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Cemetery billing and mapping program essay


Technology has exploded over the years and has made living of human beings much easier. Technology is all around us and shows no sign of disappearing. It helps enhance the quality lifestyle and business by doing lots of everyday jobs, which leaves more time to invest on more demanding and tedious issues. Computers best aid for your business in terms of producing a system from different aspects faster, proficient, and reliable. Computerized systems may generate information and records in a fraction of the time in comparison to manual strategies.

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Today, lots of the world’s good companies make use of computers to get record keeping and report generations. Only a few have but to adapt to the idea of digital systems and continue to use a manual way of writing and recording in logbooks. Galeria Memorial Playground, Inc. is a privately held cemetery located in Ampid II San Mateo, Rizal.

All their main workplace is located for Door No . 12 Marietta Arcade MR Center, Marcos Highway, San Roque Marikina City.

The cemetery first exposed in The fall of, 1973, simply by Mr. Romeo M. Liamzon. It is getting led by way of a president Marietta Liamzon, the wife with the late Mr. Romero Meters. Liamzon. Paraiso Memorial Park, Inc. offers memorial services and lots to get the deceased. Having a digital Billing and Tracking program will help give a proficient approach to record, organize, and store info, regarding the patient’s information. The machine will help reduce the time and workload of the companies’ workers by giving faster, organized, correct, and trusted information and records.

1 . 1 Backdrop of the Difficulty

In today’s modern age, computer has become a life style; it is very noticeable that a most the country’s businesses still have not yet modified to large technology. Especially in most self-employed companies, daily transactions continue to be done on paper or old pc practices. You know that modern offices are operating at great rate striving to serve as many clients as possible while using best of their abilities. Though, as the many years movement roll by simply, the number of consumers and buyers have grown and various record cases come up from these manual techniques of managing customers’ records. Paraiso Memorial Recreational areas, Inc. is known as a private cemetery located in San Mateo, Rizal.

It was formerly founded by Mr. Romeo M. Liamzon, the late hubby of Chief executive Marietta Liamzon, on November 1973. That currently recieve more than 20, 000 clients and still continues to increase. It has (28)twenty-eight hectares of lot which are classified into five different types of memorial lot (1) lawn great deal, (2) court docket, (3)presidential, (4) family estate, and (5)apartments (see accessory D-all. ), and are grouped into three or more kinds of a lot which is (a)Regular lot (b)Special (c)Premium Particular. Paraiso Memorial Park, Inc. has surely grown over the years and along with it, their customers; the increasing amounts has been neglected over the years and so some of the processes of Galeria Memorial Playground, Inc. require modification or perhaps update. Galeria Memorial Recreation area, Inc. happens to be using a manual method of Payment and Checking system. This kind of manual technique is prone to man errors and a considerable amount of commitment.

When processing the repayments of a customer, wrong input into a journal due to man errors can lead to creation of a new entry, which utilizes valuable commitment. This leads to the delay of posting for the payments of any customer. Presently there have also been situations where a site or the complete ledger is lost, destroyed, or missing. It can be problematic in finding the misplaced page or reproducing a ruined page. The filing of records is likewise a manual method of writing down information and after that storing all of them into data file cabinets.

Data can be misplaced, lost, or broken from not being properly injected into the record cabinets. If a request is built to view the record of a specific client, the employee must search through each folder of the file cabinet, which can be very time-consuming. Records and data lack security. Client information are at risk to unauthorized observing. Since there is no secure on the ledgers or document cabinets, any person can gain access and view information or customer information. Once a customer has been issued a buyer booklet, there have been cases exactly where in a consumer will miss to bring all their customer booklet when giving a payment of installment. The employee will have difficulty finding the consideration of the buyer since the agreement number is definitely unknown.

They may search by hand through each ledger, name by identity. This turns into a problem seeing that their ledgers are not organized in uncial order. In tracking a specific grave for customers, relatives, or visitors who do not know or perhaps remember the address of the lot, Galeria Memorial Area, Inc. can search through a number of blotters for the term or treat of the wanted lot. The blotters are not arranged in alphabetical purchase, so the staff must search thoroughly identity by identity. The tallying of the offered lots in Paraiso Memorial service Park can be strenuous while using large number of general lots in Paraiso. In order to find out just how many a lot are still found, employees need to compile the knowledge gathered coming from numerous blotters. 1 . 2 Overview of the present State with the Technology

Galeria Memorial Playground, Inc. provides valid agents that are certified to assist older customers and especially new clients which might be willing to purchase. There are twenty transactions hitting per day and Paraiso Memorial service Park, Incorporation. has 20, 000 buyers (already completely paid) to serve. There are two ways to inquire a whole lot in Paraiso Memorial Playground Inc.; these are the following; Inquiring to get a lot in Paraiso Funeral Park Initially customers find out through an agent in the recreation area which is called “The Officer with the Day.

This kind of agent usually holds a strategy of the Playground, Pricelist of the kind’s a lot in Galeria Memorial Area, Sales Form, Individual App for Lender and Deal to Sell. Customers may then enquire about the price of the lot, varieties and classification of whole lot, terms and condition of payments, and how the customer will pay (cash or check) and where. The Agent will from time to time accompany their very own client through the park if requested; in case the customer can be willing and agrees to obtain the whole lot, the agent checks the lot plan if the requested lot exists or not, then double checking that by calling the main office located in San Roque, Marikina City.

