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Apple recommendation report essay


Over Apple’s thirty-five year history, Apple has become the throughout the world model for what a successful organization should appear like. Apple’s gross annual revenue climbed to $108. twenty-five billion us dollars and their shares rose 74% during the monetary year of 2011. Following winning the _Fortune_ “Most Admired Company award to get the sixth year in a row and having their particular value leading the $600 billion dollar mark, Apple is saying its position as the utmost valuable ALL OF US company on the globe (“World’s Most Admired Companies 1).

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For Apple to maintain their habits of expansion and dominance in the electronics industry, they are going to need to place more of a great emphasis in growing the Apple company in worldwide markets.


The purpose of this kind of report is usually to analyze Apple’s marketing and sales strategies and give recommendations wherever improvements may be made. The report will incorporate the following: (1) The history of Apple like a company. In order to analyze the progression of Apple’s marketing and sales tactics, it is crucial the fact that members in the consulting group know what kind of company Apple is and possess sufficient history of the business; (2) The inspiration of Apple’s success in launching each new progressive line of products continues to be their concentrate on providing a premium product that any type of client can figure out.

Apple has been in a position to take their particular vision structured around easy usability for the consumer and develop one of the unique marketing platforms the electronics sector has at any time seen.

This section will talk about the pros connected with each one of Apple’s marketing principles, ranging from approaches regarding stores specifications to packaging specifics. Each promotion that Apple has employed that has offered a benefit will be discussed in more detail; (3) Finally, a list of tips for Apple’s marketing and sales approaches will be presented. I will likely incorporate the weaknesses I have found from Apple’s marketing and sales strategies and use them to assist develop the basis for my recommendations. Even though the statistics plainly show that Apple have been able to wave the gadgets industry, there exists room to get Apple to make adjustments to assist capture further market share.


Over the past twenty-five years, improvements in technology have created a market in electronic devices (computing devices, mobile devices, and AV products) that was valued by $239. 4 billion us dollars for the market in 2011 and $964 billion dollars for the global market this summer (“United Says Consumer Electronics Statement Q1 2012 1). With the US financial crisis negatively impacting the majority of companies in the US, the consumer electronics market only dropped 1% intended for 2011. Acquired it not been for Apple, the sector as a whole would have dropped 6% (Halk 1). Apple has become the biggest US player inside the consumer electronics sector, with significant potential upside. The global electronic devices market will certainly continue to develop each year since new drives in technology continue to generate new products. With 40% of Apple product sales coming within the US, the room for Apple to capture the international market has never been bigger. I i am confident that if Apple adheres for the recommendations provided, the net consequence will be economical gains and global development.


The information from this statement came from a range of digital sources as well as the Steve Jobs biography. The electronic sources include organization databases, marketing research databases, and online journals and articles. I have found the business directories to be incredibly helpful in doing forecasts and projections intended for future styles in the gadgets industry, while the Dorrie Jobs resource provided incredibly useful regarding Apple’s sales strategies.



Charlie Jobs and Steve Wozniak had been very long time friends as high school. That they both shared a passion for gadgets, and in 1976, Wozniak created the Apple I computer in the garage area of Dorrie Jobs. During the time, the Apple I was the first computer system with a one circuit table used in a computer. While Wozniak was the professional behind the engineering in the product, this individual did not see a potential business for the Apple My spouse and i and was merely pleased with the technical breakthrough. Charlie Jobs was adament that Wozniak allow him to try and market the innovative product. Due to the young ages of Jobs and Wozniak, that they turned to one of their co-office workers Ron David (who got started up two companies prior to working with the two) pertaining to help in becoming a new company.

On The spring 1, 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne officially launched Aple Inc. away of Cupertino, California. Following helping with all the documents to get started on the company, Wayne signed a withdrawal of ownership inside the company, therefore the majority owners were now Jobs and Wozniak. Both the had a alliance that flawlessly complimented one another. Jobs was the consummate sales rep and visionary, while Wozniak was the scientific genius. Jobs began gonna each regional computer retail store to try and offer the Apple I and finally Paul Terrell’s Byte Store to bought 50 personal computers. This was the very first time that Jobs saw the actual this new technology had available in the market.

