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Management and organizational tendencies analysis

Case Management, Management Control Systems, Supervision Control, Supervision Role

Research from Research Paper:

For the military device, the defining of specific rank, role and responsibility is the crucial catalyst inside the structure which makes integrative responsibilities accomplishable, ultimately causing synergy throughout the organization. For the music performer, their role, responsibility and position as defined by seat in the symphony is also the catalyst showing how well synergy of hard work can take place. The socio-economic value of each of these companies is completely dependent on just how well, for the individual position, responsibility and mastery level, each contributor is prepared to deliver beliefs and synchronize efforts. The power of an firm to become a living system is determined by how well the tasks, responsibilities, expectations and placement in the internal ecosystem will be defined (Allee, 2009). The leaders of these comparable organizations have a responsibility to enable a constantly high level of autonomy, competence and purpose for each person in these living organisms so they may continue being motivated to further improve and gain expertise within their areas of knowledge (Noruzi, Hernandez, 2010). This requirement is really critical which it would be indistinguishable if a military officer and conductor were conducting a review of performances with their respective companies.

Another parallel between these organizations is the fact both are entirely dependent on exterior support to survive. Both creatures need to stay relevant to all those support agencies that make their particular attainment of objectives feasible. For the military product the financing is from other respective national government. All their performance in a broader corps will even so dictate the amount of funding they will receive. Intended for the symphony, the same holds true yet the socio-economic value of each and every musician and the contribution for the combined performance is immediate and monetized as a result.

Bottom line

There are many parallels between a military device and a symphony and this analysis offers looked at the key aspects of their particular similarities. Both equally must be focused on how the composition and interaction, collaboration and synchronization of tasks impact their civilizations. Both count on external microorganisms to survive and must deliver value to be able to stay in a strong, broader environment over time.


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