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Osteoporosis in women osteoporosis is article

Sports activities Medicine, Natural medicine, Women Studies, Exercise Research

Excerpt by Article Review:

This study was a “randomized population-based open trial. “

The group from this study (287 women) received cholecalciferol 800 IU additionally calcium one particular, 000 mg for 3 years. The women had been all between your ages of 66 to 71 years. The “control group” (306 women) received nothing, no vitamins or perhaps calcium. The authors of this article assert within a “working hypothesis” that “daily vitamin D and calcium dietary supplements have a positive effect on the skeleton in ambulatory postmenopausal women” (Karkkainen, p. 1).

The total body bone thickness mass increased “significantly even more in the involvement group than in the control group, inch the author conclude, and hence evidence shows that if you take Vitamin D daily – and by taking calcium as well – can have a confident effect on the skeleton, for women who will be postmenopausal.

Brittle bones in Young Women: In her publication, Women’s Sports activities Medicine and Rehabilitation, Nadya Swedan clarifies that a few young females athletes have a problem with osteoporosis as a result of “inadequate cuboid formation” or due do “premature mis of bone mass” (Swedan, 2001, l. 289). A large number of amenorrheic feminine athletes (those who do not have menstrual periods) that are early on twenties or late young adults “are not building top bone mass” during that amount of time in their lives. They are considered potential afflicted people of brittle bones, Swedan clarifies. These young women provide an increased risk for “stress fractures” and even more “devastating factures” of the spine or perhaps the hip (p. 289). In the event she has “secondary amenorrhea, inches she may actually have a decline in bone density that Swedan claims is certainly much like the dropped of bone tissue density in “postmenopausal women” (p. 289).

For those more youthful athletes, if perhaps they getting “estrogen replacement with oral contraceptive pills” they can restore the bone density they want and perhaps avoid the pain of osteoporosis, Swedan writes on web page 290. However , when the youthful woman exercises vigorously, she can “modulate” her bones’ health because that exercise is a “mechanical stimulus intended for osteogenesis” (p. 291). Nevertheless, too much workout that is not combined with healthy eating habits could cause a loss in bone thickness. One thing that is certainly likely to play a role in loss of bone density, thus, to brittle bones, is when ever young female athletes have got eating disorders, in respect to Swedan on page 291.

Conclusion: Seeing that doctors, research workers and other healthcare professionals really know what causes brittle bones, and learn how to help girls through extra vitamins, there should be a massive open public service campaign alerting the population about these findings. Older people undergo a great deal with broken bones and their body don’t recover as fast as fresh people’s body do. This can be a serious health issue for culture, and almost everything possible must be done to prevent that or at least help those who are troubled with this.

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