After peddling to local stores, Careers realized that they will needed to locate more capital, due to how many orders were being placed. Wozniak continuing to work to develop new releases, while Careers searched for feasible investors. Careers ended up conference a man called Mike Markkula who noticed Apple Computers Incorporation. as the next breakthrough firm in the US. Markkula ended up trading $92, 1000 dollars, with all the intent to commit $250, 500 more. Markkula began meeting with Jobs frequently to put into action a business decide to match the massive potential the start-up company had. Markkula helped Jobs write a business plan, forecasting sales of $500 mil in a decade (Linzmayer 1).


Markkula will become a father figure to Jobs. Markkula helped instill in Jobs normally the one principle that will lead to the eventual success of Apple, “you must not start a organization with the goal of getting abundant. Your goal ought to be making something you believe in and producing a company that may last (Isaacson 78). We provide that much detail approximately this point as this is in which Apple came across their initially marketing strategy titled “The Apple Marketing Philosphy.  Jobs and Markkula came up with three principles that became the face of Apple Computer Inc. The initially was empathy, an intimate connection with the feelings from the customer: “We will really understand their needs better than some other company.  The second was focus: “In order to perform a good job of those things that individuals decide to we, we must eradicate all of the trivial opportunities. 

The third and equally important principle was imputing. It emphasized that people type an opinion of a company or perhaps product depending on the signals that it provides. “People CARRY OUT judge an e book by their cover. We might have the finest product, the very best quality, the most valuable software and so forth; if we present them in a slipshod manner, they shall be perceived as slipshod; if we present them in a creative, professional fashion, we can impute the desired qualities.  This is the time where Sam Jobs would understand the desires and needs of consumers better than any other business leader. He would focus on a handful of core items, and he’d care, sometimes obsessively, about marketing and picture, even down to the details of packaging (Isaacson 78).


Apple started to create momentum in the market and started putting orders on a larger size. Apple in that case developed the Apple 2 (an legendary failure), and visited the Xerox PATURAGE in Silicon Valley. This is where Apple “borrowed Xerox’s graphical user interface technology, which technology would set the platform for every Apple’s foreseeable future products and ultimate success. At the moment, Jobs said one of his most famous quotations from Picasso “Picasso had a saying- ‘good artist replicate, great music artists steal’ ” and we have been shameless regarding stealing wonderful ideas (Isaacson 98). At this point, Apple experienced begun to determine enough achievement and gone public, together with the largest IPO(Initial Public Offering) since Honda went public in 1956. Apple’s premiere valuation was $1. almost 8 billion dollars; with shares being traded at $22 dollars a share. Much more than 40 Apple employees started to be millionaires overnight. Apple have been developing the Macintosh computer, “the laptop for the rest of us,  and it first showed on the market in 1984, by making use of Apple’s infamous commercial “1984. 

The Macintosh got the capacities to be the ideal computer available at the time, however the price was still being too high. Apple worked to rework the Macs and by 1990, Apple was able to create a affordable desktop. This is a significant point in their history because they now had create a product that was open to the people, whereas rivalling PC businesses were selling largely to corporations in a higher price. Apple would build off this kind of philosophy and with constant innovation, Apple was able to create new product line after new product line that was targeted for the everyday buyer. New products, up to the current time include: the powerbook, iMac, iPod, Macbook pro, iPad, and iPhone. Every new business line provided such ingenuity and creativity which the typical client didn’t really know what to think of the technology. This kind of required Jobs and Apple to be original in finding new ways to advertise Apple’s new products. Throughout Apple’s record, Steve Jobs (the CEO for most in the company’s life) would be the deal with of Apple and the cause that Apple’s marketing schemes were and so successful.

Figure 1 reveals the progress of each product from the kick off of Apple through 2008 (iPad and newer versions of products online dating post-2008 are not included).



In the next section, Let me emphasize how important Apple’s use of sound marketing ideas was in effectively launching each wave of products. With every single new product launch, Apple ongoing to expand. By the end of 2011, Apple recorded $108. 25 billion dollars in sales. Apple’s stock went from $22 dollars a share initially to current shares staying traded in $630per share. Apple presently has 63, 300 staff and 361 retail stores around the world. The head in the board of directors is usually Arthur Levinson and the CEO is Timothy Cook. Throughout the visionary ideas of the past due Steve Jobs, Apple has created a consumer electric empire; while using company staying valued above $600 billion dollars dollars (Goldman 1). In the five years between 2003 and 2008, Apple’s discuss valued elevated by twenty-five times, via $7. 55 per reveal to $180 per share (Hoovers 1). Figure 2 displays the significant increase in earnings and net income for Apple from 2007-2011.





