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Picnic Spot Marketing Essay

The lives of villagers possess prospered more than the years. It is at times hard to comprehend the change which has occurred in their very own lives, specially when one appears upon the problem of the same relatives during post 1971. There also many villagers who have removed on to operate the Middle East thus submitting valuable remittances back to the village that is in a key component in enhancing the lives of the villagers.

In fact , it might be said that there is average of 1 person coming from every family members who is doing work abroad. Additionally, there are some internet marketers operating in the village production food products just like chanachur, cookie, etc . A lot of the villagers are expectedly farmers whose major crops consist of rice and chilli. A few of the locals have set up cabinetry shops to enhance their livelihood. For searching, there is the Nanupur Bajar nearby where all types of food and basic needs are available. It requires around 10-15 minutes on foot to get to the Bazar.

There are your five banks within just village and its surrounding locations where villagers will make deposits or take financial loans. The cash flow disparity can be pretty low although there are one or two families who along with the extreme lower income line although there is always donations coming in to assist support these types of families. The Darbar Sharif of Maizbhandar has also performed a crucial role inside the village’s development. As stated previous, it attracts visitors throughout the countries which often has helped boosted the local shops. In fact , some claim traffic to the Darbar Sharif was a excellent mover behind the development of highways around these kinds of parts.

 However, despite all of the positive alterations, there is always the challenge of massive amounts that continues to be a constant thorn in the lives of the villagers. This is problems that is increasing in regularity due to against the law construction work that is making the rounds the village which is consequently changing the village surroundings for the worse. The case will always escalate in the event the authorities tend not to take preventive steps. Opportunities: This may be the initial village focused picnic area in Bangladesh. As a result, the hype encircling the starting would be enough to lure in prospective customers here.

Hazards: There already some proven holiday/picnic locations around Chittagong and they may prove to be a bummer if the project will certainly finally remove. The staff costs are estimated to be for around forty five, 000 taka. The charging rate for picnics would be around 2000 taka per person or 40, 000 taka if everyone was to take a corporate package concerning a lot of people and food per person would be costing 500 taka.

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