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Case of ruth essay

Case Approach to Psychoanalytic Theory

From the psychoanalytic perspective, all techniques are made to help consumer gain ideas and deliver repressed materials to the surface so that it could be dealt consciously.

Assessment of Ruth

Looking at the symptoms such as anxiety attacks, overeating, fear of accomplishment, fear of abandonment, therefore forth”can always be interpreted since outward manifestations of subconscious conflicts which may have their roots in childhood experiences and defensive a reaction to these experiences that are necessary to her since a child.

Ruth is experiencing a split”a struggle between opposition dimensions of herself. This kind of conflict is definitely between the part of her that wants to transform and the different part of her that clings to older patterns that have been once important and have helped her maintain mental stableness all her life.

Progress Personality

In reality, Ruth appears to have superficially avoided normal rebellion and still have suppressed her sexuality apart from adopting a wifely function with the first man the girl dated.

Although the girl followed the format of using her mother as a role version and having children simply by an acceptable hubby, she evidently abdicated in the struggles of sexuality, rebellion, and identification, leaving these kinds of conflicts unresolved. Her mindful recollection of her parents’ are of a rigid, fundamentalist father and a critical mother and these may experienced affected her as a child, a wife, and a mother also. Ruth was socially isolated which her not enough relationship away from family was enforced by simply her parents, at least in terms of going out with. Her reaction to her child Jennifer may possibly very likely end up being related to her own failure to digital rebel.

Concept of Human Nature

A Freudian view of her father’s harsh reactions to Ruth “playing doctor”would emphasize the Oedipus/Electra facets of this father-daughter encounter. Ruth internalized her father’s excessively negative behaviour to sexuality. Her early training by her parents clearly manufactured individuation in the object-relations sense”a very intimidating proposition for her; hence, an effort toward division is stress provoking. Ruth’s symptom ofovereating probably gratifies her need for affection. Her weight difficulty also has a psychodynamic meaning. Being over-weight may lead to her feeling sexually unattractive, and for that reason less likely to get faced with dealing with her libido.

Ruth’s Individuality according to Sigmund Freud

The subconscious is an important determinant of human emotional reactions and decision making. This declaration is central in Freudian psychoanalytic theory and have been strongly supported by empirical analysis. Ruth’s symptoms suggest abiliyy with psychoanalytically oriented remedy. Ruth””playing doctor”would emphasize the Oedipus/Electra aspects of this father-daughter encounter. Ruth internalized her father’s extremely negative behaviour to sexuality. Her early training simply by her parents clearly built individuation in the object-relations perception. Oedipus/Electra feelings by both equally parent and child are believed part of the usual development.

An Adlerian Approach to Ruth Case

The Adlerian approach concentrates on assisting clients to better appreciate how they understand themselves, other folks, and existence and to better appreciate their particular strengths and assets although avoiding the counterproductive perceptions and manners that have generated the development and maintenance of symptomatic behaviors in their life.

Development of Persona

Ruth feels pulled simply by both planets; she is encountering a issue between fulfilling her needs in the occupational life tasks and her needs inside the family”intimacy life tasks. She also wanted to conduct perfectly in both realms. Even though a part of her knows that the demand intended for perfection is usually impossible, she gets not let herself from the hook. Mostly, she wishes everyone associated with her to be joyful with her and, especially, to avoid bitter anyone. Ruth has place everyone else in her life first.

Ruth is the most well-known among four siblings, elevated in a family members where effort and perfection were expected. Ruth believes that she is the one that is most impacted by her disappointment. The friends and family atmosphere can be strict and controlled, and she identified her place by caring for children and others in a way that the girl believed women were intended to.

Concept of Being human

Ruth’s dad set a masculine leading line that was seen as a a harsh, strict, demanding, and angry persona; his every position was authoritarian, critical, and religiously perfectionistic. Indeed, his father is a dominant severe. Ruth’s mom set a female guiding collection that was characterized by an important devotion to principle, righteousness, duty, and her spouse. The relatives atmosphere was characterized by custom and stiffness, a stiff consistency and discipline through which frivolity and, indeed, pleasure is out of place.

