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Barangay hall information system article


Nowadays, it is very important to be one step ahead, in order to cope up together with the benefits of technology. Having a computerized system is a major use pertaining to the barangay halls to allow them to lessen the time for a selected operation that if performed manually can easily consume a lot time and effort. It may also decrease trouble in office and provide appropriate and quickly result that many barangay area needs. The proponents include chosen info system permitted “Barangay Distance Issuance System for the distribution of barangay distance as our target business, in hopes of providing better ways of monitoring records and transactions rather than having them carried out manually.

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San Jose’s barangay hall is among the local government office buildings in San Miguel Bulacan. They were committed to serve and care those for them to include a anchored and a healthier way of living. In the nearly past it was only a residential system given by a vintage person (citizen of barangay San Jose).

It was founded as official barangay hall of San Jose up to date.

Relevance of the Study

This study will help the chosen barangay to get a more systematic and modern day way of recording and searching records. This part of the examine discusses about the importance of creating the system for the benefits of this: For the Barangay Officials- it will minimize their paper functions like personally adding and searching of records. Pertaining to the Citizen- the system is going to serve as , the burkha source of files for those to save time and energy and to avoid a long line. For the future barangay officials ” It will lessen paper works in adding and searching of records determined by the supporters proposed program.

Statement of the Problem

The proponents came across this examine in the needs to lessen the manually adding and searching of records in the picked barangay corridor. The general goal of this examine is to reduce the manual system procedure for adding and searching of records. Specifically, this analyze aims to answer the followingquestion: What are the top features of the developed Barangay Clearance Issuance System? What operational requirements are required by the program in terms of hardware requirements and software requirements? What process model shall be used in expanding the Barangay Clearance Issuance System? How functional is definitely the developed Barangay Clearance Issuance System in terms of the following computer software evaluation conditions; reliability, efficiency, accuracy, user friendliness; and protection?

Scope and Delimitation

The proposed system will deal with the adding, searching, looking at, and upgrading of the information in the chosen barangay corridor. A quicker process of the said things will be recognized until this method is executed most importantly the machine will retail store the data for the future use.

The proposed program can perform just like:

a) Maintenance of records in connection with the barangay distance.

b) Printing of the said record (barangay clearance).

c) Printing of criminal records

Regarding records that are not connected to the product is its restrictions.

The Determine 1 displays the capability from the admin and the end user in to the system. Whereas the admin provides the entire use of the system as the end user is capable of looking at and looking records only.

Conceptual Platform

The analysts aim to identify how the Info System may help in barangay hall. As a result, this section identifies the concept of the proposed information system to enhance barangay corridor and this depends on the citizen/complainant as an input.

The Figure two shows the flow from the system and exactly how it will operate and to help the barangay to get a more organized way of doing their work. Also it reveals the insight, process and output from the system through the entire whole method. Where the person or citizen will be ask by the secretary or theuser who is the best officer of the barangay to know if he or she has a bad record. After that the secretary or perhaps the user can check the system’s list of data if the person has a obvious or bad record inside the barangay. In the event the person includes a clear record, no violations committed, with no complaints in the citizens of barangay, the secretary and also the user will release the barangay measurement. And if the person has a negative record the secretary or user will not release barangay clearance. Inside the other hand the complainant can request to file a legal case for the secretary in the help of program.

Definition of terms

Repository ” an organized set of info held in a computer, especially one which is accessible in a variety of ways. Database software ” safe-keeping that handles the safe-keeping, retrieval, and updating of data in a computer. Graphic Ui ” can be described as type of program that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical symbols. Hardware ” the equipment, wiring, and other physical aspects of a computer or other electronic digital system. Data System- a built-in set of parts for collecting, storing, digesting, and interacting information. Microsoft SQL Server ” can be described as relational database software management system manufactured by Microsoft. Software ” the programs and also other operating info used by some type of computer. Systematic ” done, performing according into a fixed prepare or program; methodical.


Review of Related Literature and Studies

This kind of chapter presents related literature and producing of identified experts, both of which have significant bearing or relation to the study. It also discusses the affiliated methods and researches that was examine and evaluated which helped the research workers to have a better understanding and find some important information that is certainly connected with this study. Along the way of program development, materials reviews conducted to theory, methods and technologies connected with systems which were developed. Research on the corporation and comparative studies of existing devices were also done to understand even more the requirements prior to the system was develop.

