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Kid bed fever case study essay


1 ) What were Semmelweis’ initial observations?

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Answer: Semmelweis’ initial observation was the loss of life rate of ladies after giving birth.

2 . That which was the problem available?

Solution: The problem available was ladies were dying after labor in the keep with man physicians and fewer had been dying inside the female medical doctor ward.

3. What conceivable explanatory history might Semmelweis come up with? Response: An explanatory story that Semmelweis may possibly come up with could be that the females physicians are definitely more understanding for the female anatomy than the guys.

4. How might Semmelweis test his suspicions?

Answer: Semmelweis might test out his some doubts by visiting the female medical doctor side and observing how a females function compared to the way the men job.


1 . What might Semmelweis now propose as an explanatory account? Answer: Swmmelweis’ explanatory tale might be that there is some sort of infection from the death of ladies and his good friend.

2 . How can Semmelweis evaluation his new hypothesis?

Answer: This individual could check the women wonderful friend that died intended for infections to see if that is the source of death.


1 ) What a conclusion can be sucked from Semmelweis’ experiment? Answer: Hands washing was the conclusion to Semmelweis’ research. He noticed that cleanliness was a necessity in keeping the people from receiving very ill and declining.

2 . Sow how does15404 Semmelweis revise his first hypothesis or his trials to gain more information? Answer: Semmelweis could possibly notice if that is certainly what the girl physician keep was doing all along to reduce the rates of mortality among the women these people were treating. He may also in addition to hand cleaning but continue to sanitize all equipment before patients are treated.


1 ) When presented with what definitely seems to be unequivocal data in support of side washing, why might Semmelweis’ colleagues include dismissed his ideas? Response: Semmelweis might possibly not have had much evidence to back up the fact that hand washing alone would slow the mortality rate. There was continue to women perishing from labor and for those few girls there was not any explanation.

installment payments on your How otherwise might Semmelweis have got into contact with the problem of disseminating his research conclusions in order to guarantee their popularity? Answer: He could have researched into the palm washing for a longer time and found other activities that recognized the mortality rates from the few that have been dying. He could have as well had others who believed that hand cleansing was the answer to help support and explain his ideas to his acquaintances.

3. What, if any kind of, role would serendipity enjoy in Semmelweis’ story of childbed fever? Answer: I actually do believe that serendipity did be involved in the story of childbed fever mainly because if Semmelweis’ friend could have never “accidentally cut his hand whilst performing the autopsy from a women whom died in the childbed fever and demonstrated the comparable symptoms, the study might not have been studied since fast or perhaps might not have create a solution to the problem of illness (sepsis).


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