Since the information regarding the history of Apple shows, the unique and innovative characteristics of Apple’s products create a challenge for marketing. They needed to be capable of come up with a marketing strategy that made enough marketing that consumers would be influenced to try their item. Without proper advertising campaign, consumers would not lean toward buying Apple products, because of the sheer reality the type of goods that Apple was developing had by no means been seen in the marketplace before.

Jobs and Apple had been confident that if they could find the consumer to buy an Apple product, then the top quality and operation of the item would retain the consumer as an Apple buyer for years. Apple based all their differentiation online marketing strategy on creating unique features and features that enabled Apple to command a premium price for his or her products. Combine this with high customer service, superior quality, speedy innovation, and Apple’s esteemed brand name and Apple had a plan for achievement.

Apple’s way of their organization is exemplified by their eye-sight “Man is a creator of change in our planet. As such he should be previously mentioned systems andstructures, and not subordinate to them (Apple 1). This idea demonstrates the ideology that Jobs got in creating a product that was over a market place. Apple’s goal was and is to produce products that are not typical with the industry regular. The mission statement of Apple can be “Apple is definitely committed to using the best personal computing experience to college students, educators, innovative professionals and consumers around the world through the innovative equipment, software, and Internet offerings (Apple 1). This is the key concept in back of each of the advertising concepts I will now go over.


“Great ideas often receive violent opposition by mediocre minds ” Albert Einstein. Since Apple began to explore ideas for new and innovative items, they would build regardless of the identified cost (Hangen 1). This allowed for Apple to come out with a few of the latest and most strange product types to at any time hit the consumer electronics marketplace. The majority of the period, critics and potential investors would giggle at some in the ideas Apple had. Steve Jobs made it a constant from the top of the business to the lower part of the organization that authorities did not know what would and would not be a success in the consumer human population. This thought was taken up such wonderful heights that Apple infamously did not actually believe in researching the market. Apple could scoff with the notion of target marketplaces, and they no longer conduct focus groups. Apple designs depend on Jobs’ great team’s notion of the actual think can be cool and going to be a potential strike.

Jobs claims: _It’s not about appear culture, and it is not regarding fooling persons, and it’s certainly not about effective people that they desire something they will don’t. All of us figure out what we want. And i believe we’re decent at having the right self-control to think through whether a lots of other people should it, also. That’s that which we get paid to do. So you cannot go out and have people, you know, what’s the next big [thing. ] There’s a great quote by Holly Ford, proper? He stated, ‘If I’d personally have asked my consumers what they needed, they would have got told me ‘A faster horses.  Careers and Apple hire actually smart persons and allow them to be let loose (Breillatt 2). They are told that no idea is a bad idea. Employees are informed to try to innovate and don’t pay attention to anyone else, and just go off the actual feel is certainly going produce another big hit. _


_Every since Steve Jobs initially came up with Apple, he had one particular trait that dominated the remaining: perfection to detail. His father was a mechanic and from beginning, Jobs could realize the importance of craftsmanship. The moment Apple initially processed the Apple 2, Job’s declined the original types of the reasoning boards inside of the Apple II because the lines were not directly enough. Although Jobs was noted while taking this kind of too compulsive habit too far at times, some great benefits of Apple’s beautifully manufactured goods provided clear benefits pertaining to the company in the future. Steve Job is offered saying “For you to sleep at night, the aesthetic, the coffee quality, has to be transported all the way down (McAllister 1).

Apple has taken passion for perfection to the next level. All the details, even the unseen ones, was made with great care to attention. Apple doesn’t concentrate on one aspect in the equation; the focus is around the equation of the whole merchandise. Apple has used this excellence to fine detail concept to promote all of their remarkable products. Apple is continually, in both ads and product information, marketing on the truth that they have the most finished and detail focused product out there. This has been a serious reason for so why Apple consumers are so happy with the overall top quality of the item they are obtaining. Figure a few helps to illustrate the method through which Apple has become able to industry their efficiency to details to the consumer. _




As stated above, Apple builds gorgeous products for an audience that loves all of them passionately. After that, Apple can justify their particular high price with features and benefits that can’t be coordinated by some other company. Contemporary society is at a period when prices strategies are all over the place. Companies don’t know what to fee because they are frightened to lose potential consumers ifthey overvalue all their product. Typical companies take to the underlying part price, rather than strategically prices a product as to the the consumer will pay for a particular good. Apple ignores the traditional model and has built a sales technique around the actual believe may be the quality of their products.

