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Digital bangladesh article 2

Introduction: digital Bangladesh is known as a new world, a brand new concept, a brand new dream. Bangladesh is now resounding with the aim of achieving digital Bangladesh. The present perfect minister, Sheikh Hasina, inside their election lampante of 2008 declared to build up Bangladesh as being a digital one by 2021. Since then idea has become almost a lip-word with the people of Bangladesh. Meaning of digital Bangladesh: our life today is definitely governed by the offshoots of science. Science has ushered in new era inside the history of individual civilization.

Laptop invention is considered the most determining element in the respect. It has created a revolutionary alter on the face with the global world. This modify has been feasible through the information technology (it) depending on computer-internet program. The micro-electronic system whereby all sorts of details are collected. Assimilated, stored, processed and transmitted is known as “information technology. This information technology or computer & internet based Bangladesh is referred to as a digital Bangladesh. Necessity in Bangladesh: mine is a expanding country.

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We a achieved freedom in 1971 after a bloody freedom war.

Technology then started out the marketing campaign of building the war-shattered Bangladesh as a Bangla of rare metal. But it is a matter of great sorrow that we have not had the capacity to combination just the stage of a developing country even after the lapse of your long length of 38 many years of liberation. Zero expected advancement has yet been attained. The main triggers are: laziness, lack of values, tendency to generate more talks than operate, lack of trend to go ahead with the advanced technology etc . The gradual interconnection of the digital system out of all activities of Bangladesh, if possible, may give birth to a digital Bangladesh. This kind of perspective strategy can be generated within reality only if the important areas of the country can be helped bring under control by simply setting us CCTV camera based upon the computer-election campaign through video meetings as a part of her dream of accumulating digital Bangladesh. We can apply digital system in the pursuing sectors of your national lifestyle. Educational sector: education is the backbone of the nation. Thus we must put our initial priority about education sector with a view to establishing an electronic digital Bangladesh. We could make video of teacher’s lectures of speeches and display these people on the light screens ahead of the learner.

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A learner can receive education soaking in his house. Medical sector: medical features are among the basic needs of humans. Modern technology has offered birth into a newworld in neuro-scientific medical treatment. If the internet connection may be spread extensively, a patient can easily receive prescription of medicine with out appearing just before a physician by simply paying gives through on-line banking program. Agricultural sector: ours is an ago-based country. More than 80% of the people of your country happen to be dependent on farming for their sustenance. But they are unaware of the even more method of fostering whereas the developed countries of the world include championed with this fields by using the boons of mechanized method of cultivation. Management sector: almost all of the offices of our country are really sluggish during working hours and existence in await taking pièce by holding up work days and nights after times. We can make the administration energetic, work-oriented and free from corruption by preparing CCTV camera through computer-internet program. Security sector: security is important in every world of our national life. No national can get to advance without needing a well-founded security system. It can be made possible simply by setting up CCTV camera through laptop internet program.

This system will help us discover the miscreant event after ling length of their event of mischief’s. Buying and selling sector: buying and selling will be our every-days matter. Day-to-day we go to markets or perhaps shopping malls to generate purchase of different essential things of the daily life. In the event the computer network can be propagate widely, we need to be able to generate our required purchases by simply staying in our home. Not only in the native property, can it be prolonged even towards the foreign countries by making payments through credit cards. Communication sector: “transport is usually civilization “goes a wise declaring. It is not conceivable to make over-all development not having a good and dynamic connection system in the country. At present, various a thing of communication affairs is Bering controlled through computer-internet system. We can as well bring the complete country inside the reach of our hands through this system. Syndication sector: we all cannot think of publication books today without the help of computer system network. The computer system was already introduced inside our publication market.

Earlier, the booed which usually took in least two months to be published, now that bloodstream can be posted within 2 days. Newspaper sector: computer network is now being utilized in posting newspapers over a large scale. At this point a newspaper is being released in different parts of the country simultaneously. So papers are no even more sent to Chittagong, khulna, Rajshahi or sleet fromDhaka by simply transport. Specifically tins strategy is being adopted in case of initially call news papers. Recreation sector: fun sources happen to be badly required for the modern mechanized hard-field of recreation. We can enjoy different types of amusements including diverse games and film reveals. We can today know the results of the video games which are occurring overseas in a moment through internet. Banking sector: computer system network offers given a brand new impetus inside the banking sector. It has manufactured banking sector mere powerful than ever before. Online system was already introduced in several banking institutions. Today we no more need hold cash funds with us for the remotest areas of the country.

If this system may be introduced in most banking institutions inside our country, Bangladesh will be able to take on a digital one. Setting up on the net information middle: the information solutions of different general public and private sector can be built reach towards the door-step of the people simply by setting up on the net information centers. Then persons will be able to gather different info or information from this information center. In addition to that they will be in a position to know about the last institutional conditions and situation. Conclusion: you are able to “hope spring suspensions eternal in the human breast we likewise hope we shall be capable of turn each of our war-shattered country into a digital Bangladesh simply by bringing about a great round expansion through all out efforts of men and women of a most walks of life. We could very positive to learn the fact that daily Jougantor and the Cambrian college have jointly used a gigantic to set up digital grounds all over the country while using Sklogan.

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