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Book Analysis: The Hunger Games Essay

In the novel The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins a brand new country is created.

Panem is born in place of America, were the Hunger Online games began. Inside the Hunger Video games, there are twenty-four tributes. Contribution are individuals that live in the districts. The tributes inside the Hunger Video games are all precisely the same.

They get rid of one another and turn the Capitols puppets. The tributes turn into violent, impassive puppets. In that case there is Katniss. Katniss is an excellent hunter and becomes deadly during the online games.

However , she has not shed her compassion. Katniss does not think of their self as a good person. When ever in reality she’s a good person with a huge heart, who also puts others before very little. Katniss really does many things other folks will not perform in her situation.

Whether it be helping her family or perhaps helping others. Katniss’ dad died within a mining accident when the girl was 11 (5). Katniss’s mother would not handle this well. She stopped looking after her relatives.

She started to be a walking dead. Katniss had to start taking care of her friends and family (26, 27). One day Katniss figured everything out. Katniss thought, The first dandelion of the season. A bells went off in my mind.

I thought in the hours put in in the hardwoods with my dad and I understood how we had been going to survive (32). This is when Katniss realizes her relatives would no more starve. Katniss knew hunting in district 12 is usually illegal and the penalty could be death (5).

Katniss risks her lifestyle. Katniss’s only concern is usually her family, no matter the danger. The reaping is if a male and feminine tribute can be chosen by each region. When the time of the enjoying arrives, a surprise tribute is chosen.

Which can be Prim Katniss little sis (20). Prim’s name offers only recently been entered when (21). Katniss cannot comprehend what has happened. Her chances were very slender.

Katniss exclaims, I volunteer! My spouse and i gasp. I you are not selected as tribute (22). When Katniss goes on stage, everyone is surprised. No person gives applause. Everyone looks devastated. Effie Trinket says, I actually bet my own buttons that was the sister. Don’t want her to steal all of the glory, do we? Come on, everyone! Let’s provide a big circular of applause to our most recent tribute! (23). Effie Trinket thinks it is an reverance to be selected. Effie can be happy everything is more interesting this year. Effie does not realise why Katniss genuinely volunteered. In contrast to others, Katniss cares about much more than herself. Katniss was the simply volunteer in district doze others were scared. Katniss will do anything at all for her sibling.

This act shows what kind of person she really is. Katniss will do nearly anything for her friends and family. She often is frightened her activities will damage her mother and sister. Katniss tries to protect them from lifestyle. When Katniss was able to start putting her name inside the reaping, your woman did it typically.

Katniss explains to the reader, You can choose to add name more instances in exchange pertaining to tesserae. Each tesserae will probably be worth a meager year’s supply of grain and everything for one person (13). To keep her relatives fed Katniss added her name multiple times. This was the one thing she could do during the time. However , Katniss would not enable Prim to do the same.

Prim has simply entered her name once and that was because your woman had to. Katniss tells the reader, I safeguard Prim atlanta divorce attorneys way I can, but I’m powerless against the reaping (15). Katniss concerns about her family too many times throughout the book.

When Katniss is learning the Polish capitol, she shows off her temper. Katniss should really show her abilities to the Gamemakers but they disregard her. They can be more interested in all their food after that her. Katniss then shoots an arrow toward these people.

The arrow spears the apple, which is in the pig’s mouth. This kind of gets their particular attention. Katniss runs out and quickly regrets her decision. The moment she knows what your woman did, the girl thinks of her family members. Katniss considers, What really scares me is exactly what they might carry out to my personal mother and Prim, how my family might suffer right now because of my impulsiveness (103).

Katniss constantly thinks about her actions. She often magic how they can affect the kinds she enjoys. Instead of considering herself, Katniss worries about others. This can lead to her death or perhaps her win.

During the Food cravings games, the tributes are meant to be eliminating machines. Katniss meets a lady in the video games. Her identity is Rue and your woman reminds Katniss of Prim (201). Repent warns Katniss of a system jacket nesting in the shrub.

In return, Katniss forms an alliance with Rue. Katniss says, You know, they’re not the sole ones who are able to form alliances (200). Alliances in the Hunger Games may be dangerous.