The pricing for Apple items is twice greater than what their competition charges, but amazing they may be still capable to dominate the industry. No various other company complements the 27³ display of the iMac. Zero other software program can match what iTunes has. No different laptop is really as thin because the Macbook Air. Not any other cellphone has the functions that the i phone has. Simply no software is more intuitive with no product even more valuable compared to the Apple’s plus they knows it. Apple has created a business line that is the Rolls Royce in the technology and design world and this enables them to build a sales style that they understand their customers will probably pay for (Hangen 2).


The consumer electronic devices and technology industry is considered to be a very sophisticated industry intended for the each day consumer to know. Historically corporations within the market have not had the capacity to connect with consumers on the personal level. Companies in consumer electronics as well as the technology industry will speak right above the customer’s brain, leaving all of them clueless as to what they may be probably buying. It turned out a problem intended for companies to be able to capture a more substantial market share within the consumer electronics and technology sector. Jobs and Apple were able to take the gigahertz, megabytes, and technical lingo completely out of their type of extremely technologically advanced products.

This kind of created a place where the customer truly felt like they understood the products Apple was releasing, when in most cases, the technology behind Apple’s products is very intricate. Have a look at the way Apple markets any kind of their products in their product web page and you will see that they do go over product requirements and technological information, nevertheless it’s concealed behind the huge benefits that their very own audience is truly after. Rather than phrases like display quality, you’ll see keyword phrases like “edge to border glass.  The technical jargon is at the bottom of each page, nevertheless the easy to have an understanding of phrases to get advanced products is what made Apple items so valuable to themasses (Hangen 3).


Throughout the superiority of quality in Apple’s products, they have been capable of satisfy the majority of their buyers. By creating products that don’t include viruses, consumers are typically even more satisfied with Apple products compared to other electronic devices company’s items. This has allowed Apple to build a brand identification that is second-to-none in the world at the moment. Apple offers warranties, cost-free technical support for just about any problems with the merchandise, and offers warranties about the standard of their job. This has developed fan base, termed as “Apple fanboys that is extremely loyal to Apple. Apple will build hype around a product a few months before the release date. Then in the weeks prior to the product moves public, Apple performs a grand unveiling of the product. The unveiling features a demonstration in the proto-type and presentation of all the features and functions of the product.

After that, Apple is essentially able to generate such a requirement for the item based surrounding the hype and consumers will wait in line over twelve hours to be the initially to receive the item. This makes to get an experience where if you aren’t one of the first to get the new Apple product, anyone with truly a lover of Apple and part of the trend. Apple has been in a position to market around the experience of introduction new product lines, and therefore, helped build a customer base that feels with passion about Apple. Apple can essentially relieve anything and consumers would still buy the product, basically based away brand acknowledgement. Apple have been able to create a brand, in which cool, fashionable, and sophisticated are the associations associated with the type of consumer Apple has essentially created. Because the saying should go “once you go Mac, you never proceed back (Thompson 1).


Once Apple has accomplished their consumer fan base and superior brand, Apple than has been capable of capitalize about “becoming the name.  Consumers don’t want to buy AUDIO players, they need to buy iPods. Consumers don’t want to buy smartphones, they want to acquire iPhones. Buyers don’t want todownload music on the internet, they want to head to iTunes. Apple isn’t planning to fit the buyer electronics sector standard, they can be trying to personal and master a market that belongs to them. The iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone, but Apple engineered that to be and so unique that customers didn’t want to help yet think it had been the initially. The iMac isn’t the first all in one computer, nonetheless it became the only one that mattered (Hangen 4). By promoting off of the manufacturer recognition that Apple has already created, Apple is able to travel consumers toward buying goods.

