discipline methods are the most effective, aren’t they?

Female topics for a gender study essay

In the United States, women were granted the right to vote only in 1920. A hundred years later, women have managed to achieve a lot in terms of human rights and equality. Nevertheless, some activists dare to ascertain that it’s not the end and women should keep fighting for their rights.

Women, their rights and their relationships with the rest of the world have always sparked interest and provoked debates. If you’re interested in how females evolve on this planet in a constant fight for their rights choose any of these gender topics for your essay:

  • Females still stay underpaid compared to men even if they do the same work. What’s your attitude to this?
  • Mention the biggest challenges for women in politics.
  • Some folks ascertain that women have the right to work as prostitutes. What do you think about this?
  • Religious institutions don’t have the right to supervise their female staff including birth control?
  • Abortions should be legalized, shouldn’t they?

Legal essay topics

People become furious when arguing about the law. Well, the law brings a certain order in our lives but at the same time, it greatly restricts our freedom. Argue about law in your argumentative essay:

  • Tell the minimum age a person should be officially allowed to drink alcohol.
  • People should have the right to decide whether they should live or die, shouldn’t they?
  • Those sportsmen taking doping should be severely punished, shouldn’t they?
  • The death penalty should exist, shouldn’t it?
  • Churches should be granted tax exemptions, shouldn’t they?
  • Tell the age a person may have her/his first sex.
  • Should priests provide religious services to gays?
  • Marijuana should be legalized, shouldn’t it?
  • The government shouldn’t control guns, shouldn’t it?