Ruth’s persona according to Adlerian Remedy

Ruth’s case generates a definite picture from the client regarding what Adler called the LIFE TASKS of (a) Companionship and interpersonal relation, (b) work and occupation, and (c) like, intimacy and sexuality.

Case Approach to Person-centered Therapy (Rogerian Therapy)

Progress Personality

Ruth is especially attentive to how the lady views himself, including elements that are obvious and those which can be implicit and unclear nevertheless forming. A number of components of Ruth’s self-concepts emerge from her autobiography. In her own phrases, Ruth recognizes herself because the “good wife and the “good mother that her husband needs from her. Thus, the girl strongly recognizes herself with the roles of wife and mother although she identified and attemptedto fulfill these kinds of roles in the image her husband wishes. Until she was 30, Ruth determine and worth system here strongly affected by the fundamentalist religion of her father and mother, especially her father. She feared that she would not be declined by her parents if perhaps she would not live up to their particular expectations of who the lady should be.

Idea of Human Nature

Ruth’s self-concept much more peripheral. A significant clue with her self-concept is definitely the view she gets to her physique and it’s a large number of symptoms. Nevertheless , she identifies herself, it is important to realize the fact that self is definitely embodied, that may be contained in and function through a human body. Thus, a necessary part of her sense and feels about her body. Presently she sights her physical self since overweight and unattractive. A large part of Ruth’s manner of staying isdominated by simply fear of anxiety, and an expression that many everyday life events and ongoing concerns are mind-boggling. Ruth’s dissatisfaction with her need for approval is being evident.

Ruth’s personality according to Person-centered therapy

From a person-centered perspective, counseling can be directed at a lot more than merely resolving problems and giving data. It is mostly aimed at aiding clients faucet their interior resources for them to better manage their problems, both current and foreseeable future. The goal of this kind of therapy in accordance to Ruth’s circumstance is to make a therapeutic environment that will help Ruth discover the kind of person the girl with, apart from getting what other folks have expected her to become.

Case Approach to Reality Remedy

In the case of Ruth, Reality Therapy focuses on locating the unsatisfying present relationship. Do not focus on earlier times because relationship problems are present in the present and must be resolved in the present. Do not focus on symptoms because they are always chosen to deal with the present not satisfying relationship. Symptoms will vanish when that relationship is improved.

Development of Character

As Ruth presents their self, it is obvious that she gets not had the capacity to satisfy her basic requirements except her need for success. She will not feel that she has love, electrical power, fun, or freedom in her lifestyle, and her choices of panic attacks and anxiety are her ways of expressing her severe frustration. These types of symptoms will be Ruth’s technique of saying “Help me! . Concept of Human Nature In reality remedy, Ruth requirements someone who will listen to her and not criticize for what she says. It is important to get Ruth to master about her basic requirements. She should work on her marriage and improve the marriage with her husband.

Ruth’s personality in accordance to Fact Therapy

It is vital that Ruth welcomes herself, since in reality remedy you are choosing your activities and only you can change what you are doing.

Intellectual Behavioral Approach applied to Ruth Case

A-B-C Framework

A= Activating event: Ruth husband David doesn’t present affection towards her. B=Belief: If an individual doesn’t present affection or attention to Ruth she/he won’t love her. C= Behavioral/ Emotional outcome: Can’t speak with john, thoughts of loneliness and fear of losing her marriage. D= Intervention: Remedy concentrates on changing the flawed belief of Ruth that if the girl doesn’t obtain attention she’s unloved. E= Effect: Ruth understands that John’s behavior does not mean that he doesn’t like her anymore. F= New feeling: Ruth feels miserable if Steve doesn’t demonstrate affection to her, but she will no longer feels unloved because of that. Ruth’s other flawed Beliefs and attitudes:

Anxiety about changing and being forgotten and alone.


Picking not to sign up for the job and stay at home, continuous to be a very good wife and a good mother.


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