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An analysis of id in half life and superstar wars

Star Battles

Identity is something which everyone has, no matter whether they’re conscious of it or perhaps not. During our talks, this was the subject that tied to me one of the most, as We’ve experienced real world issues with getting an personality myself and in addition noticing the theme in certain of the media I consume. No matter what media you’re interested in, almost always there is some talk about identity, and for this newspaper I’m choosing ideas we talked about during “Half-Life” and expanding them to real life good examples and also examples that are present within the Star Wars video series. We will be exploring tips regarding identification that connect Half-Life to real world examples while as well delving in to identity in the film Legend Wars: The Force Awakens.

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Half-Life surrounds the tale of two ladies who experience their daddy after their mother vanished into the sea. As the story progresses, the reader comes to understand that the children and mother are selkies, a magical creature that could become human by getting rid of its seal off skin. The theme of id is present over the whole history, and it’s crafted and portrayed in such a way that makes it mysterious and intriguing, that is why this particular story has tied to me throughout the semester. After Astrid and Clarinda’s mother leaves to be one with all the ocean once again, the girls true identity can be hidden, his or her father is usually scared of all of them following within their mothers footsteps. He humors them when ever his children beg him to tell them “a strange, unhappy story” (Oshcner 403), and he launches into a story about the selkies, which the girls heard before, however love. Having something to relate and feel linked to is a huge part of finding and maintaining a great identity, plus the way it truly is written solidifies the idea. The girls latch onto that tale, clearly having a deep connection to it. That parallels what happens in true to life as well, specifically to people who are in marginalized groups. Stories which may have characters that aren’t generally portrayed in media, just like transgender, andrógino, or saphic girls characters, keep special meaning to people that fall under all those categories etc. They latch onto these stories and maintain them close to their center, just as the girls did together with the selkie account. Sometimes, those stories help people come to terms with their identification. An example of a show that I understand helped people with their personality would be Joy. Just having representation in popular mass media is crucial to people’s identities, especially if they are marginalized.

In Star Wars: The Power Awakens, there are several examples of discovering true identity while concurrently showing how one can reject id when it’s drive upon you. The film follows a lady named Rey who was raised without father and mother on a wasteland planet. Through a series of instances, she leaves her residence planet of Jakku and ends up obtaining whisked aside into adventures in space. At one point, she’s given a lightsaber at this time other persona named Maz Kanata. Maz tells Rey to “close her eyes¦feel it¦the lumination, it’s always already been through it. It will guidebook you”. Campeón grows annoyed and photos that “[she] doesn’t need any component to this”, indicating she is rejecting this success that is becoming thrust after her. Rey has had the identity of a Jedi thrown onto her after certainly not associating herself with this her whole life. Having a totally new identity given to you is definitely shocking which also relates to finding an identity by yourself. People prefer to take time to discover who they really are, not have an individual tell them who they actually are and what they’re meant to do. Preserving the concept of the finding one self, Rey winds up embracing her identity since someone who can be strong with all the Force, and using her newly discovered identity to her advantage. Your woman channels her true self and uses that recently found power to wipe out the evil Kylo Ren. In her case, having someone information her in the direction of a new identity was a great thing, yet obviously, it shouldn’t always job like that in real life. I found the hunt for identity in Star Battles really interesting and while it isn’t something you associate while using series, when you sit and appearance at certain scenes and examples within the franchise, you understand identity is definitely prevalent throughout.

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