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Cooper s moral decision making model essay

Turmoil Decision Making, Business Decision Making, Making decisions, Ethical Dilemma

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Cooper’s Ethical Decision-Making Model

The ethical decision-making model: App to the place of work

According to Cooper (2012), ethical decision-making encompasses diverse ‘levels’ of analysis. The 1st, expressive, level is based upon gut norms of behavior. Often , these kinds of may operate counter to formal ethical systems, simply because may be based on impulses of disgust or perhaps prejudice. More over, our good feelings for certain employees might bias all of us in one approach or the various other. Next, the moral rules level, is definitely precisely what this might sound like – analyzing decisions solely dependant on existing meaning rules or conventional knowledge. These ethical rules might not be formally mentioned or developed of in a consistent fashion and may even end up being ethically suspect. For example , a business may often hire men to do heavy lifting rather than females, based upon subjective perceptions of competence in the job interview. The next level, the ethical research level of ethical decision-making, can be an appeal to rule, rather than stomach moral instincts. Finally, the post-ethical level one may well ask: why exactly should I be moral with this particular example?

When confronted by an ethical dilemma at the office – such as seeing a colleague whom feels she’s sexually stressed – it is only natural to behave on an expressive level. “That’s terrible this is happening to you personally! You must do something about that right now! ” About another, significant level there may be fears regarding the anger and divisiveness such an allegation will cause. After that instinctive a reaction to conflict, the moral component may become turned on in the brain (although Cooper notes that dimensions can be firing off in the head at once, rather than everyone earnings linearly throughout the different levels). Moral unique codes that affect the interpretation with the harassment circumstance may be the reality it is morally wrong that someone will have to suffer each day at work or that the harassed individual will need to report the aggravating party to prevent the problem supervisor by harassing different women. Actually that is one of the motivations in back of many women report when they come forward – when they hear about another female being harassed on the job, they will feel a moral responsibility to arrive forward that they can did not feel when it was just taking place to them.

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