For their ads over the past five years, Apple has made a decision to stick with the initial naming of each and every product line. Apple has driven their focused group of goods into a different category of consumer electronics. The kick off of every new line is easy, using text such as “the new apple ipad tablet,  rather than creating a completely new term. This has been the real key to Apple’s success over the recent 10 years. Apple can be described as multibillion-dollar business that has simply 30 significant products available. When you go through the types of revenue Apple is producing on an twelve-monthly basis, you cannot find any other organization with that a lot of sales that only have a product line of 30 products. This focus on driving the brand and creating a main foundation for his or her business continues to be what features enabled such an extensive standard of attention to superiority, and in turn, produce a superior quality item that is known worldwide.


While each fresh wave of goods was released, Apple came up with exceptional commercials and marketing tools to generate publicity. The 1st commercial Apple every introduced was in 1984 for the Macintosh pc. The industrial, called “1984,  could perhaps be the most crucial PR decision made by Apple to date. The commercial was directed by simply Ridley Scott and shown during the third quarter of Super Pan XVIII. The commercial was an extremely strange ad, with zombies and a woman integrated into the commercial. Most say the zombies were symbolic of Microsoft users, while the girl that freed the the living dead in the commercial symbolized Apple providing the freedom back to the people (Dougherty1). The business was able to deliver much needed notoriety to the Macs line of personal computers. The industrial also foreshadowed an element of promoting that Apple would employ for each new product launch: uniqueness.

Through the years, Apple has used distinct advertising campaign slogans to launch their new lines of products. Coming from 1970-2009, Apple has noticed a variety of different slogans that have been the emphasis for the commercials and ads. The list of slogans the business has used during that time period is usually: “Byte in an Apple (Late 1970s), “Soon You will have 2 Types of People (Early 1980s), “The Computer for the remainder of Us (1984), “The Capacity to Be Your Best (1990), “Think Different (1997-2002), “Switch (2002-2003), and “Get a Apple pc (2006-2009). With each slogan came a smart and exceptional way to convince consumers that they necessary to join the Apple revolution. While other companies would just show their product and list the specifications inside their commercials, Apple would look for a funny and unique approach to convince users that the product users were presently using had been inferior to Apple’s goods.

For Apple’s “Think Different campaign, Apple created a one-minute commercial offering black and white-colored footage of significant historic figures in the past which include: Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, Junior., Richard Branson, John Lennon, R. Buckminster Fuller, Thomas Edison, Muhammad Ali, Wyatt Turner, Karen Callas, Mahatma Gandhi, Amelia Earhart, Alfred Hitchcock, Martha Graham, Sean Henson (with Kermit the Frog), Honest Lloyd Wright, and Picasso. This forced the public into realizing just how innovative Apple products really were by simply directly contrasting Apple as being a company towards the above listed revolutionary figures in history. Pertaining to the print advertising in _Newsweek_ and _Time_, Apple imprinted a historical figures photo with the motto “Think Different next to it and Apple’s logo design at the bottom. This was crucial in assisting to create the normal connotation we hold today that Apple = development. The focus about this campaign was to build the manufacturer rather than build the products.

One other major campaign that helped become the turning point for Apple is the ipod device commercials. The particular majority of Apple consumers don’t realize is that the first launch in the iPod was an epic failure. The software and technology was incredible, but the lack of a clever advertising campaigncaused the iPod launch to be a failure to get the first two years. For the 1st two years the iPod was on the market, the iPod simply was able to sell 125, 1000 units. Then, Apple advertised the ipod touch and iTunes combination with several sales strategies featuring persons in the commercial since black silhouettes, dancing to music against bright-colored experience. The tenue hold their particular iPods, which are shown in a distinctive white colored color. Number 3 is definitely an example of the iPod advertising that helped turn the achievements of the ipod device around.



This plan could be attributable to the level of Apple’s success like a company. The success of the ipod touch is what helped turn Apple’s stock around from $7. 50 per share in 2003 to $180 per share in 2008. Following the silhouette advertising were shown on TV and printed in magazines, the product sales of the ipod device went via 125, 500 units to 10 mil units offered. In the year of 2011, more than 304 , 000, 000 iPods were sold (Costello 1).

