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Sexual dependency the idea of analysis paper

Dependency, Sexual Harassment, Pornography, Excessive Compulsive Disorder

Excerpt by Research Paper:

They also contact form tendencies of phone, computer system or cyber sex. At other times they will embark on prostitution or engage the service of prostitutes for a man.

The individuals will too engage in exhibitionism. These are acts of wide open display or show of personal parts particularly the genitalia either for casual money or just for the joy of computer.

The people will also for a tendency of dating that eventually becomes obsessive and done through personal advertisement.

Some will certainly engage in serves of voyeurism, which quite simply means harassment or seeing others without the knowledge or in limiting positions/situations without their agreement e. g. while swimming naked or perhaps in the shower room.

The junkies may for the extent of engaging in intimate harassment or even molestation on kids or even the adults and kill for sexual urge satisfaction when a chance presents itself. To the extremes a few have already been found to molest corpses.

The has to be on the serious cases might display lovemaking rage disorder which may present itself in distress, anxiety, trouble sleeping and may even get violent is they are not able to obtain sexual satisfaction as an dependency. If they will get to get the sex, then they may become incredibly violent inside the sexual activity (Medical News Today).

Treatment of intimate addiction

Your time and effort to treat this addiction will involve controlling the habit forming behavior as the person has been assisted to start out a new healthy and balanced sexuality. He may be knowledgeable on healthful sexuality, acquire individual therapies and for the married receive marital therapy.

In some cases, because the obsession could possibly be more of OCD, the use of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER controlling drugs is employed to manage the habitual nature in the sexual abuser; the drugs are Prozac and Anafranil (Drugs. com, 2011).


In a summary, the sex addiction sufferer gets little or no satisfaction by any means from the intimate engagements and consequently has no mental bond with the sex partner. The urge may lead to socially tabooed acts as prostitution and afeitado which ultimately lead to a sense of shame, worthlessness and guilt in the should be. These might not deter the addict as he has no control over the urge and behavior even because, of the unfavorable consequences the addiction may possibly dispose him at fiscally, socially, psychologically and even wellness wise.


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