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Computer Information Systems Brief Essay

In order for the business to continue to thrive, account of progress opportunities may also be analyzed. In addition , the threats that Kudler may face if adjustments are not integrated will also be talked about throughout this evaluation.

The owner of Kudler Fine Food stores offer premium foods and fine wines all within just one area. All retail outlet locations offer baked goods, meats, seafood, generate, cheese, dairy products, and wines with minimum preservatives added. The success of Kudler Fine Foods is at part through the systems which the stores include in place. For instance , the current computer system is available 24 hours a day, seven days every week, the owner provides training to all or any employees and it is, therefore , comprehended by almost all employees. This understanding of the computer system allows the daily operations of the business to thrive because sales boost.

As the corporation moves forwards and features changes with technological improvements, continued staff training is essential with the installation of new hardware and software programs. The quantity of products that needs to be accounted for, on a regular basis, at the Kudler locations is extensive. At present, Kudler’s accounting data is definitely collected simply by point-of-sale (POS) terminals in each retail outlet.

The ports are used because cash subscribes when buyers check-out. The POS system information all sales, items, quantities, prices, taxes and quantites for all deals. These brilliant terminals use keypads, feel screens, pub code scanning devices, and other suggestions methods to record data and interact with customers during a purchase, while depending upon servers or perhaps other pcs in the network for further purchase processing (O’Brien & Marakas, 2008, p. 81).

Furthermore, functions are available for various types of sales information to be containing the current system. However , the current system does not meet the needs of the company as the computer system is outdated. Furthermore, the founder with the company, Kathy Kudler, is having great problems with monitoring the requirements of the 3 stores as well as the situation will soon become overpowering with even more expansion. Ms. Kudler requires a computer system which will accommodate her current and future needs for her developing gourmet food business.

At present, each of locations functions with a stand-alone POS system. Ms. Kudler need to travel between stores to guarantee the managers are meeting her high specifications and creates a substantial loss in output. The lack of remote access also presents a problem for the future development plans to get the business.

Without way to get into accounting, products on hand, and revenue information, effective expansion will not be possible. Ms. Kudler’s existence is a daily requirement at each location to handle the procedures, inventory, revenue, etc . and without updated software the company are not able to see further growth. Not merely is the organization facing limited expansion options, but current security measures are not satisfactory. Although Kudler’s present method is password guarded and features backup ability, financial info may be in jeopardy.

With the setup of a new system can certainly remedy this case giving added security towards the company. As well as the company’s economical information, protection to the company’s customer base must also be of great concern. Especially, the customer’s credit card details is at high-risk. Additional security measures handling such issues as security passwords, employee identity numbers, and restricting staff personal employ must be applied.

For example , a proxy machine can limit the employee’s internet access to approved websites (Bargranoff, Simkin, & Follicle, 2008). Not only will a proxy machine prevent detrimental activity from employees, but it will also limit the contact with threats via viruses, thievery, and net hackers. There are both abilities and failings with Kudler’s Fine Foods current computer technology methods. Kudler Fine Foods uses the POS system to record revenue, items, quantities, prices, income taxes and quantites for all transactions. However a continuous challenge Ms.

Kudler encounters is the purchasing of additional products on hand. The company uses forecasting, that allows the company to replenish its inventory relying on historical revenue information. To get the company to monitor its supply, a method must be applied that will observe individual things and allow managers to re-order necessary inventory from this data.

The issue using a forecasting products on hand system is that the decisions are based upon previous performance, two to three years old. However, sales will not follow the same pattern via year to year. In addition , sales via holidays, birthdays, weddings, and the like are not made up under the predicting system.

Yearly orders will continue to transform depending on the financial stability with the state. Furthermore, holidays will never always be on the same day and will subsequently impact the forecasting details. In the event that too much inventory is order, the surplus is make donation to charity if in good condition, in the event that not the extra is thrown away.

Inventory administration is crucial as a result of perishing potential of the inventory items. It is a delicate harmony because to fulfill customers, there has to be enough available merchandise to prevent sales losses. It is essential that Kudler Fine Foods raise the use of technology, if the company is to always grow and thrive. Above all that is a distinct need for a network to assist Ms. Kudler with her communication requires between her stores through adding updated software program to handle the company’s inventory needs.

To implement the new technology, financing and schooling will be necessary. The purchase of new software program will be required for Ms. Kudler and her employees to run effectively and efficiently.

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