Creating an connections can be your death. Katniss and Rue find out their cha?non will not last for very long. For now that they decide to share their products and enjoy each other’s organization (200, 201 203).

When the night comes Katniss tells Rue, You can discuss my sleeping bag if you would like. We’ll both easily suit (205). Katniss could notify this was much more than Rue predicted (205).

Repent and Katniss made the perfect alliance, however it ended too quickly. Katniss and Rue think of a plan. When Rue was setting a fireplace, she was caught in a trap.

Katniss was yelling for Rue then she heard Repent scream (231). Katniss went running and saw the boy coming from district 1 throw a spear through Rue’s abdomen (232). In return, Katniss kills the boy coming from district 1 . Rues previous request is perfect for Katniss to sing. Katniss sings Repent asleep (234). Katniss attempts to think of a way to respect Repent.

Katniss decorates Rues body system in blossoms (237). Katniss thinks, I decorate her physique in the flowers. Covering the unpleasant wound. Wreathing her face. Weaving her with dazzling colors (237).

Katniss desires to show the Polish capitol they cannot take away Rues humankind or hers. Katniss does not only care about her family and herself yet others. Katniss would pass away for anyone who genuinely deserves her trust.

When the games require a turn, Katniss is surprised. Two people may win, however they have to be through the same section. Katniss listens to this and her 1st reaction is usually screaming Peetas name (244). Katniss understands Peeta is usually injured since what Cato and the professions said (247).

Katniss knows she will become more vulnerable, although she still has to go following him. After she discovers him, Katniss has a greater problem then simply she thought. Peeta is extremely ill and hurt (252-240). The only thing Katniss can do is registered nurse Peeta back in health.

1 night Katniss thinks, I your time night, refreshing the bandage, and trying never to dwell on the very fact that by teaming plan him, I’ve made me personally far more susceptible than while i was alone (263). Peeta is getting even worse and needs treatments. Katniss is aware of it may be difficult.

At this stage inside the games, remedies and other materials are very pricey (265, 266). When Katniss gets the opportunity to go to the Cornucopia, Peeta will not let her (274). Katniss screams, All right, I’m going, and you can’t stop me? (274). Katniss is not concerned with. She would rather die herself then allow Peeta expire.

While looking to get Peeta remedies she practically dies very little. The female tribute from region two tries to kill her. Katniss helps it be back to Peeta and drives him with the medicine ahead of she passes out. After Peeta has got the medicine, they will spend some time jointly.

They are relaxing and treatment. The two actually get to know the other person through informing stories. Although talking Katniss thinks, And while I used to be talking, the idea of actually shedding Peeta hit me once again and I understood how much I actually don’t wish him to die (297). Katniss knows she does not want Peeta to pass away. Katniss may never imagine him departing her.

Katniss and Peeta decide they have to kill Cato before they can kill them first. The moment Cato can be finally lifeless, they wait for an trumpets. The trumpets signal their triumph. Nothing happens. It turns out the rule continues to be revoked (342).

Now they need to kill one other. Peeta refuses to kill Katniss and Katniss will not kill Peeta (342-345). Katniss knows the girl cannot and can not live her live without him (345). Rather, they choose to eat the poison cherries. It will kill them both plus the Hunger Game titles will have not any winner.

The Capitol realizes this and decides there will be two victors. Katniss will want to sacrifice her life just to save someone else. Actually someone the lady hardly is aware. Katniss is a superb person in your mind.

Katniss may possibly have hunter’s instinct; kill anything or anyone who attempts to harm the folks she likes you. Katniss might risk her life on their behalf. Even inside the games, Katniss would not kill the one person who stood in her method of winning.

Katniss shows what is important compassion and her humanity. Katniss displays she is much more than apiece inside their games (232). Katniss recalls what Peeta said on the Roof. Peeta stated, I actually don’t want them to transform me inside.

Turn me personally into some sort of monster that I’m not (141). Katniss does not want to lose very little, which she never will. Katniss displays she is a good person by simply forming forces and attending to other contribution.

Katniss will not think she actually is good nevertheless she in fact is even if your woman cannot find it.

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