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Techniques in marketing products Essay

1 ) Intro to company & product or service chosen for evaluation. The company I possess chosen is usually Tesco PLC and services provided by all of them which is Sainsbury Mobiles proven in May the year 2003. Service mentioned above is a mobile phone virtual network operator.

The sort of the company can be private and owned by simply Tesco Mobile phone Services Ltd in 45%, Tesco Portable Communications Limited by one other 45% and O2 Marketing and sales communications Ltd by 10%. Products provided by the business are portable telecommunications. Another important point I would really prefer to consider is that Tesco’s mobile companies run on the O2 network in the United Kingdom. 2 . Explanation in the marketing strategy accustomed to market the product/service.

Tesco Mobiles matter based it is strategy in Ansoff’s Matrix diagram fastened below plus the one used by them can be market transmission. Strategy employed currently by simply Tesco Mobile Company is obviously less dangerous than it was once at the beginning while the variation which is less predictable, anticipate more operate and more time. One of the reasons why that is a marketplace penetration is that they established the business in the year 2003 so presently they are already 12 years in a business environment. Market transmission is mainly understood to be an activity of growing the marketplace share of a present merchandise. Tesco Mobiles is perfect case in point for a market penetration as they are providing old product around the existing marketplace.

It used to be variation for Sainsbury at the beginning since the concern is mainly recognized by food not digital accessories nevertheless currently as it already is out there for so very long we can specify it as a market penetration. However Petrol station Mobiles happens to be using marketplace penetration to measure the amount of re-homing or product sales of a service or product which is linked to the total theoretical marketplace for that service or product. 3. Explanation of TWO risks with the marketing strategy.

Up to now market penetration strategy seems like safe way to keep the sale of the product and produce profit onto it. However this strategy does not work for all of you products provided by the company. Industry penetration concentrates on the low rates at the same point out increase business and with regard to a product. When ever demand for the product increase in that case concern can save money on production costs every unit by making a greater volume of the item.

There are overlooked opportunities if the company delivers good quality, luxurious products when within a market same products with less top quality are already offered as a affordable purchase. All in all even when the company decrease the value of the extravagance product and raise this step by step down the road customer most likely may go elsewhere when for them seems the same method cheaper. Second point with the risky technique of a market penetration I would like to consider is definitely poor business image. The moment company concentrates on the market penetration of one merchandise it can injure or lower sale of the other items provided by all of them.

If business which is featuring high quality item will give attention to a cheap sales in a marketplace penetration in that case image and reputation of the luxurious producer can without any doubt undergo. 4. Examine of FOUR benefits of the marketing strategy. There are definitely more advantages than cons found in a market penetration. Firstly as the merchandise will attempt for the already existing market as old product the result of this may be quick adoption and diffusion from the product on the market.

Another point valuable to consider is decrease competitors. Once for example Petrol station provides existing product into existing market that Sainsbury’s got currently it may curiosity the customers and bring them to Tesco by more attractive cost or appear of a merchandise. Third benefits presented by market penetration is substantial product proceeds.

In the situation when ever there is substantial product yield in terms of fast sales retailers are forced to order more from the suppliers which simultaneously give even more profit to the suppliers. In conclusion advantages of the market penetration the final point very likely to provide is usually raising success. Market penetration is mainly understand and understood to be the way of advertising current solutions and item to old target market that makes it profitable and least risky through all the Ansoff’s Matrix strategies. 5. Critical examination of two other strategies that won’t be useful for the product/service and so why?

Two different strategies i would like to talk about and make use of them as the methods I will not provide are diversification and product development. Diversification is a approach which enter into new industry or market and that is the most risky strategy for the organization. There are several drawbacks of diversity.

As the diversification would not provide very much protection although investing cash into something totally new people will not always feel confident to truly purchase the merchandise before another individual will recommend it. On the other hand if the company will experience any manages to lose while doing diversification throughout the market loan consolidation then in result some business units may be subsidized. One more strategy that in my own opinion will not be useful can be product development which will brings cool product to existing market.

In case there is this strategy firm might knowledge and sometimes is very likely to include product inability. As the product is ‘first-time” mover within a new marketplace and obviously persons same like in case of diversification may well not feel comfortable to purchase the product. However company must be concerned of audience for their new product which has no knowledge in sale yet.

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