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Accounts Sba Essay

The aim of my project is good for me to travel to a comprehensive knowledge of the monetary sector in the business world. To draw up the financial information for the season 2009 intended for Jen’s Superstore and to touch upon the entity’s performance using appropriate tools of Analysis Explanation and Review Jen’s Superstore is a developed and controlled entity held by Jenevonne Kirton, who may be the sole manager.

Jen’s Supermarket is a developed supermarket which in turn sells a variety of food items and miscellaneous items, serving almost all of the island in the convenient location. The supermarket employ fifteen personnel along with Ms. The capital at starting was 202800 while at end it was 208165 which confirmed an increase simply by 5365 at the end of the month. Suggestions/Recommendations Current Ratio It is recommended that Jen’s Supermarket 1 . Uses the excess cash to broaden the business simply by opening one more supermarket.

2 . Introduce cool product to the business and purchase fresh equipment. Low Profit It is suggested that Jen’s Supermarket will need to 1 . Origin cheaper suppliers to aid the demand of products so success would be increased at the end with the month. installment payments on your Offer new promotions every week and offer absolutely free themes raffles by a chance to get prizes at the end of the yr. These are given to help Jen’s Supermarket boost gross revenue and product sales. Conclusion It can be clear that Jen’s Superstore keeps sufficient records pertaining to the business to demonstrate the profitability within the financial period for the month.

It might however , boost the current ratio and major profit by adding the suggestions/recommendations outlined. On the other hand Jen’s Superstore made a great net earnings for the month of December last season. Overall based upon the efficiency of the organization Jen’s Superstore was able to make money of 6365 despite the low sales of 104 eight hundred fifty.

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