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Comparative research on the enthusiasts of two

The top Lebowski, The twilight series

People have usually turned to religion to make feeling of their community and to include something to believe in. In the current society, in which the internet and media enjoy such a sizable role in people’s lives, many handle movies because more than just entertainment. To these persons, who involve these movies in their daily lives and meet up with others to discuss them, what they view becomes a sort of religion. They learn to live by the rules of imaginary characters, and promote solidarity with others whom feel the same way. Two examples of these “religions” that have opened are Dudeism, based on the film The Big Lebowski as well as the large fandom surrounding the Twilight series. Both of these motion pictures hold impact over huge groups of followers, and resemble religious movements.

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The top Lebowski, a 1998 film by the Coen brothers, contains a large popularity, and offers given rise to a pseudo-religion called Dudeism. “For [Dudeists], it is not enough to watch the film, quote its gem-like aphorisms, or perhaps analyze the countless puzzling linguistic errors that go by unmarked in the dialogue, but these dudley fans feel the urge to perform something to indicate and keep on the frame of mind of the Girl in the actual, ” (Andrus, 2016, 114). This “Dude”, the leading part of the film, is laid-back, mellow, and enigmatic, and a lot of fans with the movie have adopted his mannerisms and personality. That they “take it easy” and have a site to inspire people to become a member of the movement. Despite becoming a simple funny movie, The Big Lebowski is a lifestyle for several of these followers. They insist Dudeism is actually a legitimate religious movement that anyone is accessible to join. Yet , the majority of Dudeists are guy, as The Dude is seen as a assertive figure. For its widespread characteristics and the reality it centers on one physique who people seem to imitate, Dudeism is extremely similar to various common beliefs. People use to have a purpose in life and share their experience of others.

Although significantly less overtly faith based than Dudeism, fans in the series The twilight series seem to almost worship the books and films. “New mass media technologies turn into a space to get the formation, surrounding, and performance of self-identity and negotiations of values, beliefs, and rules for fresh female users, ” (Petersen, 2013, 84). In this case, it is mostly girl fans who may have created a large following around this series. Online, fans of Twilight may create sites and content in community forums to share their particular feelings regarding the series. Beyond just a simple set of four literature or movies, this straightforward story of love between a human and a vampire can often be thought of and reacted to daily by simply young ladies. They shape their personality around who they want the protagonist to end up with, and write extended articles criticizing or praising parts of the story that they are drawn to. The great aspect of the storyline, mixed with a classical romantic endeavors, gives all of them something to trust in and relate to. Unlike Dudeists, The twilight series fans tend not to consider their following to get part of a religious movement, nonetheless it nevertheless connects them and share their daily lives more meaning.

These two different followings intended for movies demonstrate how media can be built to shape one’s personality. Both groups of fans help to make these films their way of life, and follow the examples they give. While The Big Lebowski is focused on male fans and it is more of a legit religious movement, fans of Twilight still shape all their lives about it. In today’s world, we often ought to look towards mass media to find something to believe in.

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