The past major effective ad campaign that helped bolster Apple’s revenue was the Apple vs . PERSONAL COMPUTER campaign. In 2006, Apple released a controversial series of 24 “I’m a Mac, I am just a PC advertisements as part of their “Get a Mac campaign. The campaign worked out from 2006-2010 and exhibited the advantages of any Mac product compared to their very own biggest rival’s, Microsoft, PC products. Simply by intelligently contrasting the Mac’s operating system towards the operating system of a PC, Apple was able to make use of irony to exploit Microsoft’s operating system. The imperfections and weak points in Ms Window’s systems were brought in full perspective in a clever, intriguing, and amusing way. This helped Apple close the gap between Microsoft company and Apple, while as well solidifying for the public that Apple acquired the better operating system.

The main element positive takeaway from Apple’s advertising campaigns is that they consistently applied bizarre, exclusive, or funny methods to increase their company. Apple usually portrayed their products as a need for a sophisticated, but funway of life. Their very own advertisements enabled Apple to become a household name and to grow all their brand in the one of the most acknowledged brands in the world today.


Apple presently has 361 retail stores globally. Jobs and Apple could actually take the traditional boring computer sales floors and turn this into a streamlined playroom filled up with gadgets. The characteristics of the Apple retail stores contain: a cinema for demonstrations and training courses, a studio room for teaching on Apple products, an open style ground with goods on display for consumers to walk around and observe, plus the infamous wizard bar, the industry group of staff that are authorities on Apple products that provide technical support and handle repairs for Apple products. The first two Apple shops were introduced on May nineteen, 2001 in McLean, Virginia and Glendale, California. After the 1st announcements of the launch from the Apple retail stores, many experts expected the concept would be a big bust.

David Goldstein, president of talking to firm Channel Marketing, explained, “I let them have two years ahead of they’re turning out the lighting on a incredibly painful and expensive mistake (Loyola 1). In their initially two years of 2002 and 2003, the Apple is yours stores placed a $22 million dollar and $5 million dollar loss respectively. From the years 2004-2010, Apple proved their critics wrong and the Apple retail store started to be a wild success. By simply 2010, Apple reported $9 billion us dollars in product sales revenue in the Apple retailers and $2. 4 billion dollars in retail income. In just the first two fiscal sectors of 2011, Apple reported retail product sales of more than $7 billion, and a retail income of $1. 8 billion dollars. Figures 5-7 demonstrate the expansion of revenue, profits, and total number of visitors to each Apple retail store.

FIGURE five: APPLE FULL SALES (2001-2010)



Apple currently creates $4032 of sales per square feet of an Apple retail store. Evidently, the Apple retail stores ended up being one of the most unique and effective retail stores in the history of gadgets retail.


Apple’s look is often simple and clean, and Apple wanted their packaging of goods to reflect that appear. The skill on the cover of the container in which Apple products are available in is a life-size photo from the product inside. There are not any words for the front, in addition to the name of the product. Seeing that simplicity is exactly what buyers want, the labeling became a great marketing communication for building anticipation and making the product the superstar. The material intended for the packaging is incredibly high quality having a soft, abundant finish, dull varnish, slightly cream colour with a sterling silver metallic foil Apple emblem on the container (Slivka 1). The details are exceedingly precise, right down to the actual great feel of the box on its own. When the consumer receives the Apple item, there is not a thick manual.

Instead, there exists simply a two-sided card leading you to the product instructions on the net. It is these kinds of a simple way to find out each new Apple item, that Apple has been in a position to market many to any generation of end user. Also, each Apple merchandise comes regular with a great AppleCare warrantee. This provides the customer with security because Apple will cover any damages for the software or perhaps external cosmetic makeup products of the device, unless the product is fallen or offers water leaking on it. By simply packaging such a simple container that makes you see, the product the highlight characteristic and providing a manual that is so basic that anyone could use it, Apple is able to stay consistent with their general marketing theme of ease of use to get the consumer.


The summary of the positives that have been detailed is that Apple has been capable of grow earnings by twenty percent each 1 / 4 for the past five years. Apple has been able to create a marketing and sales approach, in which the customer is always proper. This concept is what has helped build their loyal fan base andgrow all their brand equally domestically and internationally. Apple has built an exceptional brand based upon amazing technology and innovation, but is focused around a user-need driven aim. The end result is one of the fastest developing companies (revenue-wise) of perfect, as shown by determine 8.




