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An argumentative essay outline: key principles

An outline can be defined as a plan of a paper. The more time the writer allocates to work on it, the simpler it becomes for him to compose an argumentative essay. It’s so sad that a great number of learners neglect this crucial stage thinking that it’s a pure waste of time.

If you get familiar with this guide, you won’t have any questions regarding an optimal argumentative essay outline. We will help you to realize that an outline is a great treasure and you need to make the most of it.

Key parts of an argumentative essay

A typical argumentative essay includes the following sections:

  1. An introduction;
  2. A main body section;
  3. Debunking the opponent’s arguments;
  4. Conclusion.

Writing an introduction

The major purpose of this section is to grab the readers’ attention. The author needs to know for sure who her/his reader is because he can’t use the same hook for different people.

In this section, the writer is expected to provide a thesis statement – the key claim. It needs to be built around her/his major argument. The author requires backing her/his thesis statement throughout the entire writing work. By the way, she/he can change a thesis statement in the course of her/his writing if required.

Dealing with arguments in the main body

The author will require backing a claim with the solid evidence obtained from trustworthy sources. Based on the number of arguments she/he has managed to work out, she/he can extend the main body of an essay. However, it shouldn’t exceed five paragraphs.

A key statement backing the writer’s thesis statement deserves placing at the beginning of the paragraph. The audience won’t believe it if she/he doesn’t provide them with reliable information such as facts and statistics.

The authors shouldn’t present their own point of view in this section. He/she needs to offer information to think about. If the paper lacks evidence, the readers will most probably think that the essay is judgmental and subjective.

Let’s refute their claims

It’s a normal thing for people to have different views on the same subject. However, people will never stop arguing. Well, the writer has solid knowledge accumulated in the main body, so she/he can try to use this to refute the opponent’s claims.

Of course, when arguing, the writer doesn’t need to somewhat humiliate her/his rival. Instead, in a calm manner, providing strong arguments versus each claim of a counterpart is required.

Coming up with a conclusion

That’s the final section of the writer’s paper. It’s very crucial since it enables the job seeker to draw attention to the most valuable outcomes of a paper.

In this section, the author needs to restate the thesis statement and remind why this particular issue has such importance. Secondly, depicting the future where an argument has been already implemented or not is required. Thus, she/he will prove the whole significance of a subject.

Extra tips for an argumentative essay writer

  • Thoroughly edit your writing before you submit it;
  • Rely on simple sentences;
  • Try to properly understand the subject before making an outline;
  • Stay focused and concise;
  • Work out a sound research plan.

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