If the availability of the lot requested is verified available, the agent will then present the Sales Application Form and Client Data Linen, Application Form for Individual Application pertaining to Creditor, and Contract to offer to be chock-full by the consumer. The explained forms stipulate the plan of the company regarding whole lot utilization, rules, and restrictions. The agent and the consumer will begin organizing a date and time for after they will go to the main office for confirmation of data and issuance of any deposit slide. This put in slip will be presented towards the bank (Life Saving Traditional bank besides the main office) after payment. After, they will go back to the Main Office for the issuance of official invoice, and the buyer booklet depending if client is in installment basis.

Inquiring to take advantage a lot in Paraiso Memorial Park

Inquiry through the Paraiso Memorial Park primary office; located in San Torre, Marikina City. There is also a real estate agent there named “The Police officer of the Day. Customers inquire through this kind of agent and follow the same steps and procedures as though at the recreation area office query, except the customer cannot survey the funeral service lots. The checking of availability of the requested whole lot is also quicker, since the key office holds the blotter. Issuance with the “Certificate of Ownership will probably be given in a month following your full payment to have that prepared and signed by official signatory and a PHP500. 00 fee will be charge.

The Contract to market will be provided to the buyer once it is signed by the established signatory that is within a month of the initially payment. Along with the Contract to Sell is the Never ending Care Pay for in a kind of trust amounting to PHP 5, 500. 00 to PHP 132, 000. 00 depending on the lot. (See Accessory C-7) Paraiso Memorial Park accepts a myriad of Check, whether Post-Dated Examine or Personal cheque. When a client gives a post-dated check Galeria Memorial Recreation area prints out in a daily news the information around the post-dated check and indications it stating Paraiso Funeral Park Inc. receives the post-dated verify.

The Individual Software for Lender is a form of Insurance in which if the conditions are fulfilled, a PHP 20, 000. 00 will be deducted towards the remaining stability of the client. (See Add-on C-3. ) If the buyer is unable to spend according to the payment terms, a penalty will be given depending on how long the consumer is overdue. A three (3) month style period is given before charging for the penalty fascination. Paraiso Memorial service Park, Inc. offers about six (6) terms of payment. (See Attachment C-21 and C-22). If the customer needs to make use of his/her memorial lot intended for burial functions (Interment), she/he must pay in full or perhaps in money in order for the great deal to be applied or utilized.

Paraiso Memorial Inc. will provide an Interment Form which is only supplied in the Main Office. The approved (beneficiaries) consumer will fill-out the interment form and apply for a great interment. Issuance of put in slip is likewise given by the cashier on the main business office for paying of the interment fees at the financial institution (Life Keeping Bank near the main workplace of Paraiso Memorial Park Inc. ). After paying, the customer will return to the primary office intended for the issuance of Official Receipt.

Then simply Information is actually recorded into the interment piece. When a consumer is at-need (customer requires a memorial lot for immediate burial), he/she must shell out in full or perhaps in profit order intended for the lot to be employed or applied, take note that in this sort of transaction, the lot price are much higher than pre-need sales. The Sales Application Form, Client Data Linen and Contract to Sell have become manually documented into two (2), the first is the “Blotter and the different is the “Subsidiary Ledger. The Subsidiary ledger contains details about a single account, while the “Blotter contains the data of the purchased memorial lot.

The Tracking process or perhaps finding the accessibility to lots in Paraiso Funeral Park Inc. is done by simply manually scanning the great deal plan and blotters. The lot plan is the map of Paraiso Memorial Recreation area; this is grouped by Location and Garden, and is arranged by blocks/lots (see accessory C-25). Availability of the whole lot can also be found here. The Blotter is made up of lot region, contract number, name of buyer, date availed plus the remarks (if lot is definitely fully paid or not). Paraiso Funeral service Park, Incorporation. constantly improvements their lot plan and blotters to get rid of the occurrence of dual sales. The Park checks once a year the overall number of offered lots for sale. Currently Galeria Memorial Leisure areas has twenty-five, 000 tons.

1 . three or more Project Rationale

A computerized invoicing and checking system is very important in the sequence of adaption on monitoring billings and customers of Paraiso Funeral Park Incorporation. This provides vast opportunities for development of Memorial Businesses whereas info is already in their grasps. For the company, it is intended to make best use of current systems that provide you with the ability to maximize your resources, enhance productivity, improve accuracy and promote wonderful cost effectiveness. For the employee, it is developed with functions that really help save effort and time.

It also provides an easy access towards the authorized employees only and performs programmed computation for billing. To the customer, the best information and services are ready to serve and a faster billing process has, creating less hassle about paying charges. To the upcoming researcher, this will guide these people as a reference for their upcoming subjects related in this research and can after that be better as technology and know-how is growing. To STI College or university Marikina, this will likely serve as a reference to foreseeable future students and definitely will give them idea in creating or creating a system of their particular. This job aims to design and provide a methodology and its linked tools to be able to support the integration of applications and process which have definitely not been created to coexist for memorial leisure areas and competitive business.


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