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Descriptive Essay: “My Professor” Essay

On a Monday afternoon, following discussing my personal computer technology project with my teacher, I find myself sitting in a visitor’s chair in his office on the second floor of the Glatfelter Hall. The professor is all about to keep the room to grab some catalogs and a cup of tea, but this individual allows me to stay. (Seeing myself as a mentor in the future, I love hanging out during my professor’s office. ) I actually am facing the door. Absolutely nothing is blocking my view.

20 feet in front of me, the hallway intersects my advantage point, so I’m in a position to see college students and professors moving left and right like pedestrians on a Nyc street part. Quickly, We put my personal computer technology notebook in my backpack, obtain my ASUS pro-book, and create a bare document in Microsoft Word. My viewpoint is set and i also now begin looking for subject matter.

My pc clock says 4: 13PM. To my left I could see wooden shelves of well-thumbed ebooks on java, c++, unix, linux, a stack of Wired publications, a coffeemaker and a coffee cup, an out of field macbook air and a great amazon package. In the hallway, coming from proper, two brief and skinny Asian looking males (subjects# 20130128/1 and 20130128/2) come in view. Because they head in my direction, I can hear their very own excited gossip in Chinese language.

With very little smiles prove tan faces, they greet me. Direct black curly hair frames their very own flat looks with a narrow nose and wide face. They do not find the professor at his desk, thus i tell them the professor can be expected to be back shortly.

With all the excited look in the confronts, the subjects bring in themselves in my opinion as Alter and Lionel. Wearing boat shoes, worn and tattered jeans and t-shirts with intricate logos, the subjects talk about recently returning to campus through the study abroad program in Florence, Italy. In some seconds, they will leave and i also do not observe them once again.

At 4: 25 evening, suddenly, a pigeon-chested man, age 35-40, ( subject# 20130128/3, “the Professor”) having a height of approximately five feet and 9 inches, a rectangular body shape and a flat belly smiles, strolls toward myself and settles to my right into a height-adjustable, blue swivel chair with armrests. Before him, I actually notice a chestnut brown, cluttered workplace that could quickly accommodate several people, but is covering around forty four thousand pages of books, examinations, and mags. I see zero personal splashes on his workplace. There are zero pictures or little knickknacks.

Instead, a seventeen-inch dark-colored Lenovo monitor, with two slim audio speakers on each part, sits in the center of the office top. This individual mentions that he would want to use my help being a assistant in a single of his introductory training this session. Politely, We nod. Soaking in his couch, the subject can be lifting his coffee to his lip area, taking baby sips. Together with his thick-framed eyeglasses, his close-set, brown eyes carefully take a look at the computer display directly facing him.

Intently focused, this individual barely blinks. Bushy darker black locks frames a square confront, with a cleanly-shaven rounded chin, a directed nose, lopsided lips, and large ears. The face is not really handsome, but rather engaging in its varied features. Casually attired in a darker blue polo shirt, dark blue jeans, and black sketchers with a lace-up closure, he could be dressed to get comfort, function, and little maintenance instead of for physical appearance.

His chair has a tilt-function, but he’s sitting directly as if he is in the economy seats of a Boeing airliner. His long fingertips are slowly moving on the keyboard, suggesting not any errors. Hanging around the back of his couch is a dark, weathered rainfall jacket and a connect of an umbrella indicating his awareness of today’s rain outlook.

Suddenly this individual stands up. Brilliant, scruffy, strong, and shortcut, he destin on the blackboard to his right. Using a small bit of chalk in his hand, he writes feverishly the details that would love to explain inside the colloquium soon. His handwriting is awful: he is block-printing each notification like a junior draftsman.

Intensely occupied along with his work, this individual seems unaware of my existence. A few seconds later, he sinks back into his seat and stares back into the display screen. An attractive brown female college student (subject # 20130128/2) shows up at the door. We call and make an eye contact and smile each and every other. She’s wearing a great orange and blue Gettysburg track and field sweatshirt, crinkle blue tight denim jeans, a snug and agile pair of pink, Nike running shoes.

Your woman makes a great eye contact while using professor, greets him, and the two start chatting. I actually pick up bits of the discussion. Seeming to ignore my own presence, trainees is detailing that last night’s electric homework was delayed because her computer crashed. Teacher, with a slightly flippant attitude but underlying seriousness, pushes a genuine smile: he appears to be giving the main advantage of doubt for the student, although his seem tells me that he provides a well-honed hoke detector.

Contrary to the hurried words from student, he speaks little by little using a cautious word decision and without contradictions, is sensitive to the intricacies and accurate of terminology, but not lacking empathy. Oddly enough, both seem intent about avoiding eye-to-eye contact, and after a few minutes, sensing the conversation can be coming to a close, she appears up by him once again as a signal to keep, and, appearing to receive assent, turns about to exit. I eye my own computer time. It reads 4: forty seven PM. We sit for three more mins.

Nobody is about now, the professor again at his pc. I deduce my mission, shut down my personal laptop, bid farewell to my mentor and go of the room.

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