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Imaginative product promotion essay

Assignment title

Assignment 1 of 3 – Interesting Promotional Advertisments

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The purpose of this assignment is to:

Know the dimensions of the constituents in the promotional combine

Understand the function of campaign within the promoting mix


You are a researcher employed by a marketing magazine and get asked to check into two marketing campaigns which may form the basis of feature articles in future models of the magazine.

Task 1

You need to make a presentation that describes and explains the decisions made in two marketing campaigns by simply two diverse organisations.

Describe the promotional mixture used by each organisation for every single of the products/services you have chosen. You will need to present the business presentation by outlining that the advertising mix is part of the marketing mix.

The organisations may use: advertising; personal selling; revenue promotion; pr; direct marketing; sponsorship; the reason and aims of the campaign mix; how these support the desired corporate image. Incorporate examples where you could.

This provides facts for P1

Deadline particular date:

Task 2

You now need to write a report; you should use one of the examples above.

Research the role of promotion within the marketing mix. This has to be carried out inside the context of the selected product/service.

The promoting mix has many elements and then for your chosen product/service you need to look at the next:

Products and services: range of products; new product development; product and market trial offers; quality; volume; timing; merchandise features and variations; connected services and benefits and style. Price: importance; factors influencing price; charges strategies. Place: online and/or physical occurrence; retail; inexpensive; direct offering; role of intermediaries. Product packaging: functionality, appearance etc .

People: importance especially in solutions; training and development; persistence of picture. Processes: importance of creating/maintaining an optimistic image. Physical evidence: by way of example colour, terminology, light.

The role of promotion then needs to be viewed as integrated with the above and you may need to take into account the promotional goals. Your research ought to include how business aims and objectives lead to marketing and marketing objectives just like raising consciousness or elevating market share.

Describe the choice of mass media used for the campaign.

Describe how the campaign is built-in with the rest of the marketing blend to achieve the organisations marketing aims and targets.

This provides evidence for P2, P4 and M1

Deadline date:

Job 3

Examine and rationalize the use of an appropriate promotional mix in relation to marketing objectives for starters of the chosen organisation.

Examine an existing national marketing campaign. This will consider a number of areas just like whether plan objectives had been met of course, if the costs of the campaign will be justified by the number of sales.

Use all the info you have gathered from the above responsibilities to help you carry out a full analysis.

This provides evidence for D1 and D2

Deadline date:

Types of information

See student useful resource booklet.


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