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Blurred lines song assessment


The song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Wiliiams To. I was unveiled on March 20, 2013 and was on the Billboard Hot 90 for 33 weeks. However the track is very sexualised in regards to the words and the video especially displayed through the ladies wearing close to nothing over the whole online video. The sexualised themes which can be throughout the tune include objectification of women, girls being based upon men, sexual consent and men having a higher position as well as having complete control in a romantic relationship. When songs like Blurry Lines happen to be played all over the world it means many amount of citizens can hear watching the music and video clip which can create ideas and expectations about relationships and behaviour in a young individuals life, leading them to action differently around others.

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The target viewers of the tune is for both men and women of younger ages and the ones who are in relationships. When youthful women watch a video video like this the messages that is brought throughout, implies that women should act in a ‘sexy’ manner the moment around men by wearing minimal clothing, dance, and allowing men for taking complete control over them. I do believe this sort of actions is first introduced to teenagers through pop culture, it tremendously influences them and enables them to think that this is how they must act. This kind of song was also geared towards young men it makes them assume that they are more superior considering they are fully dressed whilst the women are not. It offers the impression to males that they can action however they just like towards any kind of woman. It also is given to anyone who is in a relationship as it suggests that this is the way each person ought to act toward each other, basically in a sex way. Overall the audience is for young people as this online video is accessible throughout the media which usually many teenagers and children have quick access to. This song can be directed to teenagers not only because of the actions of the people in the music online video but as well because it is a pop track which is a very popular genre of music to get younger persons.

By having problems around intimate consent to objectification this kind of song and video clip can be undeniably sexualised towards females. Throughout the whole video clip it shows fresh women being treated just like objects demonstrated though the method that the guys act towards them. Inside the video the boys are pulling the girls locks as if keep in mind that concern them and it will not hurt the young ladies suggesting they are like objects which in turn don’t have thoughts. Another example of objectification towards women can be when Robin Thicke produces a smoke of cigarettes into the ladies face, the lady reacts by simply coughing somewhat but Robin the boy wonder does not manage to care in any way. Once again recommending that this individual believes girls are a status of an target where he may do anything to them plus they won’t object against it. This online video mainly reveals sexualisation through the women because they are basically not really wearing any clothes which can be making the information have a sexual feature.

Sexualisation is also proven through the words when it is talking about not giving sexual approval to a females when it says “You find out you need it” how it is said it seems as if he’s not offering the sufferer a choice if it will happen or certainly not. Saying “You know” seems like he is providing pressure the person in something thinking he is aware what is great for them, we can already find the hint as to what ‘it’ is definitely through playing the lyrics and watching the video clip- ‘it’ is talking about sex. The audience may think of this lyric to be ‘rapey’ as you can only find out someone would like something unless they tell you, so with this part of the tune it sounds just like he is tell her what is best for her. This can be sexualised since it is basically talking about him knowing when she wants to have sexual intercourse.

The song likewise seems to have the theme that women are men dependant, this really is shown throughout the video clip as the women happen to be barely at any time captured with out a man then when they are within a shot with each other they are often quite close giving the audience the impression that the women simply cannot stay away specifically since she is the one without having clothes on whilst the boys are totally dressed. The women are practically parading about the men as though they cannot obtain enough of which and they cannot stand to be without them.

Sexualisation is definitely shown once we get the impression that in a relationship a person has more power and an increased status more than a women shown through the women wearing near nothing although the men getting fully clothed. This reveals the injustice and the sexualisation that is getting communicated over the song since the man and females aren’t similar in a relationship implying that the man will probably be in electric power.

By sexualised tunes like Confused Lines there exists a major impact on young individuals behaviour and expectations in relationships. Coming from seeing this kind of video a young woman may think they have to change their particular behaviour to look like the individuals on the video. Throughout the online video the ladies will be parading throughout the men in a minimal sum of clothing, the impact of sexualisation is very in a shot where this can be a long taken of a ladies body characterising how a ladies should appearance, thin, quite, perfect deal with, ‘thick’ and ¦ Simply by showing this kind of view females might believe they have to appear to be this hence changing their particular behaviour for example someone might self make use of themselves to make them look flawless similar to the video tutorials. Although if they do start changing their very own behaviour to look a certain way it could lead to illnesses like beoing underweight (eating fewer to try and appearance thin), anxiousness (from certainly not looking excellent all the time), social stress (when around people somebody may suffer from stress as a result of what others says is to do that relates to looks), home harm (caused from someone being upset for not getting perfect), drug abuse (to try to change whatever you look like normally through drugs) and specialized medical depression (getting influenced and allowing it to change you and cause you to miserable).

From these videos associations may be ‘one way’ that means the male gets the only input to what occurs and he has a larger status over the women. By way of example this is shown in the video when the girls is light the cigarette for Robin which is suggesting that the women is only enslaved by him and he offers complete electrical power over what she says will not. So through these movies it can result relationships as it makes persons believe that there is no equality as well as the relationship is definitely revolved surrounding the male.

From examining the tune Blurred Lines we are able to understand how a associations shouldn’t be and will acknowledge what sort of good marriage should appear to be. A good relationship would demonstrate equality for both the man as well as the women, they will both have a great input about what happens, ladies wouldn’t become shown because objects, girls would be known as independent as a result not having to rely on males.

Inside the media they could demonstrate women and the men in a greater light, demonstrating them to be equal and free to perform what they want according to what they feel as if. Videos in the media really should not showing movies like the types in Confused Lines since it implants incorrect ideas in to young lenders minds which influences all their relationships and their behaviours. One example is it impacts a young individuals expectations within a relationship, it might include the man to think that he is even more superior, it may allow girls to believe they must act within a ‘sexy manner’ and always must be perfect.

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