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Support individual’s at the end of life Essay

Outcome 1: Be familiar with requirements of legislation and agreed ways of working to safeguard the legal rights of individual’s at the end of life. When caring for the patient at the end of life, it can be very tough and it will require consideration towards not only the patient but to the patient’s family too. The moment reaching end of life care, with legal requirements are put in place to ensure the wishes of the individual and exactly how they are cared for after fatality are correctly documented.

Such things could consist of; a DNR form, which usually identifies perhaps the patient would like to be resuscitated or not really. Legal requirements as well ensure the rights and wishes of the individual are well known even following death. 2) In my job role We would read the paperwork that was present, and acknowledge the rights and wishes individuals, including any kind of religious beliefs to ensure they are really cared for according to their wishes. Outcome a couple of: Understand elements affecting end of existence care. 2) Some individuals get their own cultural and spiritual beliefs that are important to these people.

Some believe they will be going on to another existence or existence, others assume that death may be the end of their existence. Some people may have confidence in certain rituals that need to be accomplished as death approaches, others just want to take advantage of their final days. Faith based and ethnical needs associated with an individual receiving end of life treatment may imply they desire to attend a spot of praise, be stopped at by a hope leader or read o books.

The cultural needs to be considered of a person obtaining end of life care may suggest they might request a certain kind of food(s), music or examining material, they could also have a inclination for how they wish to be resolved. All these things help influence the individual’s end of life proper care, also crucial people just like; family, close friends and all these involved in featuring care for the. Help influence end of life proper care as they show support, care and like.

They stick to the would like of the individual providing them with reassurance, peace and comfort in their final days/hours.

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