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Mastering Biology Suggested Answer Book Essay

The interest rate of effect increases when the polyphenol oxidase concentration raises. 1m m Rate of reaction = 1/18 = 0. 056 1m From your graph, the enzyme attentiveness is around 1 ) 15%. 1m c Use boiled enzyme in the conduit.

1m d The chemical does not work in acidic channel. / The enzyme is denatured in acidic medium. 1m elizabeth The colour modify becomes faster at begin 0. 5m as enzyme activity boosts with temperature. 0. 5m When temp becomes way too high, no further color change will be observed zero. 5m because the chemical is denatured. 0. 5m f The speed of response drops as well as stops in the event all lively sites in the enzymes are blocked.

1m The inhibitor competes with normal base for effective sites. 1m 11 HKCEE Biology the year 2003 I Q3b Essay (p. 4-23) 12 Enzymes will be biological factors, speeding up metabolic reactions without being used.

1m Enzymes can be reused. Enzyme molecules go back to its original form following the completion of the reaction. 1m Enzymes are essential in fairly small amount mainly because enzymes remain unchanged inside the reaction. 1m Enzymes happen to be proteins.

They may be easily denatured by high temperatures and serious values of pH. 1m The actions of enzymes are certain. Each chemical catalyses just one type of reaction. 1m Examples of enzyme program: Biological cleansing powder, papain in beef tenderizers, enzyme to coagulate milk to generate cheese, enzyme to modify the starch in bread, digestive enzymes to break down plant cell wall in fruit juices, digestive enzymes to remove fur from conceals 1m Advantages of using nutrients in the previously mentioned applications: Enzymes are certain in action. This reduces the availability of unwanted products.

1m Enzymes will be efficient in small amounts. This lowers the price tag on production.

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