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Life Ambitions Essay

Owen Stuart Phillips-Statement of Plans and Your life Purpose Scouting has educated me several things about myself. It is a big part of whom I was now and it will stay with me permanently. Through Scouting, I have learned the importance of preparation, personal responsibility, service to others, and leadership skills.

I initial started out with Cub Scouts where I earned just about every rank and received my own Arrow of sunshine. After Cub Scouts, I actually crossed over to Boy Scouts and signed up with Troop forty. I have been really involved with my Troop and I have done almost anything they have made known. I was proud of the fact that I could be the 6th person in my extended family (cousins) to generate the rank of Eagle Scout coming from Troop forty five, all beneath the guidance of the identical Scoutmaster, Mr.

Clifton Glover. I intend on staying included Scouts to enhance on my management skills and earn additional merit badges. I would love to generate the three Eagle Palms.

In school I was an exclusive chance roll student. I was in the music group and I have obtained awards for band tournaments in Greenville at ECU and Music Performance Criee held in Jacksonville. When I was at the 5th grade We completed the DARE plan which is short for Drug Abuse Level of resistance Education.

We were required to write a 2 webpage essay to complete the course. The winning dissertation would be examine aloud by the student at the graduation service. My composition won competition, I received a trophy and I was very pleased.

I perform sports including football, hockey, and fumbling. I have been group captain in football. I used to be also asked to take part in a youngsters football training video intended for Championship Productions.

The video was filmed for Wingate College or university with other youngsters players and college trainers, demonstrating sports drills and fundamentals. The video will be sold to youth players and instructors nationwide. After I graduate Secondary school, I have solid interests in applying to each of our Military Assistance Academies. I want to be an officer in the Military because I feel just like I can become a leader rather than follower.

My spouse and i started getting strong passions in the Army Academies whenever we went on a camp out to the United States Army Academy in West Level. It was a fantastic experience and I absolutely loved every bit from it. If it has not been for Searching, I would never have had that opportunity.

I like math and engineering, and want to pursue a profession in this area in the military, like a combat industrial engineer.

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