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Marketing Project Essay

Q: Perform a household or perhaps market survey and record on the buying motive of consumers as regards selling price and quality, consumers becoming classified by simply age, sex and cash flow given specific selected items. * Choose any five consumer sturdy products/services an excellent source of demand. (i. e., products with expected life greater than three years. ) FILE FORMAT: Is the merchandise safe?

Is the product really worth the value paid for realization? 5. Following the questionnaires, make a report for each and every product separately explaining the buying purpose and causes they buy it for. (1 web page per item. ) * Draw results from the benefits of your questionnaires, graphs, information, etc . 5. Depict graph (depending upon any five criteria you could have mentioned inside your questionnaire in a bar diagram) for the number of consumers surveyed. * Put pictures and symbols of our own presentation to incorporate colour and life. 2. The project can be made using possibly MS PowerPoint or MS Word. Format of a Set of questions: (Start with your own questions. )

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