Barangay Inventory Program

With our fast-paced developing society, many of our establishments optimize to perform their procedures in a electronic manner. That they consider this as being a great trusted process to lean on. They believe that this technique will help them catch-up with this quick changing scenarios that they encounter each day. Yet , it is hard to imagine that many people still check out the manual technique knowing that electronic system is merely there waiting for them to benefit from. There are several causes that are pushing them to be stuck with to this traditional system. One of these is definitely illiteracy; nobody in this world is unable to understand and adapt to the computerized program if it will be properly introduced and taught. Another one is being dubious with the program; they believe that manual program can perform significantly less error than an automated program.

But as the many years movement goes by, several certain performs have grown indicating that the manual method is not really practical and efficient anymore. Nowadays, people have become more conscious with their time and they find essential techniques on how they will do such work in a fraction of the time or how to do all their number of works at the same time. This study geared towards developing a digital system for any barangay that still practices a traditional means of creating a Barangay Clearance and management of database.

We all will do this kind of by incorporating the technology of using camera and stylus pen for creating a Barangay Clearance. We all will also utilize the computer to properly manage all their files. By using our system, all their barangay employees can possess fast, more practical and efficient method of doing their very own tasks (HazelJane, 2012) Various people think that manual method can perform much less error than the automated one particular. But as years goes by, technology become more produced. Today, the computerized method is more relevant than the manual one since it can get an even more accurate info and will minimize the time of work.

Barangay Record System

Barangay is the little administrative section in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term to get a village or district. Barangay are further subdivided into smaller areas called Puroks (English: Zone). A barangay is led and governed by its barangay representatives. It is composed of a Punong Barangay or Barangay Captain/Chairman, several (7) Barangay Councilors orBarangay Kagawad and a SangguniaangKabataan Chairman. Together with this is the Barangay Secretary and a residing midwife or possibly a doctor that manages and supervise the barangay health center. The barangay manages keeping track of the records of resident inside the place. These records are important several purposes the barangay is being used. The barangay has got the manual centered process for all the services it offers to it is constituents.

They will manually manage files and information they get. To get instances, in getting the barangay clearance, they will issue a receipt type to the citizen requesting the clearance. Same through together with the storing with the files, they used folders to store the files. The corporation experienced hard and long procedure in accessing the records they have when it is required and the redundancy of the information were not firmly observed. The proponents recommended a electronic barangay data system that can help the barangay as well as the personnel and the people of the place. The proposed program will decreased the hard and long-time process of interacting with files and records they keep and store.

The system will also be the census like system of the barangay for all of the constituents and new people to live in the place. The device will be powerful in maintaining, looking and storing of documents of all citizen in the barangay. This will help the worker for having an easy time upon accessing data and documents they need (Elmer, 2013) Record System is helpful to the barangay in holding and keeping records or perhaps files easily. By the by using a the system, they will search easily the record of a man or woman. And they may avoid the redundancy of documents.

E-Blotter System

The e-blotter system helps fast, easy, and paperless entering of crime details using the laptop machine that may be linked into one station to a new up to the higher headquarters by way of internet connections. The e-blotter is designed as a stand-alone system that is installed in all of the police areas as a means of reporting and monitoring every crime situations that taken place within their individual areas in addition to the results and records in the investigation. The program will allow enlargement in the course of criminal offense prevention, diagnosis, and option as it allows easy access of data needed for an immediate action in the police representatives.

Crime researchers and personnel will immediately access criminal offense reports and daily updates of what is going on in the ground, particularly in everypolice station which is vital in umschlüsselung out methods for quick response and offense prevention through internet using e-blotter program. The system allows integration of crime information for and accurate and reliable documents which is essential for crime investigation and answer. The e-blotter system is going to render better police service through an improved and increased crime event reporting system with the use of modern technology (Yhatskii, 2013) The e-blotter is a huge help to monitor all criminal offense incidents took place in the barangay. It will also ensure that the secretary to know easily if the person contains a crime records before providing the barangay clearance.

Home Profiling and Recordkeeping System

Through the years, the term web-based recordkeeping has blown up to involve many part of recording the file of every resident, hence, the term are more recognizable. A general term that describes recordkeeping system is that collects, organizes, and categorizes records, facilitating their maintenance, retrieval, work with, and personality. Software is designed to reduce the time consumed in a particular activity to be achieved with a high standard and accurate output or results. Web based applications are the greatest way to take advantage of today’s technology to improve organizations or community even more productivity and efficiency. Internet based application gives you an opportunity to get your business data from all over the world at any time.

It provides cross platform compatibility that may be more controllable, highly deployable, give protect live info. It also facilitates to save time and money and increase the interactivity with the client. The key purpose of the study is to explore the development in making a web-affiliated system. Officially, the term Web-affiliated system refers to those applications or solutions that the client/resident on a hardware that is attainable using a Web browser and is for that reason accessible coming from anywhere in the world with the Web. Web-based system is accustomed to secure the records from the residents that just the Barangay Captain and his/her Secretary are the just entities can access the record. Browsing and surfing the sites will be the only role that the residents can carry out. (Boddie, 2013) The system can help to make the data or data files more secure. As well, it is possible for them to upgrade and get the documents. And lastly, it is easily to enable them to monitor all of the barangay records.