Apple provides clearly been able to positively utilize a in depth marketing and product sales strategy based around the consumer. While the most of Apple’s tips have ended in a success, there are a few strategies that have resulted in failures. For this, I use come up with a set of recommendations to help Apple always expand and grow. The following is my set of recommendations:


40% of Apple’s product sales come from revenue in the US (Hoovers 1). Using a global gadgets industry appreciated at $964 billion dollars and Apple still staying behind Intel, HP, and IBM in international product sales, Apple provides huge probability of seize the international business. Apple features asserted it is dominance and outperformed the likes of Intel, HORSEPOWER, and APPLE in the US, so there is no reasons why they cannot take their ALL OF US business model and incorporate it worldwide. Coming from 2007-2010, Apple seriously forgotten the Western european market, where they still left 300% earnings margins available. Also, India and China have two out of the largest five foule of adults under 3 decades old, which age group has become inclined to innovation and technologically advanced products (Vertygo Team 1).

I recommend that Apple develop a strategy to grow their brand into more countries (as they have retailers in only 15 countries) and place a strong emphasis on capturing a global consumer electronics marketplace. Apple need to focus on shopping for power in international market segments. In order to make profit on the internationalmarket, Apple also must consider lowering the cost of their products in certain price very sensitive areas of the Asian and European market. With the level Apple is continuing to grow at within the past decade, I actually do not understand why the rendering of this program could not reinforce their value to $1 trillion dollars in the next ten years.


As the data from my personal report displays, the Apple retail stores have proven to be a tremendous achievement. The only problem is that there are currently only 361 locations around the world in only 15 countries. I suggest that Apple continue to launch more retail stores worldwide, utilizing their $100 & billion us dollars in funds that they currently have. This would greatly help in broadening Apple throughout the world.


Apple provides proven that they can know what it will require to be the most successful business in the world. Now, one of my best advice is simply to continue to improve and engineer new products. Apple has systematically boosted revenue and extended their company year after year. By continuing to end up with new releases, consumers will stay loyal and interested in Apple. Apple will continue to be able to market and advertise their brand, and with each cool product more and more clients will likely jump on the Apple bandwagon.


1 major problem that Apple must solve is the wait time for the new products. As previously explained, when ever Apple releases a new merchandise they focus on building buzz for the months before the launch from the new product. This creates a madness of users wanting to acquire Apple companies placing their very own orders early on to ensure they will receive the cool product. Consistently, Apple makes their customers sign onto purchasing lists to buy their products, wherever they are often trapped by further delays. Apple must discover a way to send out even more products with each retail store area, so that the delay problem will be solved. I like to recommend that Apple overstock every shipment to each individual Apple store or perhaps retailer by simply 10%. By doing so, Apple it’s still able to set customers in waiting lists, nevertheless a much greater majority of the purchasers will not have to await more than is already required for additional product to come into every single location. This will help to Apple preserve sales and retain buyers.


Being a reaction to a perceived menace from Yahoo, Apple just lately loosened overly stringent restrictions for designers that searched for to develop applications for the iPhone and after this allows developers to use a larger variety of computer languages with Apple’s os iOS (Valdes 1). Because Apple makes 30% from every software sold, their very own overly protective nature relating to compatibility issues, and their failing to respond to concerns within a timely enough fashion can be a weakness which have caused these to lose organization partnerships and revenue. I would recommend that Apple strengthen the partnership with Google and the LAPTOP OR COMPUTER industry leaders. By doing so, Apple will have more opportunities to participate in joint undertakings as technology advances and give security to Apple within an industry which has drastic improvements year to year. This will also allow for Apple to possess a more reputable marketing strategy in the years ahead.


Apple recently bought a processor chip company and a microchip company to enable them to begin building their own CPUs and microchips. As such, fewer external sources will be mixed up in development of their products (Hoovers 1). Designing their own chips will allow Apple to get better microchips for their products and share fewer details with external companies. I recommend that by eliminating proprietary software program andsupporting an open source advancement will attract worldwide builders drawn to support write applications for Apple products, that can in turn create a larger bottom of products for Apple. In addition , there may be duty and labor advantages to in-sourcing, yet , the weak point in this approach lies that behavior could lead to missed chances for advancements that their very own competitors will be sure to take advantage of. This will as well create a circumstance where Apple will be able to put into action more goods into their corporate and business sales strategy.


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