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Harvest protection and pest control essay

“Plant protection” can be defined as every measures taken to protect developed plants against diseases, pests as well as contending weed and grasses. We – employees of Kwizda Agro – always endeavour to support maqui berry farmers with progressive andenvironment-friendly items to enable them to protect their cultivated plants against pests, illnesses and bud and to produce on a even more sustainable basis. Besides the ideal productsolutions, we all also offer them know-how and advice. Farming faces incredible challenges since the world populace will increase from 6th.

7 billion dollars people today to eight. billion in 2030. Workable agricultural areas will, nevertheless , hardly broaden.

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In addition to food, creature feeding stuffs, renewable assets and strength crops have to beplanted on these areas. Plant security products guarantee that these scarce resources areused optimally. They are really therefore indispensable for ecological, economic and socialsustainability in agriculture. Modern day farmers rely on “integrated plant protection, ” keeping farming crops protected from pests, disorders and pot in an earth-friendly way and withoutdetrimental results on well being.

Chemical flower protection products form part of a modern, sustainably managed cultivation.

That they help to make sure the high yield that today is becoming possible as a result of efficient varieties, good way to obtain the crops with nutrients and impressive agricultural anatomist. Without herb protection items, cultivated vegetation are defenceless against infestations and illnesses. Fungi, creature pests and weed contending for nutrients, water and light endanger agricultural production, reduce the deliver and hinder quality. The actual result: The supply with and array of plant-based foodstuffs is reduced.

The consequence: Prices increase and the source with food is vulnerable. If the make use of plant safety products is reduced by 75%, the production of fruit and veggies drops by simply more than 30%, the production of grain simply by 40% which of petrol seeds possibly by more than 50%. (Michael Schmitz, College or university of Gie? en, 2002). To protect agricultural crops in an eco-friendly approach against infestations and diseases as well as to guard the quality and availability of the foodstuffs, optimised chemical herb protection is essential.

In the past many years, the plant protection industry has created products which have targeted effects, are quickly biodegradable and do not pose any kind of excessive risks to individuals and the environment. “Pest control” may be thought as chemical, physical or natural measures delivered to combat plant life, animals and micro-organisms considered to be pests which will infest plants and creatures as well as persons, their homes, workplaces and storage rooms. The principal activity of a professional pest control mechanism is to maintain our present civilised environment as pest-free as possible.

Inspite of comprehensive measures in the health insurance and hygiene sector, pests may not be exterminated but may only be reduced to minimum amounts by taking well-aimed measures. Nowadays, we regularly have to “master” new challenges – in the literal sense of the word – as a result of globalisation in every-day lifestyle. SARS, fowl flu or perhaps other global phenomena will be spreading rapidly. As a pest controller, we all therefore need to make a contribution to minimising contemporary threats to human existence. Pests are always involved in all these diseases, affects or epidemics.

From record we know the popular rat flea, which in reality spread the plague and frightened people over hundreds of years. As a pest controller, we need to do each of our share each and every day to make sure that this will never happen again. In Kwizda Agro, we file quality, environmental compatibility plus the connection with people to be the indispensible prerequisites for the successful work. This is because, like a reliable spouse of European agriculture, we would like to experience protect growth together.

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