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Isopod behavior lab report composition


In our laboratory we were working with isopods, often known as pill insects or rollie pollies. The isopods that we worked with were land isopods. They love to live in damp places beneath untouched things such as panels, bricks, decaying logs as well as rocks. Essentially, they will live anywhere! If you are lucky enough, you can also find them up coming to properties where it can be moist and if there is meals. All living organisms just like certain things and don’t like certain things, for example; most animals will endeavour to eat a thing sugary or sweet, such as a piece of sweets.

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While the same animal my own not wanting to consume something that is usually not sugary or lovely like peas.

Every affected person acts distinct, especially when a stimulus has effects on them. When other times the organism may do something without a reason, well for least as far as we known. Relationships could also be a component on how microorganisms act, almost certainly being extreme or submissive.

For example , male crocodiles will battle each other for the mate; this is showing their particular aggressive aspect. After one of the crocs provides won the fight, the female croc will be submissive toward him to show dominance. This shows how to act due to a relationship. An additional example can be people as well as the weather, which is a stimulus. Individuals that like moderate to popular temperatures will likely go exterior to do items. While folks who don’t like the cold conditions will do items inside, simply so that they don’t proceed outside. This shows how a stimulus could affect an organism’s behavior and what they do.


For my personal hypothesis I actually wrote, “If the pill insects are inside the petri dish with the additional chemicals chances are they will go for the filter conventional paper where the glucose is more and so then the various other filter newspaper that has chemical compounds on it. I choose this kind of hypothesis for most reasons. To start, I know that most organisms, insects, insects, etc¦ like lovely and sugary tasting items. I know this kind of because I always see ants in my kitchen trying to get for the sugar instead of anything else. I understand the pill bugs will not like the vinegar because most pests will not select vinegar. This kind of goes similar with salt. I as well thought about water, this would be my personal second choice for my own hypothesis.?nternet site was publishing my speculation, I likewise tried to link it in my experience as well. I personally favor glucose over the other folks, next would be water, then simply salt, and last but not least vinegar. Using my own taste, I used to be better able to produce my decision on my hypothesis.


Procedure 1: 1 petri dish was placed on top rated of stand. A dry out piece of filtering paper was centered in to petri dish. Four supplement bugs had been placed into the petri dish; the petri dish was covered with an index credit card then a stack of post-it notes was placed on top of the index credit cards. The pill bug’s behavior was observed for 5 minutes, data was gathered and crafted on the conventional paper. No human being influence experienced any influence on the pill pests behavior. Process 2: One particular piece of spherical filter daily news was taken and lower into 5 equal parts. The 4 sections of filtration paper had been then designated and tagged with a notice from A ” D. The chemicals were collected, that have been water, sodium solution, sugar solution and vinegar. Utilizing a dropper, your five ” 15 drops of every solution had been placed on another piece of filtering paper. Then a filter paper with the solutions on it was placed in the petri dish, 4 pill bugs had been then added into the petri dish. The pill bugs patterns was seen and registered over the course of five minutes by documenting how various pill bugs would go on each of your piece of filtering paper in 30-second time periods. After that the birth control pill bugs had been returned with their home, the filter paper and the laboratory station were cleaned.

Over the course of each of our lab, each of our group gathered lots of info from the tablet bugs habit. At the beginning of the lab there were placed the birth control pill bugs in the petri dish with dry filter conventional paper and we discovered their behavior. The pill pests were making the rounds the inside edge of petri in circles following the other person, almost as if it were a game of tag. The pill bugs under no circumstances seemed to stop moving, turning over and were constantly climbing. Some of the pillbugs even tried to escape from the petri dish, but each of our group was quick to generate that did not happen. As our lab went on, all of us placed the 4 diverse pieces of filter paper with solutions about them and then added 4 tablet bugs to it. All of us collected a lot of information within this procedure.

This kind of table presents how many pill pests were to each slice of filter paper, that had a different solution on each of those, over 30 second time periods lasting 5 mins. This is what were recorded the data on for this section of the lab.


The purpose of each of our experiment was to observe the habit of the supplement bugs. We were trying to find precisely whether the supplement bugs will be attracted or perhaps repelled by chemicals. The chemicals used were vinegar, water, salt solution and a sugar option. By positioning strips of filter conventional paper with the alternatives on it right into a petri dish and then adding the pill insects did appeal to and repel the pill bugs. This research would demonstrate whether the supplement bugs can be attracted to one or some of the 4 chemicals in petri dish. This experiment was relevant to the topic for the reason that pill insects would display some kind of diverse behavior, which is what the theme was associated with because the theme was that a lot of animals act in different techniques, especially into a stimulus.

Through the experiment We learned that the birth control pill bugs behavior did modify when the chemical substances were included with the petri dish. In the data that individuals recorded in the chart that showed which the pill pests like to go to the sugar remedy the most. That is not surprise me personally because I think the pill pests would be probably to go to the glucose solution. I think this since most pets would chose something that is usually sugary and sweet, therefore i tied this into the research and this is likewise how I created my hypothesis. Next came the water remedy that the tablet bugs enjoyed. Then, emerged the salt solution. Then, emerged the among filter. Finally, came the vinegar solution. This does not amaze me the fact that pill bugs like the white vinegar solution because I know ants don’t like white vinegar, so I thought the pill bugs would be the same. Theseresults completely support my own hypothesis about the research.

Through this kind of experiment my own hypothesis was proven right. My initial hypothesis was, “If the pill bugs happen to be introduced to the chemicals, then the tablet bugs will most likely go to the sweets solution rather then go to the others. I then checked out the effects of my experiment and it confirmed that the tablet bugs appreciated the sugar solution one of the most. This alone proves that my own hypothesis is proper. I believe the accuracy and precision in my results is usually 100% right. I believe this kind of to be valid because I ensured there was no errors made during the experiment.

Though there was a lot of place for problem I made sure that it don’t happen. This kind of experiment might have been revised, since there needs to have been a bigger petri dish or a thing larger to support the pill bugs in. By doing this more solutions could have been applied like the same 4 chemical substances just even more slides of which. This would display far more accurately that they can really performed like the sweets; this would eradicate any one saying it was a fluke, that the pill pests liked the sugar. We also think more pill pests should have recently been added. I think that this would allow for more area for reliability and accurate in the try things out.

From the try things out I learned that pill pests are very interesting organisms. I had a lot of fun doing the test. I found that out of the sugar solution, a salt solution, white vinegar and water, that the tablet bugs will choose the glucose solution one of the most. I also learned using this experiment that an experiment can easily always be remade and that it can show more accurate results. Prior to this experiment I always thought that all one research could be suitable for fully accuracy. After that, I thought regarding this experiment and i also realized that this experiment could be better completed. I also learned that supplement bugs love to ascend on top of each other. This was interesting to me because I hardly ever thought they might do that because, you don’t find people or elephants hiking top of every other. These are some information that I learned from the lab.

In conclusion, the experiment showed the behavior from the pill pests when chemical substances were released. When the sugar solution, salt solution, white vinegar and water were added and the supplement bugs patterns was transformed by whether theywere attracted to it or not. Through my results from the try things out the pill insects liked the sugar remedy the most which supported my personal hypothesis. The experiment had no mistakes, but could have been done better. Finally, through the experiment We learned brand new things, I had fashioned a lot of fun and i also realized that not every experiment can be not always the best one performed. I as well learned that a great organism’s patterns could be affected by a government even though we may not find it.

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