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Mental overall health treatment obstacles in

Communication Obstacles, Rehabilitation, Treatment, Confidentiality

Excerpt from Article Review:

The outcome of post-combat rehab counseling is definitely directly influenced by the development of certain techniques and approaches conducive to their requires.

Conceptual Significance to Mental Health Guidance and Specialist Practice:

Gothic or out of date conceptual methods to rehabilitation counseling are less successful than those that correspond more closely towards the actual requirements of individuals. As a specialist counselor, it is crucial to understand the specific needs of patients to best support them accomplish the maximum possible reintegration to a fulfilling and productive lifestyle after their very own return by combat with serious damages or long term disabilities.

Rock, F. P. (1998). Attitudinal and Perceptual Barriers to Accessing Mental

Health Services among Associates of the U. S. Bomber command. University of Utah.

Brief summary of Key Findings:

A survey of enlisted members in the U. S. Usaf established that: (1) there is a general notion that searching for mental health counseling is definitely associated with bad stigmas which have been detrimental to profession goals; (2) the privacy of counselor-patient disclosure is not a greater than that associated with standard social discussions with put acquaintances; and (3) army psychologists are much less well trained and fewer helpful than chaplains.

Conceptual Relevance to Mental Well being Counseling and Professional Practice:

The stigmatization associated with looking for mental health counseling can be described as tremendously crucial issue, particularly within environments where that affects complete populations of patients. Being a practicing specialist counselor, it is important to be a great advocate for the successful reduction of institutional stigmatization as well as for the maximum possible safeguard of counselor-patient confidentiality.


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