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Integrative Network Design Project Essay

Kudler Gourmet will be getting into a new job to implement improvement to its existing network facilities. The end result would be the installation of a WAN to connect all three retail store locations with each other to enable better communication and sharing of data. A new WLAN shall become implemented to supply more versatility in the stores and make added new systems and features easier in the future.

Finally with the fresh network implementations there shall also be a fresh VOIP program added to the multi-store network. The initial section shall cover the network’s fundamental characteristics pieces, and evaluation of the current network topology and some of the standards applicable to this project. Kudler Find Foods currently features three spots, the La Jolla Store/Home Office, The Del Marly Store, plus the Encinitas Shop. All three spots are currently running on a 90 Base T Ethernet network as well as a great HP Cutting tool Server.

Every location at the moment has a 25 Mbps connection out to the world wide web, as well as a devoted OC1 SONET connecting these to other stores. Of the three locations the La Jolla Store at present houses the majority of the infrastructure. You will find currently 19 total computer systems, POS terminals for their grocer, and the EM for back up copies. In the De Mar and Encinitas stores the set up is identical with half a dozen computers, and the POS terminals for their grocer.

When designing this new system the importance of both equally standards in network in addition to the importance of conversation protocols will assist you to make sure the network works effortlessly and devices on the network can speak with each other. Currently Kudler is definitely using a SONET which is An ANSI normal, incorporated in to the SDH common, that describes a range rate structure and framework formats for use with high-speed optic fiber transmission systems (Goleniewski & Jarrett, 2007, l. 800) Criteria bodies are essential in network for the simple fact that they allow different builders, designers and maintenance teams to have a pair of rules to follow along with when creating and maintaining a method.

With this in place Kudler will keep using the ANSI requirements when designing and developing the brand new systems. Along with these types of standards the device will need to work with a common interaction protocol to ensure all gadgets to be able to speak with each other along with transfer info and other information correctly and efficiently. Each location has its own local network thus it is distributed through the company, nevertheless this has the pros and cons that may affect the organization.

With the execution of a WAN as described in Telecommunications Essentials A wide place network (WAN) is a number of computer networks connected more than long distances by telecommunications links, which is often either wireline or wireless. (Goleniewski & Jarrett, 2007, s. 201) The advantages that a WAN will bring to Kudler Gourmet is a centralized management of most systems and an usability communication by store to store. As stated earlier together with the WAN, each location may also be implementing a WLAN. This shall boost network coverage and give each position the ability to place computer systems or POS equipment in places that may haven’t been likely before as a result of lack of a hardline or ability to use a new line.

Wireless technology has considerably improved over time and offers transitioned via an additional part that may certainly not be required or simply added if there was room in the spending budget to a system that is practically a need in today’s ever evolving work environment. While implement these new features there are some inherent responsibilities in providing telecommunication services. Many of these responsibilities will be security, privacy, reliability, and gratification.

Security is definitely paramount being a loss of customer data or perhaps client monetary information could possibly be extremely harmful to the Kudler brand. The safety of the program and client information must be foremost inside the system developer’s mindset. The next item is usually privacy containing become a hot topic as of late. The need to continue to keep a customer’s privacy in tact will make them experience secure in becoming a returning customer.

Along with buyer privacy can be employee level of privacy. If an employee believes their privacy is intact while at the work they are going to feel safer as well. Lastly reliability and gratification. These two will often go together.

When a product is reliable it can be able to conduct as expected. Bringing up the functionality can influence the trustworthiness of the program and so a balance should be found and strived to be held. This will allow the network to function at optimum performance whilst still to be able to work day in and outing.

Goleniewski, L., & Jarrett, K. Watts. (2007). Telecoms Essentials: The whole Global Origin (2nd education. ).: Pearson Education.

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