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Write an analysis of baz luhrmans opening

In the 1998 creation of Romeo and Juliet Baz Luhrmann has found the attention from the audience from the very beginning from the film. A television screen, media on media, the tv screen screen comes closer and closer towards the viewer, that strikes your attention just like a news display normally could catch 1 persons eyesight. The news display is of a woman (news reporter) saying the prologue. The picture in a small news field with a engagement ring and a dagger in the middle of it, this can be iconography therefore we know right away this is going to be a love tragedy. This is a clever effect showing the fact that ring represents love and marriage and the dagger represents hate and storm, we therefore can easily guess that it’s this that the story will probably be about.

The prologue is said once again with a powerful and deep voiceover reminding one somewhat of any trailer, this makes the viewer look forward for more action, there are gun photographs and fighting, and by this kind of we can inform there is conflict. It jogged my memory of an action packed Mission impossible movie! Helicopters are then simply captured which will show significance because they are shot and captured at a fast rate, there are policemen in them with megaphones which simply happens when a large crime can be committed. Baz Luhrman portrays a world of wealth, wildness, of firearms and assault when he reveals the two taller towers with each of the loved ones surname on them. There are brain lines blinking up on the screen in the two people arguing, the prologue again comes up for the screen however in block capitals quickly pulsating white upon black. Cup shots of both sides of the family arise on the screen and the camera pauses showing us who each of them will be.

You can see a birds eye view from the city and a quick move through all the buildings in the street and that stops all of a sudden around a grand statue of Jesus and a gothic/horror music is played which I think demonstrates religion is an important part of the history and their lives. With the two tall systems one Montague and the other Capulet the camera zooms in using one tower after which out and then zooms in on the other tower system and zooms out after which pictures all of them together. They are really big extra tall and show that there is a lot of power and wealth in both of the families. More helicopters seem and a birds attention view in the city is definitely shot and so we get an idea of the occupied life. Additionally, it represents the feeling of assault and risk.

There is music in the background more often than not. Suddenly the viewers visit a lot of visitors and a loud track shouting the boys the boys occurs, there is a quick zoom in to the registration menu of a daring yellow, wide open top vehicle saying Montagues 005. A line arises on the display saying The Montague boys they have strong coloured Hawaii shirts upon showing the sensation of heat, the loud music they perform portrays their personalities. They will seem lively, loud and lairy.

That they pull up into a petrol place and some religious nuns combination their course and they are very disrespectful which usually shows they can be not really faith based. They are incredibly immature.

A midnight blue, ferocious quickly car while using number plate Caps 005. It stops and out gets Tybalt, at this point Benvolio is in the bathroom. The car grabs our attention enough but we see these western steel heeled footwear, and notice the sound they make when he walks lets us know that this may not be the right man to mess with and Tybalt has already create a macho intimidating character intended for himself. This individual steps and twists his boots on the wooden meet and this crumbles to pieces and I thought that displayed strength. The camera starts off from his shoes and works his way up so we can see exactly what he can wearing. He has a very Latino appearance, he is dark and very secret looking, hes wearing a dark-colored waist coat with a very big reddish colored picture of Jesus, they will way he could be dressed jogs my memory of the mafia, dark, religious, sinful and unemotional The background music changes and it was very western. Baz Luhrman has made it to ensure that their outfits, the way they speak and the music that is played portrays every single familys personas and they produce the atmosphere. The Capulets have a muscular look and very stereotypical bad guy apparel on.

I think Baz has turned the two family members look and act in different ways to make these people very different and divided and have nothing in keeping with each other. As though they have very little in common, they are really worst enemies. Abram gets out of the car and growls, his teeth manufactured from expensive platinum and provides Sin etched on them advertising he says Peacefulness, I hate the word this kind of shows he is hard, masculine. He then says boo and starts having a laugh, as if disapprove would frighten the Montagues! There is a large amount of slapstick funny through out the beginning, I think Luhrmann has used connaissance to break the intensity, this lady at the back of the car is hitting among the Montagues with her hand bag and this individual sitting there acquiring it and suddenly bursts and gets his gun out.

The fighting starts and they pull out huge golden guns. The film breaks as the camera zooms in to condition the name of the firearm which is named long sword, once again Luhrmann has used humour, making the film more contemporary by upgrading real life long swords with 20th 100 years hand pistols he provides stuck to the original Shakespeare script where words long swords are being used but acquiring it to a further intense. The guns are big and at this point they are capturing and this holds our attention again. The camera decelerates to show the tension between Tybalt and Benvolio, close ups are effective because it causes anxiety and both equally characters will be shown evenly. Tybalt uses a shot plus the bullet ricochet and visitors the gas station signal Add more fuel to your fire I do believe this grabbed our interest because the group of the petrol station is effective, it gives all of us the idea or feeling of flammable which may staying trying to represent their emotions towards either side. This makes even more tension, episode and a sense of danger towards the viewers.

As the Montagues leave, Tybalt in an outdated way quickly gets down on both knees and is praying with both hands together. He opens up his jacket as well as the horror video music occurs and a close up of Jesus on his waistcoat is proven, and like in an old movie he extends to for his gun, smooches it and aims intended for the Montagues we then simply see a goal pointing to them, this makes the effect of your assassination just like the famous open public killing of J. F Kennedy might be. He then, within a petrol stop, throws his cigarette away of his mouth a bad idea and he starts a fireplace, the music then comes on once again as the whole petrol station is burning up. We in that case see a poster on the wall membrane being burned up saying Montagues Vs Capulets. This demonstrates this is real war. We see rage, the full city getting active, helicopters, the viewers begin to feel this tension and feel a part of what is going on. Baz Luhrman holds the people attention through a different comparison of music and relating the different makes in to characterisation. We can inform that these males have electrical power and they has to be well known for their hatred toward each other in the event that there are posters on the wall membrane. The fire shows how their hatred burns up and they are then simply stopped by police and asked that will put their very long swords down.

Baz Luhrman has used handful of Shakespeare words and has made this presentation more of a modern one, even more action crammed, exciting and enjoyable pertaining to todays target audience. His vibrant and interesting version of a classic love tragedy having its fast croping and editing and special effects has efficiently brought all of us in to the 20th century.

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