Barangay Info System

This kind of participatory action-research followed the reflection-input-action-reflection process in allowing for barangays to evolve their own information program. Benchmark examine, secondary data use, important informants interview and observations were the main element data gathering techniques. Info analysis was basically descriptive. This job was integrated in nine barangays of Munoz, Primicia Ecija. Many the participants perceived their particular barangay lounge as very beneficial in terms of providing as venue for gatherings and as supply of vital information about the barangay as well as people. Nevertheless , they felt that the information is limited as basis for organizing and in answering information needs from local government offices. The project as well described and documented the Barangay Info System (BIS) implementation process of the eight barangays.

That covered those activities that the barangays did in implementing all their BIS. There were commonalities among the list of barangays in following a basic implementation process from positioning meeting inside the barangay to data safe-keeping and modernizing. However , there are also observed peculiarities on data gathering techniques and logistics wherein some barangay officials under your own accord used their own money intended for supplies and materials as well as provided snack foods for BIS HIN ZU team members during data gathering, data posting/tabulation and data presentation and so the activities will not be delayed (Almario, 2012)

This will improve the productivity of submitting reports and complaints in the barangay level. Storing barangay information in a central database allows for convenient storing and updating of records. Retrieval of data will also be more quickly, translating to faster transaction time. With the records readily available in the storage space, this will allow concerned government agencies to gather data for planning and development. Furthermore, automation minimizes the use of paper.

Barangay Data file Management System

Palayan City County Unit (LGU) has long been offered all of their barangays at least a pc unit to upgrade the machine of operation to a very much enhanced way. That is, through computer technology. That was practically exactly four years ago. But up to now, individuals computers has not been used totheir fullest features. Barangay offices still count on manual labor not on the machines as their frontline of assistance and operations. Some things happen to be neglected. One particular, Standard Functioning Procedures (SOP) is certainly not followed. Any individual can have got his distance signed or business grant released even if the authorized person to agree to it, as an example the Barangay Captain, is not present. Any office has by least fixed blank clearances and/or lets in this case. Thus, the trustworthiness of this kind of can be asked.

Two, it’s because all of the specifics and information on the barangay is kept on papers, presently there should-be outward exhibition of the maximized usage of pc is not attained and thus causes the slow collection of information and transactions. And lastly, hard clones of the documents, transactions kept and other things require a large file pantry to hold them which in various case, is actually a case of your unorganized record management system (wonderworldblog, 2005) The computerized program helps the authorized person in terms of handling the document. Because there are a large number of information and records that they need to organize and secure, the pc machines has its capacity of saving significant file and providing ways on how to protect the data files.


Methodology of the Examine

This phase presents the strategy and techniques used in the investigation for the development of Barangay Measurement Issuance System’s target customers, population and sample, data gathering, instrument of the research, system’s advancement model used and standards for program evaluation with this study are given importance through this chapter.

Strategies and Approaches of the Study

The researchers used the Descriptive Study Method wherein the study focused on gathering of data. Based via (James S. Key, 1997) Oklahoma Express University, he describes Descriptive research is utilized to obtain information concerning the current status from the phenomena to describe “what exists with respect to parameters or circumstances in a situation. The strategy involved are the survey which will describes its condition, the correlation study which in turn investigates the partnership between parameters, to developmentalstudies which strive to determine changes over time.

The objective of using the detailed research technique is to acquire accurate, factual, systematic data that can provide you with a proper picture of the data set that you are looking at. This method shows a survey approach to the respondents in the barangay staffs, complainant and as well as those in the barangay community. The proposed barangay information system will be helpful because it will assist the people to obtain the information their very own needed. Info gathering is vital in the analyze because it serves as a basis and design in making the program.

Target customers

The target customer of this examine is the secretary, who will screen the system and assists the citizens who will request a barangay expulsion. The Barangay Clearance Issuance System will be a great assistance to the admin to access the records quickly.

Population and Sample

These respondents were asked by the researchers. The citizenry of surveys takers came from barangay captain and also other barangay representatives, secretary and also the citizen from the barangay as well as the respondent will certainly answer the questionnaires to look for the overall performance with the system.

Info Gathering Techniques

These are the items used for gathering information about the proposed study, the basis for making decisions and reviews are the collected data and record.

