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Cookies Policy

Transparency in Service

As the old adage goes, “Honesty – the best policy”. Transparency is an inseparable part of honesty and hence, by extension, it holds a place of paramount importance in all our dealings. Whether it’s our policy on Ordering Procedure, Fees charged, Refund, Privacy or any other aspect, we maintain complete transparency with our customers.

Our Cookie Policy

As part of our broad policy to be totally transparent with our clients, we strongly urge you to go through this document, which clearly brings out our website’s Cookie Policy. Most websites around the world make use of cookies to obtain information about their users; some of these sites inform the visitor, while others keep silent.

Being silent is not our way to go, especially about something that concerns with collecting your data. We use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies to monitor our visitors. As you open our website, your clicks and your browsing habits are under observation by our cookies. However, there’s nothing to be alarmed about; the aim of keeping an eye on your actions is only to provide you with the best of services.

By observing your actions on our website like searches as well as your reactions that show your interest in a particular service, we can facilitate you by prompting you to direct to relevant pages. This enables us to serve you better. Read through the document to know more about cookies and the way they’re used by us.

What’s a Cookie?

A cookie is a small sized data file which gets saved on your device and keep track of your activities. There’s no single cookie for all purposes and host types. The type of cookie employed depends upon your browser, device, account as well as the record that’s intended to be maintained. However, broadly speaking, there are two different types of cookies. They are described below :

  • Session Based Cookies. These cookies are stored and remain active in your device only till the time you’re browsing. They automatically get deleted from your device as soon as you stop browsing.
  • Persistent Cookies. As the name suggests, these cookies don’t get auto-deleted and will remain in your device till the time they are deleted by your browser or get expired.

Purpose of Using Cookies

Cookies help us to monitor your activities, which gives us essential information about your interests. We use session cookies as well as persistent cookies to collect data about you to help us provide you the top notch services always. The cookies store your login information and the time spent on each page to understand your interest areas.

This enables us to know your preferences so that next time you login to our website, we can provide you customized experience and shorter response time. Cookies can even use Google Analytics services to track your browsing activities on other sites. Broadly speaking, cookies help us in the following ways :

  • You’re kept signed in to cut down the lag.
  • Your preferences are known, so that you get relevant messages about services that you’re interested in.
  • The ordering process becomes simpler for you.
  • If you need some assistance, our 24/7 customer support can provide you faster help.

Still Not Convinced to Allow Cookies?

If despite the advantages mentioned above, you’re not confident and comfortable with the use of cookies, there’s no need to panic; there are ways and means to block or delete them. As stated in the first section, we firmly believe in your freedom to choose how you want to use our services. We don’t want you to confuse our cookies with malware or viruses that cause harm to your device, steal your personal information and are difficult to delete or block.

You can easily block or delete our cookies by following simple steps. Almost all major browsers have inbuilt capability to do this through their Cookie Management tools. The steps to follow in order to delete or block cookies depend upon the browser that you’re using and you can find more about cookie control on the website of that particular browser. Following are a few of the most widely used browsers that allow you to manage cookies efficiently :

  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Opera.
  • Safari.
  • Classic Internet Browser.
  • Android Internet Browsers.

Don’t get stressed if your browser name isn’t listed above; this list is not comprehensive and if you wish to block third party cookies, you can simply visit your browser provider’s site and search for the option in settings. Google Analytics could also be used to put restrictions on the use of cookies.

Adverse Effects of Blocking Cookies

However, it’s important to mention here that, once you choose to block our cookies and disable them, the functionality of the website as a whole suffers drastically. It’s not the case just with our website, but same with all the sites around the world. When you block the cookies from our website, you’ll no longer be able to have the same smooth and flawless experience while browsing.

Order placement, tracking progress and even simple communications through our inbuilt messaging platform may seem slow and cumbersome, as you’ll have to provide your log in details every time you visit the site. This will adversely affect our operations by not allowing us to give you a perfect and effortless surfing experience.


It’s also pertinent to note here that although we don’t force or hide the use of any cookies, there are some cookies that we strongly recommend not to be blocked. We have a few cookies that don’t store any identification information about you and are only performance boosters. There are some others, that only monitor your activities on our website and get deleted on their own.

Some of our security systems that work on your activities on our site are dependent on such cookies and blocking them can lead to even security issues. In case you have any further queries about the usage of cookies on our website, you can contact our 24/7 Customer Support team. We’ll be happy to provide you with all the details that you need.