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Interrelationship between Psychology and Biology Essay

Of late Psychologists have demostrated a keen affinity for Biology, which will even today is known as a completely distinct discipline of study by many. However the simple truth is that both these disciplines happen to be interconnected.

Sickness of the brain affects body and the other way round. According to Nidamboor, “Stress, depression, and also other psychological factors make us vulnerable to a large number of diseases. This is certainly so for the reason that relation among mind and health can be balanced not simply by our own behavior yet also by our neurological connections. You will find links among our mind and the immunity process, which sometimes work in reverse directions. ” (para. 5) As a result if we are suffering from a biological disease then it influences are patterns, emotions and interactions with others.

To obtain to the heart of behavioral problems it is vital for the psychologists to get a fair thought of the natural history of a person. This method would absolutely affect the analysis and the emotional treatmments that an individual can be undergoing. Emotional problems just like anxiety disorders, individuality disorders, depressive disorder and behavioral disorders get their roots in the biological conditions that one is facing.

For example if a person is usually handicapped he may suffer from times of despression symptoms due to his inability to be normal because others. Likewise if a person is too fat or too thin then too his emotional well being can be affected by his biological physiology. He might indulge in inappropriate consuming behaviors and might suffer from a feeling of worthlessness and low self confidence.

Hence it is extremely imperative pertaining to psychologists to get detailed knowledge about a client’s position of neurological wellbeing. Seeing that there is an exceptional link between our brains and bodies imbalance of either will affect the other and perhaps because of this , psychologists are so concerned with biology. References Nidamboor, R. (2009).

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