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Marketing principles harmless smoothies stp essay

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning


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According to Kotler and Keller (2006), placing the product in a position in which it is in demand, attractive and unique to the consumer in relation to these products of the competitors is known as market placing. Innocent provides a reputable stance in the market, being known for the image of very good will and helpfulness. From your company’s input to charitable organization to the fun, lighthearted phrase choice of their very own product’s labeling, Innocent successfully portrays on its own as being a brand which first and foremost, wishes health for the consumers with their smoothies.

The reputation which will Innocent Smoothies holds can be thanks to the principles upon which the organization was first proven. Head of Communications intended for Innocent Drinks, Charlotte Rawlins, stated that “You have to build out of your principles and make sure there’s a good product in the middle of it (and) if that’s the case, an excellent reality and image can follow.

A multitude of product qualities have ensured that this image of Innocent Refreshments is conserved.

fully recycled bottles, donating for their own charity foundation, bringing out ‘kids packs’, ensuring their product has health benefits such as contributing to peoples’ 5-a-day, comedies and heart-warming messages on their packaging¦even their very own innocently sketched logo of any somewhat child drawing of the smiley face contribute to giving the impression that Innocent Drinks are as Faithful as their provider’s name. (Need references from partner).

Blameless is ranked as the most eco concerned company. Tropicana is usually next in-line. Consumers that buy smoothies on a regular basis (once a week) and consumers that buy smoothies very rarely both agree with the fact that Innocent’s function ethics happen to be above those of its opponents. Also, even though Innocent is among the most expensive out of their main opponents, 69% of respondents thought that Innocent smoothies will be worth every penny. On the other hand, Tropicana had a 73% price, own brands had a 65%, 42% to get Happy Goof and 29% for Coldpress.


The smoothie companies are divided into various groups of consumers, which most differ in characteristics, tendencies or demands. These several groups may seek diverse products from the marketing blend. This is generally known as market segmentation (Kotler and Keller, 2006). Innocent objectives people that happen to be health conscious, seeing that their smoothies have no added sugar and they are made fully from fruits. They do not possess any sort of colors, flavourings or genetically modified products. Another group of people that Innocent smoothies are targeted at is time-strained people or workers, this being because of the practicality of the product. It is far from only healthful, small and completing, but plays a part in one’s 5-a-day fruit and veggie depend.

By having a single small two hundred fifty ml juice smoothie, one is already having two of their 5-a-day. This is simple for those who have hard times having their diet programs balanced with their work. A 3rd group of purchasers that Blameless attracts will be parents. Youngsters’ diets are really important although growing up and a smoothie is actually a more appealing option to a new one than a piece of fresh fruit. Innocent can be described as better alternative in every method than a fizzy soft drink which probably does not have any nutritional value and even more sugar.

Geographically, Innocent provides expanded from being a mere stand at a live performance in London to using a existence in Portugal, Austria, Ireland in europe, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark. Demographically, Innocent offers focused on young children in an important growth level of their lives all the way approximately mid-age males and females workers who have struggle to preserve a healthy and balanced diet plan. People with lively lifestyles tend to consume this sort of product even more since it gives a hassle-free on-the-go option.

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