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Jones interview the work performed at chemical

Dual Medical diagnosis, Interview, Craving, Solution Targeted Therapy

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Smith Interview

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The task done for chemical dependency treatment centers is extremely important and challenging. My interest in the subject \ me into a special interview I recently conducted with Mister. Will Roberts. Will is actually a treatment counselor at McAlister Institute Young Recovery Centre in Chula Vista, FLORIDA and was kind enough to share a number of his experience to help me personally learn more about craving and treatment. This article is a summary of the interview I done with Can. This file will go over some of the important issues relevant to the topic of craving and make use of Will’s interview to highlight critical factors.

Will Williams has been a treatment counselor at McAlister Company for nearly five years. This individual graduated coming from college with a degree in social operate and is trying to earn his masters inside the same subject matter in the next number of years. Will contains a bachelor’s degree in social work by UCLA and holds a number of other certifications. To work at McAlister you need to have state counselor qualification, CPR documentation, and a family counselor certification. Will can be married with one child and originates from an alcohol addiction background. His father and two friends have perished due to alcoholism. These tragic deaths provide Will with much inspiration and willpower in his guidance work. The McAlister Institute Teen Restoration Center is an out-patient clinic exactly where according with their website: to fulfill the unique demands of members, program services are customized. Aftercare, family members counseling, and education are usually offered. Companies include educational groups, process groups, specific counseling, restoration supportive activities, aftercare, and dual analysis (co-occurring disorders) services. Individuals attend training courses on a wide array of topics, which include AOD education, health education, HIV education, and your life skills. The TRCs emphasis services within the population mirrored in the geographic area of each center, which include rural providers. All teenage services reveal the unique learning needs of this age group, as well as the affects of expert pressure and also other adolescent stressors


The interview took place in Will’s office where I asked him questions away a list I had developed. I registered the interview and took notes as he would discuss some certain points. Once asked about the profession of chemical dependency treatment as well as importance, Can was extremely impassioned when he discussed his dedication for this type of work. He noted that the many adolescents that he offers personally worked with would more than likely be lifeless or in jail if it was not for the treatment they will received in McAlister. This individual mentioned why these types of programs are very important and beneficial more than the community will ever know. Treatment counselor’s at an outpatient facility like McAlister work many hours, often for the weekend to aid the people that need them the most.

McAlister’s objective statement is an extremely telling declaration. It states: “McAlister Start provides professional services that heal the lives of people and family members, improving the caliber of life in communities through the miracle of recovery. ” I asked Will certainly about that mission and how this individual supports it on a everyday basis. Will certainly noted that there were various approaches and programs which have been uniquely tailored to the patient. This individual believes that every person has a special “recipe, “

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