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A study of the social challenges caused by

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Although the problem of homelessness may look of low deductive value among the list of researchers, this challenge has been considered catastrophic in America. With about 60, 000 experienced, 2 . a few million children and 2 . 5% of the homeless adults respectively, it is indisputable that homelessness is actually a grand problem in America (Henwood, 2015). As a result of this obstacle, there has been fundamental shift, that is, ending the situation instead of taking care of it. Over the past decades, the us government has failed even in handling this problem, simply because the interventions of helping this population are tied up to responding to specific requirements. At other times, it is because the destitute have been wrongly defined as criminals, uneducated and others who voluntarily choose to remain on streets which makes it difficult to find amicable solution. That is due to the above factors that the profession social function has been identified important and compelling. The paper can therefore concentrate on exploring the historic and current trends of social welfares and political legislatives to determine how they include responded to the above challenge. This way, the study will be able to justify the need for social well being system, more especially the cultural workers in ending the challenge.

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Historical Background

The history of homelessness in America may be traced may be traced as far the as background can tell. On the other hand, people frequently make guide of eighteenth century, time when this matter became well known. During this period, a defieicency of homelessness was attributed to commercial revolution. People in america would migrate to cities to seek the newly developed employment opportunities in the established production and creation industries. On the other hand, industrialization contributed to displacement. Other factors that facilitated the displacement include city wars, all-natural calamities, ethnicity inequalities and disenfranchised plans. For instance, in the year 1920, massive flooding at Mississippi out of place about 1 ) 3 million people (Gonyea, 2010).

Throughout the American history, as opposed to the sociable organizations the policy producers have targeted more on homeless “unworthy poor” people neglecting the worthy poor. Worthy poor refers to the folks who poor simply because of perversity, willfulness and laziness. However, unworthy poor refers to people whose lower income occurs out of their control. Although these types of categories are believed as a prejudiced thing with the past, they were used to determine the most needy homeless who have should be offered priority of aid. For instance, in 20th century the us government adopted a practice called “passing on” (currently called bus therapy) as a help for the widows, migrants and orphans. Later, the practice was criticized internet marketing unfavorable and biased (Toro, 2007). Following the trumpet sounded louder, there was intervention of Charity Firm Society (COS) who required moral remedying of the worthwhile poor.

Remarkably, they will year 1930 to 1950 were seen as many plans of handling the issue of homelessness. One of the major policies was to create the “skid row” in areas of the downtown area. An example is usually Los Angeles slide row which usually accommodated about 17, 7000 homeless adults. The coverage makers likewise introduced the loan programs to assist the population completed in these areas to build small houses and single areas hotels. On the other hand, the population of homeless in urban areas continued to escalate, more especially from the policy makers’ decision to refurbish the towns, which will see many small houses demolished to pave the best way for construction of the modern day buildings. This was not just a real estate policy, mainly because the plan makers could force all the homeless to become re-relocated coming from cities and later few can be temporally be settled in organizations such as salvations army.

Even with above the above mentioned settlement, downtown and housing policies, the social welfare seemed dissatisfied with the fact that, the government assumed the issue of homelessness had significantly diminished. Continue to, the government did not well specify its strategy of affordable housing. Besides, the period among end of 1960s and mid 1970s was characterized by hard economical times also referred to “Great Depression” times. What this means is because many homeless cannot afford the expense of housing, that they moved to people places, that may be, in other urban centers and veer rows. By the year 1976, even the built shelter places to stay could not deal with settle the homeless inhabitants. Bachman, (2010), estimates that, by the yr 1977 the number of beds experienced increased by 275, 500 to 609, 000 inside the same sheltered accommodations (Leginski, 2007).

In the 78, a sharp comparison between homelessness and options for all expounded. At this time, a defieicency of homelessness was redefined like a challenge that calls an instant attention of social welfares. This was initially seen the moment several social forces asked the government to reply to destitute veterans, who were largely neglected and to addresses the challenge of over increasing number of people shining in sheltered accommodation. It is during the same period that the self-discipline of cultural work began to research and document the scope with the problem. More importantly, the social research organizations made considerable efforts to define the nature of the problem. Example of such agencies includes the Robert Meeks Foundation. Faraway from carrying out homelessness related researches, the foundation as well focused on building media to improve awareness of the nature of the problem. Such as characteristics, causal factors, and consequences with the problem (nature). Equally important, the inspiration would supporter the government to “bury” the old myth of unworthy and worthy poor people.

Following strong “wind” from the social welfare groups, the government corrected the Destitute Assistance Act of 1987. The action was to see that emergency shelters and delivery housing were established more especially among with problems. Still, the act caused the institution of supporting programs this sort of basic abilities training for homelessness, creating more job opportunities. These endeavours were later on replaced by Temporary Assistance for Clingy Families (TANF) program. One of the main step taken by TANF was going to cut the housing expenses from dollar 90 billion to 30$ billion in the year 2000. On the other hand, the homelessness problem ongoing to intensify according to the study carried out by scholars from several disciplines. Samples of such researchers include Spellman (2007) who have reveled that, the number of desolate had flower from 6th. 2 mil in the year 70 to 8. 6th million in the year 2000. The Economic Plan Institute linked such difficult to decrease in minimum pay. The institute produced a statistical record indicating that, since the year 1979 the wage had lowered with about 26% even though manufacture sectors had preserved the working hours. Still, the social teams and assemblage were limited in amount and would not reflect very much power to influence the personal system (Wilkins, Anderson, 2007).

