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Urban Life vs Country Life Essay

As far as I am concerned, many persons at some time of their life find themselves questioning the advantages of rural and metropolitan life. Villagers want to abandon their very own boring houses and move to a big city while metropolis habitants query themselves if it would be better to move to the relaxing suburbs. The first point I would really prefer to make is that country lifestyle may appearance boring, as you spend your life while using same persons as generally there really few schools, educational institutions, places to work in so that you have to put up with everyone if you like these people or not.

There as well aren’t various other ways to amuse yourself more than playing sports activities, going to the park and hanging out with your friends. Whether or not doing these probably wouldn’t be fun after the tenth time, it is much healthier than staying home all day long surfing the net and funnier than playing video games with no talking to each other when you bring friends more than like town people. In addittion, region people are much more friendlier as everyone knows each other, which is often useful if you need any kind of support. On the other hand, even more people reside in the city, which means that you can meet new people every day, helping to make your life a tad bit more exciting, regardless of how monotonous it is usually because of your job.

But in case you think your task is always similar, there are lots of other opportunities inside the city that you just won’t locate boring, and it most likely won’t have more than thirty minutes to arrive since everything can be blocks apart, unlike inside the countryside. For me, even though there are all kinds of air pollution, its even more dangerous and fewer healthier than countrylife, in the city you waste a fraction of the time and become easier, and if you may have a lot of stress you can just take a vacation in a comforting place. I believe that the city is the best option because of this.

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