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Pelerines pizza tracker essay

1 . What kinds of systems are described in this case? Discover and identify the business operations each supports. Describe the inputs, procedures, and outputs of these devices. Transaction finalizing system.

They are taking and customizing orders using a touch-screen interface, keeping sales figures, and obtaining customer info. inputs, they capture info about client orders, order orders etc . processes, they will record these kinds of data, and store that in web host machine. outputs are in the form of documents just like income statement, sales figures and consumer information.

Decision support system

Input: Defeat its status for poor quality of house delivered pizzas Process: better ingredients and freshness of pizza, employing pulse, on the net tracker and polling outcome: online instructions account for practically 20% of most domino’s requests. Online ordering system

Insight: taking online orders procedure: making french fries and offering online position of pizzas ordered Result: pizza provided

2 . How do these devices help Domino’s improve their business performance?

These devices can reduce business costs, improve info accuracy, and improve assistance level.

And each transaction is prepared immediately plus the affected documents are current.

3. How did the web pizza buying system improve the process of purchasing a Domino’s pizza?

In line with the case, consumers can go to Domino’s website through connecting while using Internet everywhere, and order pizzas whatever they like. The system permits customers to look at a lab-created photographic type of their french fries as they modify its size, sauces, and toppings. The image changes with each transform a customer makes. Then, when customers place an buy, they are able to view its progress online with Pizza Tracker. Pizza Tracker displays a horizontal pub that paths an order’s progress graphically. Consumers can know anything about their orders. The system also reduces the mistake.

4. Just how effective are these systems in providing Domino’s a competitive advantage? Explain your answer. Pizza Tracker as well as the simulated french fries features are usually more convenient than others. The system is easier to update plus more secure, Other companies, like French fries Hut and Papa John, also have on the web ordering capacity, but shortage the French fries Tracker plus the simulated french fries features that Domino’s offers successfully executed. Company better its customer service, reduced blunders, and lowered training instances by increasing its purchase processing system. Pizzas Tracker and across the internet ordering system let them have more competition in the market.


1 . What steps really does pizza system displays intended for the user? How exactly does the french fries tracker enhance the customer knowledge? The pizza tracker shows the your five step displayed in the subsequent figure:

The critical first step to Dominos Pizzas Tracker can be “Order Placed and you see the name of who took your buy. The second step is “Prep which takes into effect immediately after order is placed and is also not up to date by the pèlerines team although by the program itself. At this step you see the name of the person prepping the order. The 3rd Step is “Bake. At this time the order is placed inside the conveyor the oven. The 4th step is definitely the “Quality Check. At this point you begin to see the name with the person that will pack your order and in addition they check the pizzas for defects, then they packs it and send it for delivery. The fifth and Final Step is Out pertaining to Delivery which usually of course means its out for delivery.

The complete process relating to dominos takes about half an hour or much less. The Domino’s Tracker improve the customer encounter by making buying pizza active, fun and efficient- all using a personal contact. 2 . Could the lasagna tracker service influence one to order french fries from domino’s instead of a rivalling chain? So why or perhaps you should? Yes, that influenced myself to buy at least once from online program to experience the service of domino’s. 3. What improvements would you make to the order location feature? I want it to get more user friendly.




1 ) ) 1 consulting company has predicted that online video and net conferencing is likely to make business travel extinct. Will you agree? Why or really want to? Yes Certainly because it is one of the most revolutionary development in telecoms technology, and has greatly motivated the way businesses work and facilitates powerful communication when reducing infrastructure costs. Cuts down on travel expenditures and time. Since managers and workers do not push from their business office, a company can save considerable amounts pounds. It also will save you precious time, which may be utilized for various other works and increase productivity. 2 . ) What are the distinction among video conferencing and telepresence?

A videoconference allows individuals at two or more locations to communicate concurrently through two way online video and audio tracks transmission. Video conferencing systems display razor-sharp high definition tv images. The top of the line video conferencing technology is known as telepresence. Telepresence aims to make users feel as if they may be actually present in a location totally different from their own. Telepresence products give the highest quality online video conferencing available on the market to date. 3. ) Exactly what are the ways in which video conference meetings provides value to a business? Would you consider it smart managing? Explain your answer.

* A face-to-face experience rather than an auditory one (phone/teleconference). Therefore you have all the indications from nonverbal communication. * Time aspect. Videoconferencing will save so much period. This in my opinion this is the big plus. 5. Cost factor”reduction in travel.

4. ) If you were in charge of a small business will you choose to apply video webinar? What factors would you look into your decision? My spouse and i don’t think I will implement videoconferencing for a small enterprise, because the profit I have is going to far less compared to the cost of the videoconferencing, it really is no need to make use of the-top”of-the-line to in charge of a small company or business.


1 . List and explain its capacities for small-medium and large businesses. How valuable is Webex? How can it help companies save period & funds? Capabilities pertaining to small business

¢ Gateways and terminations

¢ Set up and setup

¢ Localization

¢ Contact control features

¢ Voicemail

¢ Automatic attendant

¢ Quest group

¢ Music on maintain

¢ Phone

¢ Online video

¢ Conferencing

¢ Send

¢ Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking

¢ Social networking

¢ Wireless

¢ Secureness

¢ Firewall

¢ Teleworkers

¢ Multi-site

¢ Management and credit reporting

¢ Serviceability

¢ Fundamental automatic call distributor (ACD)

¢ Applications

¢ Thirdparty integration

Features for method business

¢ Cisco Single Personal Communicator voicemail the use ¢ Gresca Unity Interconnection Inbox internet browser interface to voice emails ¢ Net Message Access Protocol (IMAP)-based email client to access tone of voice messages ¢ desktop email client making use of the built-in ViewMail for View or ViewMail for Notes player ¢ Visual voicemail on your Carbonilla Unified IP Phone

Features for significant business

¢ Shorten the sales cycle

¢ Through marketing seminars and product roll-outs get sales leads ¢ Create first-class e-learning program

¢ Resolve technical issues faster

¢ Improve cross-enterprise cooperation

WebEx is a very useful program for business. The WebEx can be utilised on computer system, laptop, smart phone as long as internet is bought. You can use it to have a appointment or display a product just about everywhere and anytime. It also can make a sales business presentation and keep a web conferencing or press conference. It didn’t limit by period, place or perhaps other factors. You save time and money because you don’t have to worry about finding a cozy place and in addition don’t need to print the documents. It helps many multinational corporations to decrease their cost coming from business trip and staff costs.

2 . Compare webex video capacities with the online video conferencing functions described in case. Webex features much more improve technologies which might be described in case. The technology provided by webex are here:


Mobility: Meet up with on your mobile phone or tablet

Appointment Spaces: A centralized place for data files, meeting remarks, and comments Record and playback conferences: Share with fellow workers and view any time Instant Messaging: See having online and chat

Pulling Tools: Draw up or draw about shared documents and applications


Windows, Mac pc, Linux


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption

Business grade trustworthiness, scalability, and security

View Integration

Schedule and commence meetings right from Microsoft View

3. Explain the steps you would take to get ready for a web seminar as opposed to a face to face conference? If you start to use WebEx conference, all you have to do is usually to prepare a computer system or notebook with internet and simply click to connect the meeting, speak with them just like you and your consumer are in person, you possibly don’t have to get a document with paper clones, you only need to click and move the mouse. You additionally can take note or draw even right it right away.


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