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Social life Essay

I have changed my clients identity so I can keep up with the confidentiality I am instructed to keep. My clients name has been changed to ‘Ms X’.

I have collected background information within my client in order to identify distinct positive and negative facets of their wellness.  I have identified that my consumer is a 40 year old woman. She is five foot five inches high and she is ten natural stone in excess weight, this makes her bmi twenty one. 5 which in turn puts her into the usual category.

The lady lives in a suburb, Warren Hill, Nottingham. She loves where she lives but there are some negative factors about her location, such as; it is far from very close to local features and the coach service could possibly be better. My own client hails from a semi-detached house with another person. Ms X is currently employed full time and performs in the education sector.

She considers her job to have three main risk elements – pressure, violence and safety. The lady enjoys her job the vast majority of time although feels it will not provide satisfactory finances. Both main pressure factors within my client’s lifestyle are cash and operate. She detects a school a stressful environment to work in and she worries about debts.

My client does not include any medical health problems. Mrs X at the moment takes 1 recreational medication, cannabis; she gets this has damaged her in a negative approach as the girl now depends on it to aid to relax her before your woman goes to sleep. My personal client statements she is a light-weight smoker and mainly smoking cigarettes roll ups when at home but usual cigarettes once out.

 My client understands sexually sent infections and diseases. My personal client does drink at times; and seldom drinks abnormal amounts or goes over her recommended sum of alcohol units each week. When the lady does beverage she generally drinks sprits such as vodka and the southern area of comfort.

My client seems that this wounderful woman has a healthy well-balanced diet most of the time and usually has her five fruit and veggies a day. She takes Echinacea as a health supplement. She doesn’t have heart problems, blood pressure, sodium or body fat intake, nevertheless does consume a lot of pork. She believes certain aspects of her diet affects her health in a negative way as the lady often skips breakfast which affects her energy levels throughout the day. Ms X rates very little as being typical weight yet is still unhappy with her weight.

Ms X prices her self as having high self esteem. She has recently been on a low carbs diet. Ms X will not take part in frequent exercise, and on typical does 5 hours per week.

The main types of work out she conducts are moving and going for walks. She strongly feels work out helps with a person’s well-being and health. My consumer feels she does not get enough sleeping and occasionally naps during the day.

 In Ms X’s leisure time your woman enjoys to learn, watch tv set, shop and socialise. She generally simply gets in order to socialise once per week as she has a busy way of life and therefore costs her interpersonal life while poor. The girl enjoys spending some time with friends and family. My personal client seems she keeps good support relationships in her lifestyle.

Her marriage status is definitely single and she has one child that is fifteen years of age.  My consumer rates her mental well being as a seven out of ten. Your woman regularly undergoes dental examinations.

She tooth brushes her tooth twice daily and contains a bath or perhaps shower by least five times a week.  Four factors Mrs X has identified that she would wish to change regarding her life-style are to stop smoking, do even more exercise, have got a better diet and have an improved social life.

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