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Computer game development god of war


God of War was developed in 2018 and continues to be rated number 1 of the best online games in 2018 and is simply exclusive to PlayStation. Makes:

  • Function Playing Games (RPG)
  • Hack and Slash
  • Action and Excursion RPG Genre

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The Role Playing aspects of the sport are which the user performs two functions which are Kratos and Atreus and even though playing the role of Kratos you play as being a father along with your main objective is to take your past due wife Faye’s ashes to the highest optimum in the Midgard and throughout the game you have to travel involving the realms to get at the highest maximum and spread the ashes. When you enjoy as the son you are able to shoot stuff and help Kratos out but there is limited usability when playing Atreus.

Hack and Slash Genre

The hack and slash notion of the game is what the identity suggest you hack and slash enemies to fatality and video game controls are basic yet the goes in the game are simple yet powerful and this video game is very much created on the compromise and cut genre that the is the base upon the sport was developed on.

Actions and Experience

Action and Experience in this game is great and they game is non-stop action and there is always a fight ready to happen exactly where you happen to be. Also the experience aspects of the game is once again non-stop because you get to check out the entire game and there is no place where you won’t be able to explore once again. This video game is built upon this genre.


  • Action
  • Excitement
  • Adventure
  • Fighting



The Images in The almighty of Conflict are very good and can reach 60 fps for the PS4 Expert but possibly on the normal ps4 the graphics super fine and are obtaining at least 30 fps and the design are very detailed as you can see small imprints in limbs and you may see small clues from a considerably in the open universe.

Control Approach

The Control Method to play Our god of Conflict is by using the conventional PlayStation 5 Controller and you simply cannot work with any other controller on the PlayStation. Below is known as a picture from the controls.

Audio Gameplay

The sound in The almighty of Warfare is old and slow and the music plays just during particular actions one example is Shops, Particular Characters and a different kind of music which is more alert and sluggish during specific cutscenes.


Kratos, The God of War starts a life anew in one of the seven realms called Midgard and he has a kid called Atreus who he previously with his partner Faye. Together Kratos and Atreus travel around across the area to spread Faye’s Ashes at the Greatest Peak out of all land.


The primary interaction with this game can be Controller of PlayStation as it can control the entire GUI (Graphical User Interface) without other equipment can control it.

Gaming Platforms


  • PlayStation 4Other
  • Browser ” Doesn’t Make use of or Have One particular
  • Network ” A network connection could possibly be needed for changes and specific game actions.
  • Emulator ” Will not Use or Have One.

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