At the conclusion of 1900s, the interpersonal institutions had been almost persuaded that the national and local government authorities were unable to supply amicable remedy. The interpersonal welfares began accusing the policy manufacturers over not enough long-term structural problems. These social began to brand federal government as failure, simple as it provided temporary and repeating solutions. The government had likewise failed to develop an affirmative action to aid homeless consist of interrelated regions of healthcare, nutrition and education.

Current Craze

Since noted to sum up study, the social employees little affected the political system. This really is simply because generally there only persisted limited range of social assemblage with insignificant compelling capacity to the government. However in the beginning of the 21st century, the government makes a significant shift by simply established good link and supporting the social staff to leveraging and eliminate homelessness (Henwood, 2015). Example of such methods is contracting social employees either while an individual or perhaps an organization to supply Assessment record of Destitute People. Opposite, the homelessness is still a continuous social problem even presently time. For instance, in January 2016 the Economic Plan Institute introduced one of the most debatable results demonstrating that, on a provided night you will discover about 549, 928 desolate people in the us. The study likewise revealed that, among the above amount only 68% are sheltered. Still questionable, the study implies that, out of the above number, there are 22% children, 69% adults, 10% veterans, 35% chronically ill individuals. But then again, the participation of the interpersonal workers features considerably decreased the homelessness nationally. As an example, the number of destitute has dropped almost by 15% since the year 2015 (Leginski, 2007) (see figure 1).

Figure 1 Contrasting Homelessness in the year 2015 and 2016

Resource: U. H Department of Housing and Urban Advancement

Most crucial is the way the social staff have intervened on ensuring there is inexpensive housing and adequate profits, provision of social solutions, prohibiting splendour and suggesting reforms inside the existing procedures that have been root structural reasons for homelessness. For instance, since the season 2008, time when authorities began keeping track of of desolate, the cultural workers in American Club Association (ABA) have been striking the street edges to help the government have a clear picture with the homelessness. Identical cases had been witnessed among the list of voluntary person social workers. Example of these kinds of individuals involves Van Cooten. Equally important, the social employees have moved a landmark step in coercing the government to implement the justification to Adequate Housing. Notably, the social workers do not mean the government to go building for every homeless person. Instead, the social employees are advocating for government to cut the taxes, provide job options and get rid of all kinds of discrimination while permanent solutions of the tide of homelessness.

If through the general public, government and participation the social workers have been asking for implementation of adequate enclosure policy for all those. That is, the policy really should have the capacity to impact on most homeless like the veterans, more mature families, streets children, mental ill, persistently ill, disabled and single individuals. The social personnel further recommends the above coverage to be lined up along the brand of habitability, cost, access to companies, provision of tenure as security and infrastructures. Contrary to the last decades, the social workers have sought the sources of all their power to effect the law manufacturers. This can be reflected from their approach of working together with lawyers and public welfare agencies to influence the legislative physiques to enforce the existing laws and casing policies. On the other hand, at most instances the government have been found corporative and assisting more in particular when requested setting priorities with the housing rules and money the project programs. Actually only couple of cases relevant to lack of company are knowledgeable, more especially when legal technical issues are experienced (Henwood, 2015).

To get the case of social services, the area that many people consider is the key function of sociable workers, many efforts are found to be taken on to help the homeless. Most of these services take the trajectory route of addressing the personal problems related to a defieicency of homelessness. For instance , the professional social personnel have been attempting to help the victims recover from trauma, major depression, family conflicts and post-traumatic conditions. These kinds of services have got proved very useful more in particular when serving the homeless households. In more complicated circumstances, professional social staff have volunteered to support healthier parenting. As an example, in the year 2014 the Usa way worked with with Seimer Institute of family to recognize and reduce the risks relevant to homelessness. About what is referred to as multigenerational approach, the social personnel in the over social businesses have been working together with stakeholders and schools to stop homelessness and family stability.

Though currently more demands continues being placed on provision of emergency services, charity operate, risk management programs, provision of healthcare and reforming the housing plans, lack of satisfactory funding continues to be the major concern of establishing the long-term organized solution. This explains so why the challenge of homelessness nonetheless remains an important social issue in 21st century. Nonetheless, there is a problem of worthwhile poor, a term which will still be regarded as relevant in 21st century. In relations for this, the cultural workers have never defined feasible ways of assisting this category of homeless people, considering that it is their decision to remain in such conditions. Nevertheless, the social staff more specifically the professional psychiatrist believes responding to the emotional needs of an individual can be one way of stopping this tragedy.


Conclusively, a defieicency of homelessness has become a major interpersonal problem in American history. This can be in a way that, in spite of lacking of shelters the homeless can also be presented with different interrelated concerns such as poor healthcare, nourishment, insecurities, drug addiction and education. The condition has been increased by the reality, the politics system and social employees had remained disjointed since 1880s towards the beginning of 20th century. The only existing social workers during this period were also limited in number together insignificant convincing power to the us government. As the battle continued to escalate, the us government made significant shift in 21st century, that may be, to establish a strong link interpersonal workers to leverage and eradicate homelessness. Although a long-lasting solutions has not but being set up, it’s amazing that the interpersonal workers had been if the cutting edge to mitigate the challenge. This has been possible even more especially through their affluence on ensuring there is cost-effective housing and adequate cash flow, provision of social solutions, prohibiting splendour and suggesting reforms inside the existing policies that have been root structural reasons behind homelessness. The government, local community and sectors should therefore consider support the programs and initiatives submit by cultural workers. This will likely be only roadmap to success for the issue of homelessness.

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