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Jekyll And Hyde – what view of human nature does ...

In 1886, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote ‘The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde’.

It was a story about how a good, upper class gentleman turned into a beast without having morals or perhaps dignity. That seemed that Stevenson wished to show how good & nasty could quickly clash, very much to Victorian society’s disgust. In the new, he utilized many methods and different scenarios to argue with society.

He tried to show human nature, and just how everyone has two sides to him or her. It had been around this period that Darwin had provided his theory of advancement to the world, and it is in ‘The Odd Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde’ that Stevenson shows his argument. Growing up in the Even victorian era, Stevenson had a very strict, prejudiced upbringing. Having been born right into a Presbyterian life style, and was taught the values from the belief by simply his family members nurse; this meant that having been taught to think the holy bible and nothing that contradicts it. He was likewise taught to respect the rich, and frown after the poor.

This kind of often came natural to Victorian society, there was both an prestige or a lower class, and nobody would care say that these two could conflict, as reputation was every thing. Often people repressed their true feelings, since they planned to protect their particular status in society, Stevenson didn’t similar to this. Charles Darwin presented his theory of evolution that men evolved from apes. It was known as ‘The Origin of the Species’.

The Victorian people hated this kind of as it travelled against their image and the religious morals, as they thought we came from God and this we didn’t evolve by apes. So , when Stevenson portrayed Hyde as a ‘troglodytic’ being, and Jekyll being a kind respectable man, that obviously demonstrated the view with the Victorian persons. Stevenson always placed Hyde in the dark, crime-filled side of London, and Jekyll in the busy, vibrant side of London. And so once again he associated the low class with crime and dirt, and the upper class with being faithful and treatment giving.

For instance , Utterson quotes in Jekyll’s house ” the plate was of sterling silver, the napery elegant, a fantastic picture installed upon the walls. ” Yet, when Hyde is outside the house, London is definitely described as ” district of some town in a nightmare. ” The division of personality in person fascinated Stevenson, he believed you could be good & bad, that gentleman had two sides to him. In Jekyll & Hyde, Jekyll is described as good, the novel shows this simply by stating “a large, high quality, smooth-faced gentleman of 50 every indicate a capacity of kindness”. This implies that Jekyll can be described as kind, offering man.

Whereas, Hyde can be portrayed being a strange, brutal man, this can be shown by the quote “he gave a very good feeling of deformity” this demonstrates he wasn’t normal, and wasn’t quite man, a thing lower down the evolution, the Victorian persons would have panicked at the idea of this, that evolution was suddenly turning backwards. Therefore , Stevenson was obviously looking to present which a man can have two very different factors, that it was being human. In the book, he provides more than one model, of someone or perhaps something having an andet jeg.

For example , the narrator in the novel, Utterson, is right away said to include two sides, for example in chapter one, he is considered “lean, lengthy, dusty, uninspiring and yet for some reason lovable”. This quote demonstrates that he provides two attributes to him, he is grumpy-looking and uninteresting, yet this individual also gives the sense to be lovable, and caring. He can also a repressed character over the novel, much like Victorian society; it truly is as if Stevenson has directed society through Utterson. Stevenson also attempts to play with the concept Enfield is definitely his alter ego. It seems inside the novel that although they possess nothing in accordance, they are stuck together.

Every single Sunday, more often than not, they go for a routine walk together. Once more he uses two heroes or individuality to give his view on being human. Throughout the story, there are small characters that Stevenson as well used to give his view and everyone else’s view, upon human nature, plus the statutory label of society.

For instance , Hyde can be firstly shown in the novel by the quote ” with ape-like bear, he was trampling his sufferer under feet. ” Here he is yet again relating to Hyde and the lower class to being sloppy and heartless. By using the term ‘ape-like’ it is also insinuating that Hyde moved right back for the start of evolution. Second of all, at the scene of Hyde’s first crime, the doctor declares ” there is something wrong along with his appearance; something displeasing, some thing downright detestable. ” This kind of quote relates that more than one person in society detests Hyde, this shows an immediate relationship with Darwin’s theory, and how that everyone in society disliked the idea of being human having two sides to it.

Though, when Utterson goes to visit Hyde, the maid displays an interest about what he has been doing. It seems Stevenson is trying showing that even though society needed to repress all their feelings, that they secretly did have a sly interest in the wonder and concept of human nature. In Conclusion, Stevenson showed a whole lot about his thoughts and his view on human nature, and how world viewed this in a bad, demeaning method.

He as well showed how although the Victorian people placed on an take action of outrage, although they privately showed the.

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