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Communication theory had found him term paper

Excerpt from Term Conventional paper:

To him, his approach was perfectly satisfactory, while my own place in the social group was in a way that I did not connect with peculiar people just like him.

Some examples of applied symbolic connection are creating reality, identifying, and self fulfilling prophecy. Relating to Erving Goffman, social interaction is like a dramaturgical performance where we are all actors, and all frequently negotiating with everyone else to publicly determine our personality and the nature of the situation. “the impression of truth fostered with a performance is a delicate, delicate thing that may be shattered by minor accidents. ” (62)

Baal provides actually recognized himself because that accident which shatters the impression of reality. He rather specifically decides to ignore the definitions that folks are trying to obtain, which is element of why he dresses therefore strangely and takes on an odd demeanor. Because he did work with me or my acquaintances to support the definition of reality which we are comfy, Baal and i also were unable to communicate effectively. Name-calling can in fact force a person to look at themselves in a warped method, according to symbolic conversation, and this also contributed to each of our inability to communicate with one other. Baal had a great deal of experience being called epithets just like “punk” and “fairy, inch and in a most real way his view of self was shaped by simply those titles. He actually came to identify himself with these terms, hence the spiked hair and outfit wings. Self fulfilling prophecy as well played a component, as I resolved long before in fact meeting him that Baal would hit on myself if I ever met him in person; when we did fulfill, his activities seemed to obviously indicate, in my mind, that I was correct.

Altman and Taylor’s Social Penetration Theory talks about how relational closeness builds up. They illustrate people to be like onions, with the outermost layer becoming our general public self that may be accessible to anyone, our semi-private thinking that are revealed to only some individuals sitting under the surface, and our the majority of private selves being at the inner core. To be remembered as close to an individual, one need to make one’s do it yourself vulnerable and permit others beneath the surface. Upon my ending up in Baal, I put up every single guard I can to keep me from becoming vulnerable or sharing any information with him, which in accordance to this theory will limit or stop closeness, and in our case created a misconception. Closeness, and therefore the ability to really communicate, “depends on the cost-benefit analysis that every man executes as he views the possibility of a better relationship…. In the event the perceived mutual benefits outweigh the costs of greater vulnerability, the process of cultural penetration will proceed. ” (136) I could not observe any potential benefits for me in associating with Baal, so I closed myself away to him. For Ninhursag, there was the actual benefit of using a tudor to aid with his operate, which is why he chose to approach me. Altman and Taylor swift say that all of us base each of our decision to spread out up with another individual based on the perceived benefit-minus-cost outcome. “Early in a relationship, we tend to see physical appearance, related backgrounds, and mutual contracts as rewards… Disagreement and deviance from the norm will be negatives. inch (137) within the surface, Frey and I happen to be completely different, and it is not till a much deeper relationship have been established that diversity including that can be appreciated rather than avoided. In the sociable exchange theory, the evaluation level (CL) is the method by which relational pleasure is scored, and the comparison level of alternatives (CLalt) measures relational balance. Compared to my personal usual communications, the way in which Dionysus approached me did not meet my own standards of appropriateness or politeness, and I perceived i would have greater outcomes lacking a marriage with him than I would in having one, this is why I shunned

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