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Portfolio Requirements Essay

Section A Today, in at most a one webpage Word file (aim for approximately 500 words), create a new list, yet again prioritizing the MDGs and targets by development you wish to see inside your country.

However , this list should not be the original list that you put into the Discussion posts: it should as well incorporate the replies you have from your peers and the Discussion posts that happened in the rest of your group. Include with this one webpage an explanation of how you attained your final list, by referring to the replies you have from your peers and the Discussion posts that occurred in the associated with your group. It is also critical that in this web page, you explain your take on how you review happiness to increased economic wealth. Submit your one particular page Expression document via the Assignments device.

Section C Students who have successfully full this project will be able to present critical disputes around ICTs for expansion projects and demonstrate their capabilities linked to engaging with textual and numerical info to present details in a presentation format. Track down any project where ICTs were used in situations such as all those described through this chapter, inside your local community, individual city, province or nation, or anywhere else in the world and/or that you have recently been involved with.

Make certain you identify the following aspects for everyone study: 1 . Title of the project 2 . Website address(es) that provide advice about the project 3. Introduction & Background, including details on the project Rationale (what was the reason for the project/why was it required? ) Start off date, timeframe (this far) and position (ongoing, finished, etc . ) 4. A description of the project, including information on Section D Portfolio Section D: Ethics, Copyright and IPR in Computer labs In the regular course of their particular teaching duties, several lecturers have reported finding pirated software improperly installed on the computers in the computer labs. Lecturers also available that pupils have duplicated and pasted materials from various Internet resources within their own assignments and produced them as though they were their own.

This, they will find, is a common problem among all of their students. Prior to taking a decision on what should be done, academics asks you, as college students, for your inputs to decision-making. Submit the answers towards the following queries in whether one web page Word doc (aim for about 500 words) or a PowerPoint presentation of no more than almost 8 slides inside the Assignments application: 1 . Exactly what are the ethical and IPR issues that the faculty will be confronted with? installment payments on your What are the steps that the faculty should take to deal with the ethical and IPR issues?

3. If you were the student who duplicated and was caught pertaining to plagiarism, precisely what are the consequences you will expect?

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