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Resume builder opportunities

Forget about polishing pages for hours or choosing a font for a cover letter. A free resume designer will show how to make a resume stylish and attractive without effort.

Go through a catalog of hundreds of unique ideas and create a track record that will be remembered in a matter of minutes. By applying a suitable template and transforming it in one’s own way, it can implement as many variations as a candidate needs. In this case, each company that interests you receives an exclusive document containing all the requirements from the candidate.

Change colors, fonts and insert graphics, help readers to concentrate on presented skills, impress them with a future employer. It’s easy and simple, try it yourself!

Resume builder takes care of the basic design and formatting of the CV. Now it’s not necessary to study articles about design and content or to master software that is difficult for a beginner to understand. Among the tools that one needs is only a computer with Internet to enter the account.

Professional designers create all templates, and an applicant doesn’t have to worry about how they look, because they do the job correctly! Using them, an applicant just needs to add experience and adapt the design parameters to a specific resume.

Create a resume for any job

Thousands of background builder templates are suitable for any profession – for lawyers working in the corporate sector, for IT specialists, and students at the start of their career. For representatives of creative professions, we have multi-colored layouts with artistic decorative elements. Or, if you prefer formal credentials, focus on a minimalistic presentation that will impress more conservative human resources specialists.

Present the experience in a special way

On average, a recruiter spends six seconds viewing a resume. Therefore, if someone wants to stand out, the unique track record builder layouts will facilitate the task, and even the most demanding HR will appreciate the efforts.

Even if you are a freelancer with a considerable number of projects, it will not be difficult to repel each of them. Timeline infographics, presentation of a business plan, and even pie charts – all this will show all the strengths of the portfolio.

Save and edit an unlimited number of versions

One of the most labor-intensive processes when looking for a job is to write a cover letter and a track record for each position that you apply for and the company within whose walls you would like to work in.

And if you take into account the new skills continually acquired, foreign languages or advanced training courses – everything that develops you and draws attention to your candidacy is not enough without regular updates.

With a resume builder, all your cover letters and resumes are saved automatically. Create several options – for different requirements and with new content, and make small changes if necessary.

Important benefits of resume designer

Among the main advantages, we should mention the following:

  • Easy to use. Design and text of resume templates can be quickly and easily edited using the control panel. Use editable blocks and drag items in a few clicks.
  • Responsive text and fonts. You have the ability to add, edit, delete any text in any section of the site. Using Font Manager, you can upload some favorite fonts and create your own background site style.
  • Portfolio. Most likely, you will want to post your work on the site, and the background designer is simply created for this! Download images and place them in any of the three beautiful galleries. If necessary, add video and audio files.
  • Speed. For a credentials site to make an excellent first impression, it should load quickly. This is not a problem since the download speed of our background builder is twice as fast as that of other site designers.

SEO optimization

It’s not enough just to create a personal website. You need to optimize it so that potential employers can find you on search networks. SEO settings in the control panel will help you to collect targeted organic traffic.


After you optimize your personal website, turn on Google Analytics to track who, where, and for how long has visited your resume and portfolio pages. Active tracking and analysis are indispensable guides to your dream job.