Interview ” This is how the advocates ask a question and getting the info from the interviewee using immediate communication. Set of questions ” It is a series of diverse question which will be given to the who have understanding of the study, and used to get the data from the surveys takers and their viewpoints. Evaluation Kind ” Costly instrument accustomed to estimate the research study. The subsequent criteria were given to evaluate the developed program: (a) trustworthiness; (b) effectiveness; (c) precision; (d) simplicity; and (e) security.

Instrument Used in the Study

The researchers used customer survey in working this research. A research tool used to collect data may be created by the researcher or perhaps based on a current instrument. In the event the instrument is definitely researcher made, the process used to select the inquiries should be defined and justified and it contains indicators that asses with the overall performance in the system.

Program Development Version Used

The device Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for the system development to be used. According to Taylor (2004), the task life pattern encompasses every one of the activities in the project, even though the systems development life cycle focuses on noticing the product requirements. SDLC is used during the advancement an THAT project; that describes the several stages involved in the project from the drawing board, through the completion of the project.

A number of program development existence cycle designs have been created: waterfall, fountain, and spin out of control build and fix, fast prototyping, pregressive, and synchronize-stabilize. The most well-known of these, as well as the best known, may be the waterfall: a chapter of periods in which the outcome of each stage becomes the input for the next. These levels can be characterized and divided up in different methods, including preparing, system analysis, system design, development, assessment, implementation and maintenance.

Preparing ” Throughout the planning stage, the objective of the project is determined and the requirements to produce the item are considered. An estimate of resources, such as workers and costs, is well prepared, along with a concept for the new product. Each of the information is definitely analyzed to verify if there is a different to creating a new product. When there is no different viable alternative, the information is definitely assembled in a project plan and presented to administration for endorsement.

System Evaluation ” Throughout the analysis level the job team determines the end-user requirements. Frequently this is completed with the assistance of client focus organizations, which provide an explanation with their needs and what all their expectations will be for the finished product and how it is going to perform. The project group documents all of the user requirements and gets a sign-off fromthe client and managing to move ahead with system design.

System Design ” The design phase is the “architectural phase of system design and style. The movement of data finalizing is progressed into charts, plus the project team determines one of the most logical style and framework for data flow and storage. For the user user interface, the project team patterns mock-up display screen layouts that the developers value to write the code for you see, the interface.

Development ” During the development stage developers implement the strategies laid out in the design phase. The developers style the database, generate the code intended for the data circulation process and design the actual user interface screens. During the advancement phase, test data is usually prepared and processed as often as necessary to refine the code.

Screening ” Through the testing period all facets of the system happen to be tested pertaining to functionality and performance. The system can be tested intended for integration with other products as well as any earlier versions with which it needs to communicate. Essentially, the key portions of the testing phase are to validate that the system contains each of the end user requirements laid out in the analysis stage, that all the functions happen to be accurately control data, that the new system works with all other systems or prior devices, and that the new system complies with the quality standards of the firm and the consumers.

Implementation ” During this phase, the new or enhanced strategy is installed from the manufacturing environment, users are qualified, data is converted (as needed), the machine is switched over to the sponsor, and business processes are examined. This stage includes efforts required to apply, resolve program problems determined during the execution process, and plan for sustainment.

Maintenance ” During the maintenance stage, the system is evaluated to ensure will not become out of date. This is also in which changes are meant to initial software. It requires continuous evaluation of the system in terms of the performance.

Data Gathering and Statistical Treatment

After expanding the system the knowledge that are obtained, analyzed and tabulated is going to determine the amount of perception with the overall performance from the system, descriptive statistical equipment that used such as weighted mean to determine the perception of respondents in Barangay Expulsion Issuance System.

Construction Types of procedures

The researchers conducted a survey from the staffs with the barangay and the people in the barangay community, the goals of this survey are; to find out if this study will be a big help on their behalf for the enhancement reasons and it will end up being easier to relieve the barangay clearance. The respondents will be given sufficient time to answer the survey varieties that will help the researchers to gather some info for this study. The researchers constructed the survey type having 10 (10) concerns for them to response.

The types of procedures in gathering data were presented the following: 1 . The researchers submitted the consent letter for the administration office for an approval in executing the review to the chosen respondents which can be related to this current study. installment payments on your The population or perhaps the respondents through this study were chosen specifically. Each respondent came from the administration, employees, and people in the barangay. The overall number of the involved persons in this examine is your five (five). a few.

After submitting the notification and finding the respondents, the questionnaires had been constructed and distributed around the selected participants. The research workers gave the required time to answer the survey type. The participants were monitored by the analysts for further logic about the survey kind. 4. After conducting the survey, the researchers gathered the survey form in the respondents to review and confirm the answers to prepared and tabulate the benefits of the form, to know in case the objectives on this study had been meet.

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