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How to make your resume font work on you?

It turns out that the font can become a mirror of the human psyche. When choosing a suitable applicant for a vacancy, many employers check not only professional qualities. A lot of attention is normally paid to several other factors.

For example, it concerns the type of font that the applicant prefers when writing a resume. It turns out that such a detail can tell a lot about human psychology. Moreover, it attaches particular importance when considering a candidate for a leadership position.

To ‘decipher’ a resume, recruiters turn to the help of graphologists – specialists able to determine both character traits and the personality’s mental state by handwriting and type of typeface used.

According to experts, electronic media can tell about a person no less than handwritten documents:

  1. The style of websites design;
  2. The nature of its illustrations;
  3. Fonts used to type content.

There are more than enough hints for compiling your detailed personal portrait.

Type of font in a resume: Recruiter hint

Do you like the bold style? So, you try to hide your personality, but at the same time, you are a person with a robust and decisive character. The tendency to use small print indicates your self-sufficiency and the lack of need to stand out. People, primarily authoritarian and inflexible, prefer letters with a strict graphic pattern. More rounded fonts are often used by women, first of all – harmonious, soft, humane and prone to compromises.

However, some companies set the types and sizes of fonts to use for various kinds of documents. For example, Continental, a car component maker, chose Arial as its standard. Daimler’s automotive email uses the Calibri typeface, and papers presented at business presentations use special fonts explicitly designed for this company. In any case, before writing a resume, the applicant for the vacancy does not interfere with consulting about the standard recognized by this company.

Highlighting the main points of the resume

People who highlight the main points of the resume are more likely to follow the rules of the work schedule and the unspoken requirements adopted by the organization, which have developed and are being implemented by the majority. These employees try to stay disciplined and are rarely late for work.

However, this employee will try to leave work on time and not suspend without a significant reason after the end of working time. As a rule, such workers perceive recycling hard.

Depending on which phrases in the resume are written in italics, we can draw conclusions about which activities seem engaging for a candidate.

Depending on which paragraph of the resume, the author uses the italic typeface, it will mean the subconscious desire to show independence and move in these matters. These exist internal motivators in the process of performing the candidate’s duties.

The typeface does not provide much information, but it complements the picture that can be obtained by analyzing the resume form. When choosing this or that form, we don’t think that we subconsciously adopt other people’s character traits, even some aspects of a professional career.

Peculiarities of fonts in the resume

Some studies on the perception of characters by people will give you more idea on using fonts in your CV. Finally, there exist a vast number of typefaces that any text editor will offer you. The choice of font always stays yours, but try to consider the following recommendations:

  • Select the standard unified character that opens in any text editor;
  • Choose a size so that the font can be read at arm’s length by a person with average vision;
  • Use only one character per document. It’s enough that you will have a discharge of size and fat content.

Consider these simple tips for your resume. It will become more convenient for reading and perception, which means it will be read more often.